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Everything posted by Limeyglue

  1. here is my version of the F100. bulit box stock with a scratch built exhaust painted ford blue rattle can. thanks for looking. Lee
  2. 31 ford sedan

    Here is my version of the 31 ford by revel. Really old kit lots of fitment issues made harder by going fenderless! i was hoping to finish it this weekend for a show but the doors have decided to fight me so thats not going to happen! Thanks for looking Lee
  3. 31 ford sedan

    Thanks guys hoping to finish this weekend if the doors behave!
  4. 31 ford sedan

    Thanks for the comments guys. Lee
  5. 41 willys pro street( update) 2/7/18

    Thanks Brian they look really good Lee
  6. 41 willys pro street( update) 2/7/18

    Really like the look of this. where did you get the wheels from Brian? Lee
  7. 31 ford sedan

    Thanks for the comments guys. Eric the wheels are from the revell 29 roadster, Tom the ride height is stock in the rear and the kit dropped front axle. Dave the front wheels are one of the issues i'm having as its supposed to have poseable steering but the king pins are not man enough and i only found out after i had built the axle. cheers Lee
  8. 1958 Edsel Pacer Gasser

    nice build,love the stance. Lee
  9. AMT F100 pickup

    thanks guys. the trailer hitch is that low because of the trailer that came with the truck. Lee
  10. One New Build in 2017, Started in 2010!

    WOW! just wow. love it
  11. Fuhimi Koenig 911 twin turbo

    Here is my version of the Fujimi Koenig 911. Built box stock.Paint is rattle can automotive paint. Hope you like it. Thanks for looking Lee
  12. '29 Ford Dry Lakes/TROG roadster

    Really like it. Looks great Lee
  13. Fuhimi Koenig 911 twin turbo

    Thanks guys. I agree they could have done something a bit different to the front but I like it anyway Lee
  14. Revell 32 Ford 5 window started. Finished.

    Liking the look of this so far Lee
  15. 41Plymouth gasser

    Hi guys, this is my first build after getting back in the hobby. I got the kit from my friend who has a 1:1 Plymouth rat gasser. I used the amt 33 willys for the front end and engine. Paint is automotive rattle can with slixx decals. Thanks for looking. Lee
  16. AMT 49 Ford coupe

    Here is my 49 Ford coupe mostly box stock. Smoothed body tamiya pearl green paint. Thanks for looking Lee
  17. AMT 49 Ford coupe

    Thanks guys really appreciate the comments. Lee
  18. JULY 2017 Production

    Really nice builds.love the blue on the F100 Lee
  19. 41Plymouth gasser

    Thanks for the comments guys Lee
  20. Dodge 330

    Hi guys here is my first post. This is my version of the Lindbergh Color me gone. Hope you like it!
  21. Really like the decal work
  22. 41Plymouth gasser

    Thank guys
  23. AMT 49 Ford coupe

    Thanks guys
  24. Dodge 330

    Hi Dan. The grille is actually dechromed and sprayed rattle can satin black. Thanks Lee