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  1. Since I got that Firestone F-150 kit coming my way I might as well do the F-150 Pace Truck, and of course the '79 Mustang Pace Car to go with the Cobra and GT versions I got coming up. And small update time, I ruined my hand the other day(painfully as hell too) so working on the decals' slower than ever before, but I'm still going on albeit at a glacial pace(churning out a sheet or so a day at this rate, not even counting requests and commissions) and going down a long, long list. Also as per previous post, a total list can be seen at either: - Fotki; - My own website; - This Inventory PDF(without pretty pictures). As for the new sheets; 1970 AMC Javelin SST Mark Donohue: 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Hurst/Olds: 1974 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Hurst/Olds: 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Special Edition: 1976 Ford Mustang II Cobra II(big, big thanks to Missing Link for the resin pieces): 1978 Ford Mustang II Cobra II(don't worry, any color combo is available, I just always kind of liked the weird green): 1976 Buick Century "Free Spirit" '76 Indy 500 Pace Car(mah baby): And the gargantuan amount of new tire decals: ... Back to work.
  2. Bought one of those SnapTite kits on the cheap after being told they can be quite nice with a little work put into 'em, especially the older F-150 SVT Raptor. This one... Is kinda bare bones in comparison, but the real sinners are the not-clear tail lights and the silver-backed headlights... So I had to improvise and made a decal sheet for it to try and make it look even a slight bit more like the real-deal, making some head lights and tail lights, daytime running lights and figured I'd get a older generation/slightly custom Raptor side decal, just 'cuz I like it. For the rest its utterly stock, just sprayed over(albeit poorly with the fenders in mind) and decal'd up.
  3. Yeah thats one way, I scribbled up a couple ways to see what the total inventory is at the moment, either via PDF download(clicksy) or that page mentioned above. I also created a Fotki page for easier overview as well: https://public.fotki.com/RaysKits/ . For the most part I wanna clean up the main page with better formatting and such but ho-boy, I totally seemed to have bricked it, any edit(even just opening it and saving it) just errors it out >.< Also I got two versions of the '75 Laguna S-3 coming up, one stock and one stock but adjusted to go around the fender of the NASCAR MPC Chevelle kit.
  4. I already had ideas of doing the '81 Turbo Regal Pace Car, not to mention it's not too incredibly difficult to replicate for what its worth. Gonna add it to the ever growing list, hah! And yes, I'm gonna be adding the '73-'74 emblems as well at some point, I cut it off at '75 due to the wide availability of those emblems but I apparently already added a '73-'74 K5 Blazer emblem so, might as well get 'em all right. And mini-update, the Cutlass-ing has begun now I have the Jo-Han promo: 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442: 1975 Buick Century "Free Spirit" '75 Indy 500 Pace Car: Onwards to the '74 through '77 Olds 442's and the Hurst/Olds inbetween, '76 Century, '76 Skyhawk, the GMCs and Chevy pickups and inbetween a giant, gargantuan, 1/8th scale Firebird.
  5. Buddy Baker's 1980 Oldsmobile 442 in 1/25th scale.

    I gotta ask though, given I know the square root of jack **** on sales figures for model kits, but it's fairly well known that NASCAR kits are a tough sell at any given time(atleast, during the 80s and 90s when the whole friggin' world was flooded with them and now they just can't seem to sell 'em off cheap enough), what the hell was their plan with this one? The decals are fantastic and the instructions solid, but why half-ass it with the model kit itself on an already harder to market product and crank the price through the ceiling while you're at it? I'm kinda torn with like, should they have cheapened out on the kit more(like not using Cartograf for decal printing) to make it a more competitively priced product to match the accuracy and detailing that the modeler in the end has to fix up using spare parts or resin bits, or should they have cranked it all up a notch, kind of group effort resin caster-styled focus on high quality and accuracy but equally high purchase price? I mean, not that it makes a friggin' difference given the Olds seems to sell like hotcakes anyway making half my point moot...
  6. Buddy Baker's 1980 Oldsmobile 442 in 1/25th scale.

