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  1. Thanks Bernard. The zooming are 3d printed. They're Ron Olsens on Shapeways.
  2. Its all paint on the van no decals
  3. Here is my version of the Atlantis Topolino. Quite a bit of modifying parts to get things to fit. I had to make my own pedals and chute mount and rear shocks and mounts. Also modified the front to fit the lever arms instead of tube shocks. I widened the kit rear wheels so I could fit bigger slicks and got some 3d printed 12 spokes for the front. Paint is SMS pearl white base with Tamiya pearl yellow and then SMS Inca gold panels and fogging with the kit decals and then Tamiya clear. I have put a photo of the van that i built for towing it Thanks for looking Lee.
  4. Not sure. I was given a box of bits by my mate and they were in there
  5. Just finished up this Chevy van. Not much done to the bodywork just removed the badges. The paint is metalflake silver base with Tamiya yellow, orange and red stripes and then clear blue over pearl blue patterns with Tamiya TS13 clear. Thanks for looking Lee.
  6. Brilliant build so far, really like the suspension mods. The stance is nice and aggressive
  7. Update. Got the paint done. SMS pearl white base with Tamiya pearl yellow with SMS Inca gold patterns and fogging. Letting it dry for a couple of days and then a few decals and clear. Thanks for looking Lee
  8. Really nice. The paint is brilliant
  9. Its a lot of work to get anything decent from it I have done quite a bit of moving stuff around
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