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  1. I actually had the T/A 6.6 ready to go on there cut out from the sheet, and blew it off the table after getting up and into the friggin' void forever, so I took the other pair I put on the sheet which were 6.6 T/A and 6.6 Litre >.<
  2. I needed to test this decal set out as I was kind of worried that the twin-stripes were too thin for the printer to do clearly, as well as try see if they actually fit. I also wanted to give this Trans Am kit another go cause in-box, it ain't a Trans Am... no call-outs, no markings so way back(my first forum post in fact), I did a regular Firebird 400 of it in red. So I tried some more home-made little tricks like trying to use ribbon as seat-belts, make seat-belt arms, plumb the entire engine including the A/C unit and so on. So I used some basic Tamiya black and the ever so wonderful Vallejo golds, a whole lot of clear, about 5 hours of stripe work and topped it off with very era appropriate ProTrac R/P Radial tires that were proudly advertised with a half-naked lady leaning against a '78 Firebird back then. The only gripe I got about this kit is the tires being waaaay too thin, this car needed some wide-as-sin rubber, not these small radials. But alas, I will say though - more screw bottom chassis', this thing feels sturdy. Also I screwed up the tail, the stripe shouldn't be on the wing but around the tail-light, but oh well.
  3. A couple weeks back I built the '70 Camaro Z28 in anticipation of the single headlight Camaro coming up and I had this Baldwin Motion Camaro sitting around for a year now so I thought lets just complete the set. Again, even while its better molded than the Z/28, it's... still a thing. That knuckle-dragger stance was long set in glue before I even remotely realized they would sit that low. Honestly, I'd have to graft the headers to sit at the rocker covers or cut out a chunk between in order to fix that. Not to mention, for some inexplicable reason the front just never wanted to meet the chassis frame, neither did it on the Z/28 but man it's really bad on this one. But, I actually really like the way it came out - especially as a test for home-made little extras like the decals(I never could've anticipated quite how well the air cleaner decal would look), plumbing and the hood pin wires. Not to mention that Tamiya paint, it pops quite nicely in the sun.
  4. Ahh amen to that... I'm two for two on crushed '68 Chevelle kits. One so bad that the roof sits as high as the doors.
  5. Don't wanna derail the topic a bunch but consider the hot-rod culture to be nigh non-existent for two reasons; the Germans and the US didn't have the uh, let's call it 'best relationship' pre-1960s even in West Germany and the regulations on car modification. Like it's not illegal to modify your car but it's pretty safe to assume if you took off panels, elevated noise levels, changed tires/wheels, used large body kits, replaced certain things, you'll be getting crooked looks at inspection and pulled off the road by the police for routine license/papers checks a heck of a lot more often. It's pretty friggin' tight all around, the angle of "call Dekra or the TÜV ask before you do" is more or less the rule of thumb. At work we did lots of business with a GM enthusiast in Mülheim who lamented the fact that while modding is allowed, you'll be double-checking everything or forfeit your insurance there and then. He had imported a '80 Firebird Trans Am that came with chunky side exhausts and he was more or less 'convinced' to revert it to the original muffled exhausts when guys at Dekra basically refused the noise level check on it. I reckon a near 90% custom hot rod ain't gonna see legal status yeah hah. Anyway to join the topic, I'd kill for them old Revell Premium kits to be given another spin, or re-introduced. Those were absolutely excellent kits, woof. Ain't too upset with the EU releases of the American kits, they usually get far nicer decal sheets and instructions, not to mention half the cost for me as a Euro-boy to get.
  6. Yeah exactly! If it were molded like the Baldwin Motion Camaro at the back end of the hood rather than mostly alongside it, it would've been just fine, as well as the worst thin half translucent garbage plastic. And thanks to y'all ❤️
  7. Tried to wrangle this kit into submission in anticipation of the full bumper Z/28 coming sometime next year, boy had I forgotten the issues that plague this kit - especially the mold quality, sweet mother of Mary was that a hatchet job. The hood was warped, the plastic clearly didn't reach the front near as well as the rest so it has these supremely recessed headlight trim rings and even across three layers of primer that friggin' traffic cone orange still bled through. But I persisted, didn't really feel like fully plumbing the engine bay though I did whip up some embossed Z/28 emblems, P.E. 350 emblems, applied some seat belts, custom license plates and some white letter tire decals. Left it pretty much box stock from there on out, though. Oh and the stance is off and the tires stand angled because they didn't fit the axles and after simply gluing them on I kinda... gave up on correcting it.
  8. I actually got my hands on a half-built mostly complete '85 Z/28 kit so I can accurately upgrade them to the 1/24th scale size without much hassle! The preview is designed on the old MPC and AMT kits of the 1987 through 1992 Camaro kits so they will fit perfectly as they are, but generally the sky is the limit - any color, any size and any idea can be translated onto decal paper. They can be printed in silver/black like 20th Anniv. Edition as well(or any other change really) would be as simple as flicking the switch on the color overlay on the layer haha.
  9. Apologies for the double post but the forum's screwing around again with 404 errors the moment I add anything resembling a URL or image file so... Anyway, here's the updated sheet:
  10. I recently updated the Camaro IROC-Z sheet to be a heckuvalot more plentiful(and going through the whole list again to update the existing '87 20th Anniv. and create the '82 Indy 500, '85 Z28), given it was one of my first sets it deserved a bit of a revamp. Got all three dashboards from across the generation, RS, IROC-Z and Z28 call-outs though the only thing I'm lacking is the 1/24th scale Revell kit to accurately scale it up from, but there's a couple on eBay I can potentially score to size 'em up to. Also about the shipping; it's true that it'll be a while but at worst shipping's been three to four weeks, but with the printing and all the steps in between it could add up to the five or six in the very worst case scenario, two to three's the more common time-span luckily.
