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  1. Thanks Dino. It's going to be pearl white and pearl yellow
  2. The tire just misses the inner fender how it is. Its what decided the amount of drop
  3. Thanks not lowered much as you need to chop it to bits to get clearance if you go any lower
  4. Just started working on this. So far I've lowered it all round using dropped spindles in the front and lowering blocks in the rear. Fitted the wheels from a Revell 32 Ford using modified parts box backing plates so I could use the metal pins from the kit. Thanks for looking Lee
  5. Update Yesterday was paint day. Went really well except I am having to redo the hood as the centre trim showed through after the colour coat. I'm have had a bit more work to do on the roof but its now sorted and in primer. Thanks for looking Lee
  6. Love it . Nicely done, I also have the same edition of Rodders Journal the car 8s amazing.
  7. Nice concept. Looks like it could take on anything
  8. Looks good in black
  9. Thanks. That's the look I'm going for
  10. Update Got the body in a coat of primer, a couple of spots need more attention but happy how it looks. Got the roof shape roughed out still some way to go before I'm happy with it. Thanks for looking Lee
  11. Nice start. Where did the wheels come from?
  12. Small update. Got some half round styrene mounted to the front and rear which will be chromed once the body is painted. Also frenched in the number plate to help break up the large rear panel when you use the rolled pan. I have started work on a roof using the standard up-top which I have chopped to match the screen height and smoothed out. Thanks for looking Lee
  13. No mine only had the standard up top and landau top
  14. My kit didn't come with the Carson top. Not sure what I'm going to do
  15. Its all I've done!! Working on the rear lights soon
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