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  1. Bob Banning funny car

    Excellent build! I was wondering what paint you used for the headers. It looks exactily like black VHT header paint.
  2. What did you get for Christmas?

    Hello, today I got: Jo-Han pro street 1970 'Cuda with decals for the Don Grotheer Pro Stock Jo-Han pro stock Ed Schartman Mercury Comet Pinto funny car body Revell wide grill '41 Willys AMT Twister Vega Pro Stock with a new grill to make it a '74 Vega Revell '41 Willys with Stoltz and Velasquez decals and wood for a guitar I am building
  3. Ferrari F2005

    Really nice job on the kit Jameston! The only problem I ran into was the lower front wing. It took many tries to get it to look right.
  4. Name That Car!

    Correct! I thought that it would take a little longer to guess than that.
  5. Name That Car!

    Take a guess at this one.
  6. Name That Car!

    close but not quite
  7. Name That Car!

    You're on the right track.
  8. Name That Car!

    Here's another one, but this time say the year too.
  9. Name That Car!

    Dang you proved me wrong. Here was a picture of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster from the movie National Lampoon's Vacation.
  10. Name That Car!

    Here is one I bet none of you will get.
  11. I live in south-central Indiana and we got hit really hard by the flood also. Our driveway was washed out down by our creek. I was standing in the middle of it when it crested and the water was about knee deep. Both of our creeks were about 300 feet past its banks, and all the vegetation in the woods was washed out because of it. The day after, we drove down to the town south of us which is Spencer, part of the road to get there was washed out and about half of the buisnesses were underwater. The White river was way over its banks too. Around 75 bridges were out in Owen County alone. Ten miles east of us in Paragon, Indiana the whole town is underwater. Also, westbound lanes in Interstate 70 were closed past our exit because a bridge collapsed. The day after all the rain we saw Army helicopters fly by all day, the American Red Cross, the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers had a few big convoys of cranes and other heavy equiptment. We also saw Civil Defence boats on trailers go by to evacutate people. After all that rain we are fine though. P.S.None of my models got wet!
  12. What and when was your very first model?

    My first was a 1/25 AMT '33 Willys delivery van Gasser. It was painted metallic blue with a tan interior. I built it when I was about six.
  13. It's finally done after a year! I took the car to the Cincinati Challenge 13, my first show, and won first in my class (junior ages 13-17).
  14. May 2nd Indianapolis show ?

  15. Real Or Model #30 Finished!

    I am going to say real. The car looks like it started as a Citroen to me.