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  1. Was thinking that myself. I think it will suit the look I'm going for better.
  2. Small update. Got the trans tunnel in and opened up the firewall, still to clean it up. I have temporarily fitted the headers so I can figure out where the steering is going. Thanks for looking Lee
  3. Great engine details. Love the finish on the wheels also. Look forward to your next update
  4. Yep that's the plan hopefully
  5. Totally agree. I have also built the 32 five window from him and have a three window waiting
  6. Yep it's based on the newer Revell body. But it has a better firewall and correct canvas roof section
  7. Its a really nice casting. The visor is a bit out of shape as its been stored in a hot attic at my friend's
  8. This looks really cool. The chop looks perfect
  9. Got a Drag City Casting body from my friend so I started another project. So far I have z'd the front of the frame and raised the rear kick up and made a new gearbox crossmember with some extra bracing. At first it was going to be fairly traditional, steel wheels, six carb nailhead but then I saw the red coupe online and ended up in another direction. The new wheels are from the Stone,Woods,Cook Willys I'm also going to fit the injection to the engine instead of the carbs. About to start work on the floor for engine clearance. Thanks for looking Lee
  10. It's painted pearl white inside
  11. Really nice job. Love the wheels and stance
  12. Thanks Mischa, yes it's my second attempt at airbrushing I'm still learning the best way of doing it but I'm getting there.
  13. Thanks Scott. This is the boxing from the 80's I found the front end fiddly and had to relocate the rear axle so the wheels fit in the centre of the arches
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