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  1. Thanks Snake I will modify the decals
  2. Here is my latest completion. Revell fireball roberts ford with the gasser parts from the ranch wagon. Painted rattle can primer. This was my first time ageing paint and quite pleased how it turned out Thanks for looking Lee
  3. Limeyglue

    32 ford

    Hi Bruce do the wheels come with tyres? If not what tyres are you using? Lee
  4. the paint is brilliant.Can you tell me what you use for your lace pattern as i am after something similar for my 62 Catalina i'm building.
  5. Here is my finished 66 suburban. I have lowered it using a Motobitz front suspension and a scratch built rear crossmember to take coilovers with the chassis notched for axle clearance. Wheels are Motobitz resin 22" with the hub caps. Paint is Tamiya rattle can French blue with a pearl white roof with Tamiya clear. Thanks for looking, Lee
  6. Thanks David i have not tried the interior yet. You're right about the grill i had to rework the top of the hood so it fits around the top of the grille and i noticed the small infill panel that sits on the side of the grille is too small so i am going sort that as well.Oh and the hood side panels are two different thicknesses! Thanks Lee
  7. WOW Dennis the stance and finish are great, love it Lee
  8. thanks for the comments guys
  9. Here is my version of the AMT 36 ford coupe. So far i have lowered as far as i can on the stock suspension and started to fix a few problems. One thing that was wrong was that the chopped roof section didn't fit very well so i split the lower body down the firewall and then the roof fit better also i found that the drivers door was 2mm longer than the passenger door! There are a few gaps to fill but really happy how it turned out. I plan on painting it in candy red and keeping pretty traditional. Thanks for looking Lee
  10. hi Tom here is a link for you. He is also on facebook. https://motobitz.uk cheers Lee
  11. Here is my WIP of the Revell suburban. So far i have modified the rear suspension with scratch built crossmember to take coil over shocks to replace the standard springs and shocks. I have replaced the entire front suspension and crossmember with a resin independent front end from Motobitz. I have also fitted 22 inch wheels also from Motobitz. I have painted the body Tamiya French blue with a pearl white roof. I am now on with the interior and figuring out an exhuast system as there is not a lot of room under the car any more! Thanks for looking Lee
  12. That looks cool with the darker fenders. Look forward to seeing the completed car. Lee
  13. thanks guys appreciate the great comments. Lee
  14. The paint looks really good,nice and smooth with a good shine. Lee
  15. Thanks for the great comments guys. Lee
  16. Here is my first completion of the year! Its the revell 67 Corvette painted in Tamiya Titanium gold with Tamiya clear. Really happy how it turned out, nice kit to build. The only problem i had was my own fault as i rushed polishing the paint and cut through the clear as i wanted to finish it for a show last weekend. Anyway here are some photos. Thanks for looking Lee
  17. love the picture from the front showing the engine set back it looks so cool. Lee
  18. Thanks guys yes Bill its quite an old kit it says 1997 on the decal sheet! I have now painted the body in Tamiya titanium gold over silver and put on the decals next foiling the widow mouldings and a couple of coats of clear. Thanks for looking Lee
  19. Thanks for the great comments guys. Micheal the seats are painted with a Molotow chrome pen. Cheers Lee
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