  11. Yeah you're right on point, it's exactly that. Financial problems are grinding printing to a halt, but it's temporary fortunately. No reason to stop the designing while the uh, suffering of supreme poorness persists.
  12. Might as well clear it up a bit, Peteski's totally spot on - I'm out of printing for a bit, had a hell of a financial hurdle tripping me up the last month and still kinda recovering from it, as well saving up for a house for the girlfriend and I is all getting in the way. Generally, it should pay for itself but I always think of the risk management, so lets say something gets lost or isn't up to snuff, I'd obviously give the person the money back and I'm not gonna lie, at this moment I'd have to disappoint everyone temporarily instead of becoming the guy who hoards unhappy customer's money. Though I really don't wanna stop, holy balls I enjoy finding obscure as **** cars and going over it, turning it into a decal sheet for someone to use, so I'm just growing the catalog and revamping older sets while I sit idle. Like I finished eight of the Scout II line-up from '76 through '80, two obscure as sin Pintos, three different types of actually correct BRAT stripes and also the '70 GSX and Gran Sport, cause why not. And more even. And thanks Rob de Bie, you beautiful soul ❤️! Those Dodge D100/Adventurer sets will finally see the light of day afterall. Also, to Vanmach1 - appreciate the heads up, I'm fixing the ram air hood stripes to have a far, far wider outline and you might be right on the rocker cover trim as well. 1978 Subaru BRAT GL 4x4(early type) - With a better, more accurate dashboard 1978 Subaru BRAT GL 4x4(late type) 1979 Subaru BRAT GL 4x4 - Should mention, the seat inlays are all red across the three previews but I got the gray/blue, yellow/black and green/gray patterns as well 1985 Ford Mustang SVO 1978 Plymouth Volare Roadrunner 1970 Buick Skylark GSX 1970 Buick Skylark Gran Sport 1977 Ford Pinto "Accent Stripe Group"(based on the MPC '77 Pinto Runabout kit, not the newly released AMT one though... it should fit) 1977 Ford Pinto "Special Value Package"(same as the previous Pinto) 1976 International Scout II "Spirit of '76" Bicentennial Edition(with wheel trim decals) 1977 International Scout II Rallye 1977 International Scout II Traveler/Rallye 1977 International Scout SS II(with correct art, as well as the two rear decals - also it's yellow on the image but on print it'll be metallic gold) 1978 International Scout II Traveler "Midas Edition" 1978 International Scout II Rallye 1979 International Scout SS II "Midas Edition" 1980 International Scout SS II Hurst "Shawnee Scout"(I wouldn't be surprised if no-one knows what the hell this edition is, apparently only like 3 exist) So, I still do the designing part of the ordeal just the actual printing's ceased for a bit. Also, yeeeaaahh that was a whole lot of Scout huh.
  13. When I first saw it around the time of the announcement of the BMW-Toyota partnership on the new Supra, I thought the thing looked like a designer drew up a Z4 from memory while on LSD but I gotta say... it's growing on me, and you can't argue it won't turn heads on the road(whether it's out or disgust or amazement). Glad to see Tamiya doing the kit, at the very least it'll be a superb quality kit.
  14. I'd been pining to give this kit a proper go, as the MPC kits of those Mustang annuals were actually quite good. Plus in a wild MPC rarity, I got the '86 kit and discovered it doesn't have one piece chromed headlights but actually still has the recessed lights from '85 just with clear glass pieces to fill 'em, so I'm a double happy camper with this kit! I designed a decal sheet for the SVO in particular(along with friggin' well every '80s Mustang dealership option and factory option you can name) and thought I should try and do this one justice. Textured interior, plumb the whole engine and engine bay, try to keep the model semi-stock, though I'm still undecided on the wheels. Though lately I'm horrendously pressed for time working a full time job and doing decal designing in my free time, so model building's not even moved to the backseat, it's been kicked out as a whole just about. My first intention was to do the whole model in white, including the trim. But I dunno, it does look really good but I wanna stay somewhat faithful to what Ford shoved out the door back then. And this is the result so far with the body trim decals applied, as well as the emblems, logos and a small test with the taillights. Gonna let those decals set a bit longer 'til they've thoroughly dried and then I'll clear-coat the sucker. Meanwhile I've been fumbling about trying to nail those SVO tail lights, which had the three pin-stripes over 'em. Subtle as hell but they do really complete the rear end of the SVO, especially as back then only the SVO had those striped tail lights, GT being plain Jane. Kit tail light's got no color on it, which is nice opposed to having to silver out a section, this looks a hell of a lot more natural, especially with the decal. I dunno why but I'm always fixated on the tail lights, like with the '97-'02 Firebird, I always hated that the honeycomb pattern wasn't available so I made 'em myself! In a couple of days I'mma get started on the 2.3 I4 turbo, plumb the sucker and decal up that massive turbo and air intake, which I've got some nice decals for to make it look sharp as can be! Speaking of which, here's the decal sheet for those interested:
  15. And I'm gonna be the lucky dog to be doing the decal sets for this absolute beauty! Full interior and exterior treatment, various seat patterns, chrome trims, dashboard dials, emblems, badges, underhood, the panel stripe and pinstripe factory decals, the whole lot. Cant wait!
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