    Man... I know we're all kind of uptight for accuracy and honest I only ever would buy this kit to form some '77-'78 decal sheets based on it(for the regular Olds even, not the NASCAR) but... woof, this is a spectacular train-wreck. This is truly disappointing though, a new player out on the field, big hype and enthusiasm(even if it came from the company itself), high end quality decals and all that for it to trip over its own feet on the way in. Hell, if anyone wants to off-load the body, lemme know hah.
  7. @Oldcarfan27; I'm pretty much only doing the decals utterly in hopes of someone getting inspired enough or something along those lines to get a Buick Century body out there(same case for the series of Cutlass decals I'm doing for the post-'75 models and Chevelle Lagunas), aside from that to scratch the proverbial creative itch. Not to mention I can't help but loving it, so maybe! There's lots of folks practically begging for non-NASCAR A-body Oldsmobiles, Chevrolets and the likes so part of me is hoping I can spark a flame of sorts. And actually, you raise a good point about the tailgate panel on the Chevrolet, it's got a bit of a striped pattern in the panel, maybe it's brushed aluminum or something? Either way, I have no idea how well I can attempt to replicate it so it remains visible on small scale, I'mma get on doing some test-ish stuff to see what I can get done. Also thanks for the heads up on the EFI badges, I'd forgotten to do a bunch of Suburban badges so I've got reason to revisit already! And actually, thanks for the pile of ideas for the F-150s and the Pintos, especially. I've bought the Firestone F-150 and the MPC Pinto Wagon just to do 'em all at some point hah! @Can-Con; I've tried to source as much as I possibly could on that thing to do it proper right off, the pattern and the bird are easy, the real trick is gonna be translating the bright colors to print. It's always a bit funky, there's a bit of a guessing game how light you gotta go with one thing(on print it ends up darker by a fair notch) and how much lighter and/or darker the next color should be, but despite it I'm gonna try and see it through, love the Indy 500 Pace Cars but this one always stood out to be something fierce, I absolutely love it. And thanks for the heads up on the Skyhawk, I knew there was a Buick brother of the Monza but I had no clue it got a Free Spirit edition of its own, especially motivated for the Skyhawk given I've got the new AMT Monza 2+2 that I wished to turn into a Spyder but alas, no wing and the likes... Just stock or that ultra goofy looking body kit, but now I know there's a Free Spirit edition... Oh yes. @Jordan White; Ahh you beautiful man, you! I found a very similar article on Car and Driver that for some idiotic reason(hell the whole website is) forbidden to be shown in... Europe. Screw us, eh. But now thanks to you I got a nice overview to work with! As a whole, I've added these to the(over 220 strong item) list for the time being, with more of the unique edition trucks and possibly some vans as well in the future: 1975 GMC Sierra Grande Beau James & Gentleman James Editions(1/24) 1976 Chevrolet C/K Spirit of '76(1/24) 1976 Buick Skyhawk Free Spirit(1/25) 1976 GMC Sierra Classic Impact Edition(1/24) 1977 GMC Sierra Desert Fox(1/24) 1977 GMC Sierra Classic Sarge Edition(1/24) 1978 Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon “Standard Version”(1/25) 1978 Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon “Special Version”(1/25) 1979 Ford F-150 Freewheelin'(1/25) 1980 Ford Pinto Squire Rallye(1/25) Oh and should point out that I'm desperately wanting to do the 1979 Dodge Little Red Express and Midnite Express stepside trucks, I got all the stuff I need to properly do them besides a body to work with. If anyone could be so kind to run me a scan on the ever-so-old '79 MPC kit(or pictures alongside a ruler), I would be literally eternally grateful!
  8. Eleanor

