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  1. Nice concept. Looks like it could take on anything
  2. Looks good in black
  3. Thanks. That's the look I'm going for
  4. Update Got the body in a coat of primer, a couple of spots need more attention but happy how it looks. Got the roof shape roughed out still some way to go before I'm happy with it. Thanks for looking Lee
  5. Nice start. Where did the wheels come from?
  6. Small update. Got some half round styrene mounted to the front and rear which will be chromed once the body is painted. Also frenched in the number plate to help break up the large rear panel when you use the rolled pan. I have started work on a roof using the standard up-top which I have chopped to match the screen height and smoothed out. Thanks for looking Lee
  7. No mine only had the standard up top and landau top
  8. My kit didn't come with the Carson top. Not sure what I'm going to do
  9. Its all I've done!! Working on the rear lights soon
  10. Just started messing with the 50 Ford. Fitted the custom front pan and grill opening. I have also fitted the rolled rear pan and frenched the headlights and removed the door handles and side trim. I have set the ride height as it's going to be a kerbside. Thanks for looking Lee
  11. I used some rattle can silver that is supposed to be chrome paint but gives a really good aluminium effect
  12. Do it! They are great bodes
  13. That's fantastic. Beautiful paint
  14. Thanks for the great comments guys
  15. Thanks i had a feeling it was a long shot. I'm after something similar for a project
  16. Looking good. Can you tell me where the rear tires are from?
  17. They are from the Revell 29 roadster and coupe kits
  18. Hi Chris no i didn't do a Wip
  19. Here is my third completed build for the year. Built using a drag city chopped body and 3D scale parts Ansen slot mags with resin front tires and modified kit rears. The chassis has been lowered on the front and standard height rear. The engine is wired and the paint is candy dark emerald green over silver flake. The last picture is my trio of drag city builds Thanks for looking Lee
  20. Limeyglue

    26 T

    Thanks guys really pleased with it
  21. Limeyglue

    26 T

    Thanks for the great comments guys
  22. Limeyglue

    26 T

    Here is my latest completed build. Revell 26 T its the Butter kit but I modified the headlights and dechromed the grill. I also smoothed the dash and added the steering wheel from the 32 kit. Paint is Tamiya metallic orange with Tamiya clear. Thanks for looking Lee
  23. Thanks guys my friend took a photo at his place with better lighting and it really pops!
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