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  1. Round2 July '19

    Like, I get it - you purchase a stupidly expensive license, you wanna see a return of dosh to make it worthwhile but my God man. That being said, '70 Camaro Z28 with a full bumper, eh? I know there's no chance in hell they'd also turn it into the single headlight version again, but one can hope. Also in today's "What in the holy hell" edition:
  2. Revell 2019

    I ordered one the other day, suppose it's time to see how well my own AAR 'Cuda stripes go on it. Hell I think I got far less strobes on mine though, should get on that first >.< Though that being said, the Revell stripes got a hell of a curve to 'em which is... weird.
  3. Apologies for the quick follow up post, but the forum is having that absolutely joyous 404 error again on every friggin' post so I'm chopping this one in half in hopes of it working. 1979 Ford Mustang Cobra: 1980 Ford Mustang Cobra: 1984 Ford Mustang GT350 25th Anniversary: 1985 Ford Mustang GT: 1985 Ford Mustang GT Dominator: 1985 Ford Mustang GT Twister II: 1985 Ford Mustang Predator GT302(with Twister II options): 1985 Ford Mustang Predator GT302-H / GT302-R: 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442(for the Jo-Han kit): 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350(for the Jo-Han kit as well, updated the previous version to pack more details and... look better.)
  4. @Mr mopar I reckon I should be good to go again from this weekend, so holler at me what you'd like and I'll get on it! Time to put that massive break behind me and get crackin' again. @Len Woodruff Just drop me a message here what you'd like to have! @highway I've had like five sets for the new Challenger planned out for a lifetime now, even got started on a few of 'em. The R/T stripes, 2009 Redline Edition, 2010 Hurst/HEMI Special Edition, Mr Norms Hurst Heritage Edition, Mr Norms Challenger GSS(and GSS-R) and some others. When it comes to the old Challengers, I've still got four more in the works(and are close to being finished), that particular R/T stripe, the '71 R/T with the logo on the hood, '72 Rallye and '78 Colt Challenger R/T(the Mitsubishi Gallant badge engineered one). About colors though, generally these are just previews - any color's possible, besides green as for some inexplicable reason the printers the company uses just make any shade of green dull as can be. I always have to compile every file by hand so I tend to just ask people when they request things what colors they want 'em in, just in case! @Fish_65 I try to do all the engine call-out emblems for sheet I do, if a model allows it of course. Like for the 'Cuda and Challenger, I got everything from 340 through the 440 and if I ever get around to doing older Camaros, you can bet I'll do every size from the 200s through the 427. And speaking of the Dodge D-100, I'm so excited to do so many sheets, as there's so ungodly many to do. Hell, even that Dude II version of which I can't find anything but a grainy low rez picture, but it'll be worth it. Though the downside is, I still haven't been able to find a MPC D100 kit for under 35$. Shipping's always over 25$ and if it's over 24$ I gotta pay 20$ import so the kit quickly becomes 75 bucks for me if I'm unlucky >.< But! Despite it all, I'm using the Lil' Red Express as a template to at least do the front end of some sets instead of sitting idle. Gotta upscale some emblems though, but the groundwork's there! And to Kurt, that's actually a good idea - offer a bunch of little tribute decals that folks could request as little space fillers. Had a fair bit of interest for Cannonball, Nurburgring, Can Am Run and such logos for folks, having one for the BBORR wouldn't be a bad idea either. And to the rest, I think this is a good a time as any to get back at printing again. Recuperated a fair bit, sorted out the money issues a bit and whatever hassle's coming at me is still a few months away so yeah, let's get back at it again! As for the updates, my PC fully died on me a week or two ago and I lost a ton of progress as I discovered I hadn't uploaded to my backup for weeks by that time. Still though, I scavenged some stuff and got some progress done on the Mustang series and the odd Cutlass. I lost all my progress on revamping the '84 Hurst/Olds, the Challengers, a custom set for the '78 Oldsmobile Delta 88, '69 Mustang Mach 1 and TASCA Super Boss 429, like forty hours worth of commissions and likely a handful more as I open older files and realize ooohh goodie, these are two months old.I did most of the fox body Mustang, all besides like four - though I am actively working on doing the Indy Pace Car as we speak. Will say though, doing the 1979 and 1980 Cobras was a handful of work, holy moly. I had like no source material to work with, this was 9 photos overlaid and stretched to weird angles to try and accurately replace them both. Was also fun discovering the 1979 and 1980 Cobra designs were just about entirely different from each other. On top of that, did nearly every dealership version I could figure out existed like the Dominator, Predator and eventually the CFD-25 LX Mustang, kinda neat discovering all of these existing.
  5. Can do, I had someone request them without the R/T lettering in red as well so I already got a filled in design at the ready, just would have to color swap. And I never made a entry for the T-bird seat pattern, only just realized it! I'd have to dig up the file for the pattern but it's still available. Also for Trendsetta68, I'd love to the ModTop materials - been trying to start on 'em for a long time now, stalled out on the Mod Yellow flower pattern after doing most of it by hand and then realizing after seven hours of drawing the pattern still hadn't reached the point where it would begin looping hah. The green one's slightly trickier, not necessarily due to the complexity but due to the printer's apparent total unwillingness to do green right. I've experimented a bit here and there and with the right amount of blue hues I can trick the printer into doing the green as it is instead of a dull swampy green and I'd have to run some test prints to nail it down but unfortunately I don't actually own the printers in question and the company I use hasn't got the time to wanna help out >.< Speaking of which, by the end of the month I'll be more or less operational again after the pause! Didn't sit still in the meantime, got a MPC Mustang kit, a '71 Cyclone kit and the Aoshima '78 Gallant A to work with to do the whole mess of Fox body Mustangs(GT350 20th, Dominator, the Pace Car, Twister II, Predator GT500, so forth) so I got all the models covered from '70 through '92 by the end hopefully, both the Cyclone Spoilers as well as the Spoiler II(doing the Torino King Cobra as we speak) and just to top off the Challengers; doing the '78 Colt Challenger. In June I'm taking a week off work to fully focus on fulfilling orders straight away and getting a small stockpile ready for the most popular products, 'til then it's recuperation and doing designs. 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 "Twister Special": 1972 Ford Mustang Sprint(inc. the Canadian version and Canadian plates, I know it's misspelled "Spirit" in the pic, can't blame me for thinking Spirit of '76 on this one D:): 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1: 1976 Ford Mustang Stallion: 1977 Dodge Aspen R/T "Super Pak": 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T(based on the Revell 1/25th scale): 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A(also based on the Revell 1/25th): 1970 Dodge Challenger Bumblebee Stripe: 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T "Driver San Francisco": 1970 Ford Torino Cobra "Twister Special": 1970 Ford Torino Cobra(Laser Stripes): 1970 Ford Torino Type N/W: 1980 AMC Spirit AMX(a ode to one day having this beautiful little muscle beast in model shape, based this off blueprints and a whole lot of math):
  6. MPC 1984 Mustang 20th Anniv. Decal Sheet