    That's... kinda harsh, ain't it? Granted, USCP is bigger than the average resin caster so expectations are on a high bar but... still, if that's the mentality to roll with, then why make anything if someone's achieved greatness once before and discontinued it? I'm just glad they're being made, USCP's been doing quality work so I don't expect it to be anything half-assed even if it isn't decked with a lot of parts and PE parts.
  9. @Dale Gribble; Coincidentally I'm currently working on the '84 Cadillac Coupe Deville sheet, though to mimic the Schwartz Performance pro touring car, still gonna add all the stock Caddy/Deville scripts and emblems to it though, so there's that! @Oldcarfan27; Thanks for the kind words man, I'm keeping a solid pace but attempting not to go full on overkill as much as I can hah. @Force; On it, I'mma try some color combinations(that still are indistinguishable from gray/beige/brown) that the printer will take better as grays just flatout become red, gonna get it done for ya' one way or another! @Ron Hamilton & @dimaxion; I've finished the '68 Javelin SST, gonna do the twin-stripe '68 AMX as well for completion's sake. Also, speaking of post 1970 Javelins, does anyone have a Jo-Han '72 or '73 body they're willing to measure out for me, perhaps with some solid side pictures? @Jordan White; Definitely! I've been wanting to do some wacky 1970s GMCs and Chevrolets like for instance the Spirit of '76 C/K, so the Desert Fox is something I also really wanna get done. Anyhoo, some updates: 1973-1998 Chevrolet C/K & GMC Sierra emblems and tailgates(companion piece to the Ford one) 1991 C-1500 454SS(with the '92 decals in there too): 1968 Javelin SST: 1978 Aspen R/T Richard Petty Kit Car: And the Plymouth companion, the 1978 Volare Richard Petty Kit Car: 1973 Gremlin X: 1992 F-150 Nite Edition(both color stripes and Bronco emblems, just to cover some ground): And a little spoiler for the slightly bigger project I'm working on right now as we speak(at friggin' 12AM on a monday, what the hell is wrong with me): And so it continues, I got about 15 active projects at the moment, though they're all getting their dues! And also, one thing I should mention, I reckon I am at the max length that the text editor can handle for the main page post, I can't even do a bit of a overhaul with less heavy images and less text without getting page errors left right and center so just assume that the new stuff only gets shown off like this instead of added to the pile on the first post.
  10. Hah thats actually friggin' perfect! I tried to make out the license plate over and over and just couldn't make out any letters whatsoever. Very much appreciated! @Ron Hamilton; Can do! The '68 Javelin AMX with the twin stripes running over the body or the one Javelin with the stripe running alongside the top of the fenders and doors? Or both for that matter, cause why not.
  11. @Oldcarfan27; I tend to have to custom-make the file up in the end so any color combination is possible! That being said though, I am actually in the progress of uh... "dissecting" for the lack of a better word all the Firebirds from '77 through '81 so I can easily change the colors on the fly(including the '80-'81 Turbobird), and I'm definitely gonna make a 10th An. Firebird sheet. Also thanks for the ideas for the Conquista El Camino and the various Firebirds, gonna add 'em to the list! Working on the '78 Firebird Macho T/A at the moment so I'm definitely on a roll to get all the slightly more obscure Firebirds in 1/24th and 1/25th scale. @Pat Minarick; Good idea! I knew I missed a important Aspen/Volare. Besides it shouldn't be too much effort, just the Petty numbering on the doors and engine call outs on the hood and the small stripe that runs along the top of the fenders to the windows, plus maybe thinking of making the little rivets available on the decal sheet as well for the sake of ease. @Force; I got the little test-run for the seat decals, I dont really know if they look anything to what you're looking for, they got a bit of a red hue due to the RGB printing process and the pattern is a tiny bit more garbled than I expected, I'm thinking of enlarging the pattern a bit to see if it'll end up going through better next time, unless this is satisfactory for you! And before I go through the pile of updates, a quick note to those who ordered, the printers' decided to take a short summer vacation... at some point, I dunno when or even if they did already but I put my order for print in on June 20th and they still haven't even printed the friggin' things so I'm really sorry for the delay! Anyway, time for the big ol' pile of updates: 1969 AMC Javelin AMX-390 "Big Bad": 1982 Ford EXP 1.6 Turbo: 1980 Ford Mustang ASC McLaren M81(Along with Mustang GT ENDURO decals): 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am(1/16th scale, for the MPC kit): 1973-1996 Ford F-Series(and Bronco) Emblems and Tailgate Stripes(the '91-onwards F150/250/350 single emblems got a thicker outline than shown): 1979 Mercury Capri RS Turbo: 2017 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor: 1971 Dodge Charger R/T "Gone in 60 Seconds"(the Charger that you see for all but 11 seconds and gets crushed and torched immediately, yay): 1976 AMC Gremlin X: And a ****load more is to come, I've been contacted to make a AMC AMX for 1970, 1971 and 1972, contacted for a gargantuan scaled 1/8th Firebird Turbo Trans Am from 1980, for a 1970 Torino CJ429 Type N/W so I'll be a busy S.O.B. for the next period. Hell, I'm not just being contacted, I'm also doing it to myself! Bought a '75 Cutlass kit and I'll be doing the '73 through '77 Cutlass 442s and Hurst/Olds editions for those as well.
  12. 2002 Pontiac Trans Am Collectors Edition

    Yeah, they sure look like mine! Though I did wonder for a brief second, the silver's metallic and all(bit like the taillight center section) instead of white, which was the best I could do for it all given the real one has dark grays and whatnot and the ALPS I had 'em printed on... well it didn't do grays or semi-transparents hah. And I gotta admit, I was sure that the blacks were also less jagged, hell for an example, this is the one I build with 'em: So it's possible its a knock-off, I honestly have no clue. I made 'em for the most part for myself with the secondary idea to just sell 'em to those interested. And for your friend, I have a website with all I've got on offer with contact info/means there.
  13. 2002 Pontiac Trans Am Collectors Edition

    Hah, those decals would appear to be mine, the main stripes are black and silver metallic but I reckon that's them at least. Holy Christ they got around if they ended up at a swap meet, I pretty much only sold a handful to a few people! But seriously solid work on it man, the yellow is pretty much spot on and it looks friggin' epic.
  14. 1977 Toyota Celica LB 2000GT

    Man this was a good little kit, Aoshima's kits are always the type that go together quite nicely and got detailed up the wazoo. I was kinda thrown off by spotting a note on the side of the box's print literally going on about the quality being less than what can be expected cause it was a '70s kit but uh, yeah, with the P.E. parts, the detail, the build quality was absolutely staggering. All it took to detail the thing a little better was a Molotow chrome pen, that's it. Figured it would be a nice companion piece to the '77 Mustang II, given they're basically just intercontinental brothers.
  15. Metallic Green Beetle.

    Its got a couple of cracks on the rear decklid there, man, may need a touch-up methinks