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  1. Brilliant work with the interior. Love the new door panels
  2. Afraid not James I can't make it this year
  3. Thanks Dennis I'm really happy how it turned out. The paint really pops in the right light but is really difficult to photograph.
  4. Really nice clean build. We'll done
  5. Thanks guys for the great comments
  6. Just finished up my model A. Drag City resin body on a Revell 29 roadster chassis modified by z"d front and raised kick up. Wheels are from the Swindler A Willys. Paint is clear red over metallic grey and mica silver. Thanks for looking Lee
  7. Thanks guys on the home stretch now
  8. The gauges are from the rvell 32 Ford. I drilled the centres out first before putting in the decals.
  9. Update. Got the interior finished up and hopefully will have the A finished this weekend so the next post will be in the completed section. Thanks for looking Lee
  10. Nice work so far. Looking forward to see what you do with the rest
  11. Thanks Ed. I have a 32 3 window body from you as well. The quality is brilliant
  12. Small update. Got the paint sorted. Tamiya clear red over metallic grey. Need to let it sit for a while before I put the clear on. Thanks for looking Lee.
  13. Yep I sorted it before I painted. I like to go round and check all my tape before I paint
  14. Small update. Now got the body masked for the second colour. Hopefully have the rest of the paint done by the weekend Thanks for looking Lee
  15. Thanks guys. Really enjoying the build
  16. Thanks guys the colour was a bit of an experiment so I'm pleased how it turned out. It really pops in the right light
  17. Thanks guys. I will have the interior in the main colour tonight and then prepping the body for final primer coat
  18. Got the chassis back on it's wheels. Paint is clear red over Tamiya metallic grey. Thanks for looking Lee
  19. Hopefully we get this in the UK aswell
  20. Thanks guys. Its now apart and I have started putting parts in primer
  21. Looks great love the colour and your wood detail is great
  22. Update. Been working on the interior, made a rear bulkhead and made some infill panels for the sides
  23. Really nice. The colour really suits it
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