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  1. Tamiya Suzuki Katana

    I managed to do a bit more on this. I scratch built the rear shock mounts and fitted the footpegs from the RC30 kit and modified the clutch lever from hydraulic to cable. I have also made a start on the exhaust using the kit down pipes and changing them to a four into one i have yet to make a collector. Thanks for looking Lee
  2. 1973 Ford Escort XL / Belkits / 1:24

    This is brilliant love it
  3. Tamiya Suzuki Katana

    Here is my latest project. Its a Tamiya Suzuki Katana fitted with Tamiya Honda RC30 wheels, forks and swingarm. I also removed the rear footpeg hangers and the standard rear brake master cylinder and main stand mounts. The next job is to fabricate a new crossmember for the monoshock top mount. thanks for looking Lee
  4. Monogram 66 Malibu SS

    Thanks for the comments guys. Your'e right about the prices for them on evilbay as when i got this one i got lucky. I had been looking for one for ages. Cheers Lee
  5. Monogram 66 Malibu SS

    Well it looks like i;m not going to get this finished for the show this weekend as little things like work are getting in the way! Here is a mock up of what i have got so far and i like what i am seeing. Thanks for looking. Lee
  6. Monogram 66 Malibu SS

    Thanks for the comments guys. Snake all i did to fit the front end of the body was to make sure the firewall was smooth on the side and i had smooth the inside of the front fenders and then i taped the front clip to the main body and sanded the bottom of the fenders and flip front together. Cheers Lee
  7. Monogram 66 Malibu SS

    This is my WIP for the Monogram Malibu. I wanted one of these kits when i was younger but never managed it. The chassis is done and painted in rattle can Ford Stratos silver with Tamiya racing blue on the engine and rear axle. The body is in its first coat of primer. I'm hoping to finish for the weekend as i am attending a local show. Cheers Lee
  8. 32 Ford's

    thanks Stu, i think they look good the way they are. Lee
  9. 32 Ford's

    really like the 3 window Stu. Are the wheels Radars? Lee
  10. my 2018

    thanks guys really appreciated. Lee
  11. my 2018

    Thanks Bruce
  12. my 2018

    Here are my completed builds for 2018. I only managed three completed builds and a couple of WIPs Thanks for looking Lee
  13. WOW the paintwork is amazing.i'm lucky if t put a stripe on straight! Lee
  14. liking this a lot Dennis looks like a cool project. Lee
  15. Really liking this Dennis. Lee