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  1. sparkyd31 added a topic in General   

    Clear coating a box stock body
    Hi guys,
    I just started my boyd smoothster and seeing that I'm leaving the color yellow,Can I just clear right over the body sinse it's dyde yellow right out of the box or should I lightly mist the body in yellow then clear over it?
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  2. sparkyd31 added a post in a topic Barrett Jackson Auction   

    Thanks guys.I just set the DVR to tape it all.It will be great to watch this weekend and some next week when mother nature brings 20's outside to my home town.
  3. sparkyd31 added a topic in General   

    Boyd Coddington "Smoothster"
    Hi guys,
    I just bought this model to add to my collection of street rod models.I was wondering if anyone else has this model and if they do could you please put up a picture for me to see.Thanks guys,sparkyd31
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  4. sparkyd31 added a post in a topic zebm1 please read   

    Thanks a million. I'm now straight on how to find vince.I hope this all pays off in the future.Take care,sparkyd31
  5. sparkyd31 added a topic in General   

    zebm1 please read
    Hi there,
    Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you I'm really confused on how you want me to find this Vince guy who drag races and builds gassers.This seems to be the guy I need pictures from and tips from to make my 37 a special model.I can't seem to find this so called "Chat posting" or this vince guy.Please help me again step by step.
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  6. sparkyd31 added a topic in General   

    AMT's reissue 1937 chevy coupe drag car
    Hi guys,
    I have a question for all witch I hope to get a massive amout of feedback on.All of you guys know i just got back into building models again.My question tonight is simple.I just bought that "special car" and I want to make this the best ever.My experience is very green building so I need help from everyone on detailing this car.Any tips to make this drag car (37 chevy reissue)as real as possible would be great.Thanks again guys,sparkyd31
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  7. sparkyd31 added a topic in General   

    Buying that must have model !!!!!
    Hey there guys,
    Has anyone had to buy a model due to it being a "special car"
    Mine was the reissue of the 1937 AMT chevy coupe just because it has my last name and state on the stickers witch I've never had happen to me before.
    What's yours?
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  8. sparkyd31 added a topic in General   

    posting your work areas
    Hi guys,
    I'm redoing my work area in the basement and would like to see your ares that you work in.Need pics and ideas of shelving and keeping everything orginized ideas.Thanks,sparkyd31
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  9. sparkyd31 added a post in a topic 2006: my modeling year in review, a look back at some of my   

    So what's your saying is, I love horsepower!!!!!!!!!!!
    Looks awesome.Sure would love to be at that level someday.
    Nice Job.
  10. sparkyd31 added a post in a topic Back again guys   

    Scale auto mag here I come!
  11. sparkyd31 added a topic in General   

    Back again guys
    Hi modelers,
    I'm glad to be back getting help from this wonderful board.I just got back into building models with my son and we have a whopping 2 kits built now.The Revell 32 ford and a 1940 willy's.Both kits are from the goodguys collection.As of last night I won two more kits on ebay that I'm sure will make my wife happy(ha,ha,ha).They are the boyd coddington smoothster and the reissue 1937 amt chevy coupe"hubbards engineering"
    3 in 1 kit.This was a must have kit for me seeing that
    1)My last name is in fact Hubbard
    2)I live in NY
    3)I'm a welder by trade
    4)I love drag racing and street rods sinse I could remember
    I'm excited to get back building when the kids are all in bed and dad's needs time alone.I have a list of modeling questions that I will leave in other posts.For now I would just like a good modelers book that will help me and my son raise the bar in ourselfs as builders.Like I said my son and I really are staying with street rods for now.Talk to all again soon.
    Take care,Sparkyd31
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  12. sparkyd31 added a topic in General   

    Modelers glue to recommend
    Hi guys,
    I wanted to know if there was a glue out there to use on the whole car and windshields and headlight plastic that drys clear.i used the good old testors moders cement and made a mess of the windshield and headlights.Now I'm mad.Take care,sparkyd31 :evil:
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  13. sparkyd31 added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    chopping tops and cutting doors and installing door hidges
    OK guys,
    I see many doing this on the street rod models and I too what to do this stuff so how about giving me some good old knowledge.Thanks
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  14. sparkyd31 added a topic in General   

    AttN Steve Milberry
    Hi steve,
    Can you please email me at dhubbard@rochester.rr.com please. I have some modeling questions for you.Thanks,Dave
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  15. sparkyd31 added a topic in General   

    krylon fusion paint is a winner !
    HI modelers,
    Since I'm doing a ford goodguys 3 window coupe in gloss black I decided to try the new krylon fusion plastic paint.It says on the can it's a direct spray on and no primer is needed BUT I still primmed the body and all parts with krylon white quick dry primmer(12 minutes to dry and no drips)I have to say I really like this stuff and it really shines nice when dry.Now after I'm done I'll put a few light coats of clear and I'm done.It's to bad fusion only comes in about 10 colors and most are ugly but the gloss black did the job for my little 32 coupe.Has anyone else used this paint with good results? Take care,sparkyd31
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