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  1. Hi, We have started a Facebook page for those interested in machining for scale models. Come check it out www.facebook.com/groups/312119465648902/ Thanks
  2. This is the first time I have seen this on the forum. It is absolutely beautiful!
  3. That looks perfect. I will be ordering one as soon as they come out.
  4. I like my 914/6 gt as much as my 356's, 911 and 912. The 914 is by far the best handling you are correct the Porsche geeks did hate it (faster and cheaper than there 911's). No none of them are built as will as my new Toyota and yes all are about the same quality as my 56 VW beetle. Still they are all fun cars. We have had it 20+ years and plan on keeping it. I can not wait to get my hands on this trans kit.
  5. I have a full size 914/6 GT so I will have to get this kit.
  6. I got the autographed photos today. They are awesome!!! Thanks John
  7. WOW I won something. I think the last thing I won was a helicopter ride from Band Aid when I was about 6 years old.
  8. I did not see this build until today. I love it! I built a teardrop last year.
  9. Boy that's look's good. I love the funky steering wheel. It is tamale day again.
  10. WOW! Thanks for making my parts look so good. Do you mind if I still the way you made the front hubs? They are much nicer than the way I have been making them.
  11. Looking real good John The gas stains on the tanks is a cool idea.
  12. Man you are patient, The tire hump/air extractors look fantastic. It is cool seeing some of my older wheels.
  13. That is looking outstanding. I kinda forgot you were building it.
  14. I did not realize how long it was until you put the wheels on it. Very Cool!
  15. I love to see my stuff on builds it helps inflate my ego. LOL Post away
  16. This is turning out great. Your soldering work is exceptional. When I was a kid a guy that worked for my dad had a Ghia coupe with a Porsche six mid engine. It had no engine cover when he would take me for a ride he would turn around in his seat and spray ether in the two three barrel carbs to start it. I have loved Ghia's ever since then my wife drove one for years.
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