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  1. echoxrayniner added a post in a topic MENG 1/24 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2-Door   

    Given I hardly ever look in the truck section(I always forget its for pickups and SUV's too), this is some happy friggin' news!
  2. echoxrayniner added a topic in Under Glass   

    1990 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3-16v
    This was a little passion project of mine that got ruined over the span of a year due to the utter **** that is known as the Fujimi 190E kit, luckily somewhere down the line I came across the Revell kit which I'm pretty sure of has its roots in the very same mold but just... better. I wanted to re-create my fathers 190E 2.3-16v that he owned for several years in the late nineties, he was a man that owned cars for give or take 2 months at a time before trading it in second hand for another fun car, but cheap and half broken of course. He slowed down a ton when he came across the 190E and actually held onto it for years, he bought it for 900 guilders(the ol' Dutch currency of yesteryear...decade...something) at the time, a friggin' bargain if anything - came with all the factory parts(including a set of four original wheels), but the guy had it equipped with four 19 inch OZ wheels that my dad was quite fond of.
    Never found 'em in kit form, sadly, so ran with a set of somewhat similar Yokohama wheels instead. Anyway, the car needed some routine maintenance some day and he had a Mercedes specialist come and retrieve it, as it got pulled up the flatbed of the tow truck and being tied down, the cable snapped causing the car to roll off the back end but not before the hook flailed through the windshield of the car and smashing the dash to a thousand pieces. And of course, the whole tail end got bend at a 45 degree angle... Totaled in a matter of two seconds.
    So I wanted to do a little model for my dad, got the right paint(proper Smoke Silver Mercedes paint), colored bumpers was something he always wanted on his like the AMG 190E, somewhat similar wheels as I said and just gave up right away when I realized the Fujimi kit was one of those RC cars that got fisted into a shoddy-ass model car kit. With the help of the Revell kit that I luckily found a year or so later(took the chassis, the guts, engine, interior and body detail from the Revell kit and used the Fujimi 190E 2.3 body, head and tail lights and body kit), I was finally capable of finishing it. It looks crooked, the wheels don't align and the interior is nowhere near what I wanted it to be but honestly, it made my dad happy and I'm happy that it's done.

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  3. echoxrayniner added a post in a topic Beemax Volvo 240T Gr. A   

    That thing looks amazing, which I suppose is standard for Beemax, but Christ I want one.
  4. echoxrayniner added a post in a topic 1987 Chevrolet El uh...Monte Camino? El Carlo?   

    Yeppers, now we need someone to print some decals!
  5. echoxrayniner added a topic in Under Glass   

    1987 Chevrolet El uh...Monte Camino? El Carlo?
    Regardless of the ridiculous name, I finally got around to wrapping up a half-winded attempt at making a two toned El Camino but quickly realized I couldn't do the red stripe by hand without making it look odd and the decals from MPC didn't have a white backing to the letters so the silver ones vanished off into the black like the night sooooo... Dug into the Monte Carlo SS decal sheet for the gold lines(as I'd used the red ones before sadly) and made a weird combination of it all.
    The Monte Camino El Carlo Caminote something or another! For the most part entirely stock, just extra decals' all. Oh and a license plate holder from the '87 MC. To be fair though, the moment Choo Choo Customs decided to give the El Camino the MC SS nosecone, it was a Monte Camino to me. Also, for those interested, the colors are: Duplicolor Mercedes Benz Obsidianblack/Obisidianschwarz and MB Iridium Silver.

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  6. echoxrayniner added a post in a topic Revell Smokey And The Bandit '77 Pontiac Firebird Decals?   

    Found the image on Google and built it myself a long time ago, it comes with the front Georgia/Confederacy plate. No T/A decals though, could've sworn the the real car was a Trans Am D:
  7. echoxrayniner added a post in a topic 1983 H/O Cutlass   

    Man the paint is stellar, especially on the interior! 
  8. echoxrayniner added a post in a topic '71 Plymouth Duster 340 & '87 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Aerocoupe   

    Dawh thank you! I love the Duster/Demon line, really wish they'd use this Duster as a base and fashion a Demon out of it instead of going backwards from a '75 Dart-base like they had planned what, four years ago?
  9. echoxrayniner added a topic in Under Glass   

    '71 Plymouth Duster 340 & '87 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Aerocoupe
    Finished these two up in the last week. Two giant pains in the rear in regards to decals, the Monte Carlo's fell apart on the touch so had to decal bond the hell out of it and the Duster decals turned milky yellow. The color on the Duster is apparently a regular RAL standard color(yellow green), thank God it came out as nice and close to the hi-impact colors.

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  10. echoxrayniner added a post in a topic 1979 Camaro Z28   

    Good grief man, she looks beautiful! Love those old Camaro's, especially those last few before the third generation came knocking around. Those things in black with the red/orange stripes was easily the prettiest yet meanest looking muscle car back then. Shame that those decals werent available in the Streetburner re-release, but hey thank God for Keith Marks!
  11. echoxrayniner added a topic in Under Glass   

    '12 45th Anniversary Edition Camaro(and '71 Super Bee, '79 Nova & '80 Firebird T/A)
    I've been going after all the Anniversary/Commemorative edition Camaros for a while now, already done the '92 25th, '97 30th, '02 35th and '17 50th versions and made a post about 'em here earlier this year. In that post Mademan referred me to Slixx having made a whole set of '09-'14 Camaro decals including the 45th one so I thought hell yes, lets do this! I got a MPC '87 IROC-Z Camaro sitting around and made a decal sheet for it so that obscure as sin 20th Anniversary Commemorative Ed. is coming up next. 
    I didn't have access to proper Chevrolet paints here in Europe, so I took the next best thing - Obsidian black metallic from a Mercedes, cause why not.

    And some bonus ones for the hell of it:
    '71 Dodge Super Bee(that is for the time still a R/T until I get mah Missing Link bits, the body was all warped so the rear valance just doesnt wanna stick)

    '79 Chevrolet Nova Custom:

    And lastly the '80 Firebird T/A. Made it from a 1980 dealer promo-slash-snapkit, went a HELL OF A LOT better together unlike that utter piece of **** kit that roams around the market these days.

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  12. echoxrayniner added a post in a topic Revell 4 Quarter 2017   

    Sweet, so the Daytona is getting the proper re-release for once as the Pro Modeler version rather than either the 440 street version or the 426 NASCAR version, hopefully with the full array of PE bits this time as well. And man that FE3-X/442 looks epic.
    And yeah, looks like the GMC's the exact same as the snow plow kit minus the plow plus bigger tires. Or atleast, it looks that way. Built the snow plow kit a few months back and the tires look not even half as big.

  13. echoxrayniner added a post in a topic Round 2 August 2017 Product Spotlight   

    Kinda looking forward to the '83 Camaro, the original held up very well, if only it didn't only have the gold stripes for the sake of variety. Though at the same time, good grief its a dull month for kit builders otherwise.
  14. echoxrayniner added a post in a topic 98 Firebird Ramair "Project Blackbird"   

    Black Firebirds are the best Firebirds!
  15. echoxrayniner added a post in a topic Round 2 has a few new kits coming!!!   

    I would miss 'em but at the same time, their choice of re-releases seems random at best these days like they're throwing darts at a 1984 brochure. I mean, I'd certainly lament all the AMT and MPC kits that I would really wanna see a rerelease for, like those 1970s MPC annuals and the super good AMT Ertl era of the 90s. Or I think it was the nineties...