    The plan is to do 'em all in 1/24th scale as well since I got two of the Monogram Mustangs; the '79 Pace Car, '79 Monroe Turbo, '79 Cobra, '83 GT, '84 GT350 20th Ann., '85 Twister II and '86 SVO. Started the designs off in 1/24th at least, and now I've got the measurements for the 1/25th scale I can scale 'em down with ease and have both ready! Thanks again, really!
  7. MPC 1984 Mustang 20th Anniv. Decal Sheet

    Yessir, it does! As well as Rodent's pictures he sent via PM; can finally get started on those 80s Fox bodies, thanks y'all <3
  8. MPC 1984 Mustang 20th Anniv. Decal Sheet

    Awh bummer hah, I spotted a few on eBay lately and I'm half tempted to just pull the trigger even at 80 bucks. But here's hoping someone out there has the little decal sheet!
  9. 2019 Shizouka Hobby Show

    Ohh man, a newly tooled Starion is always welcome in my books, especially if its from Beemax/Aoshima. If it had a engine and a potential stock '87 ESI-R cousin at some point or another I'd be the happiest camper, but a man can dream eh.
  10. MPC 1984 Mustang 20th Anniv. Decal Sheet

    Is there anyone out there who still has the old MPC '84 Mustang kit with the decal sheet intact? I dont need the actual sheet, just a scan(with a ruler if possible) will do. I'm making a bunch of decal sheets for 1980s Fox body Mustangs in 1/25th scale, the issue being that I only possess the Monogram 1/24th scale kit, and the GT350 kit has the stripes that run along the whole body, making it perfect to gauge scale with.
  11. Had someone who was interested in having the earlier engine options in the '77 kit but not having the right font decals for the shaker, so thought might as well just include it on the general sheet! Thanks for the kind words though hah, generally I'll try to include all or most the factory options, plus some spare what-ifs that fit the theme if there's interest for it. Also, about the Dodge D-series; got 'em all in the works! Got all the emblems(including the old Fargo truck) ready, plus a boatload of detailing decals for the engine bay and interior and already did the Macho Power Wagon stripes for the cab - just gotta await the kit to accurately do the bed and tailgate. Oh and should mention, I couldn't find a thing on the Dude II other than two promotional shots and a magazine ad, so I'll be whipping that one up entirely from those two promo shots, the landscape shot could be a tiny bit off as I'm working with a 300px image that shows the truck from the front hah.
  12. I bought one of the '73 El Caminos on the cheap, not knowing it was a re-cast of someone elses(Motor City Resin's I think, not sure, only got told it was a copy by some folks) just with really, really thick trim added as a "improvement" of sorts or so he claimed in the description. Can't speak for any of the others but it's the really thick and flaky type of resin that'll require a heck of a lot of cleaning up, but the fit's alright on the El Camino at the very least. I just needed a cheap body to use as a template to design decal sheets off so I grabbed it at a 22$ bid back then. If you can get them on the cheap, I dunno, I can't exactly complain. Absolutely no way in hell I'd pay anywhere over 30$ for it though. One of those your-mileage-may-vary ordeals, I'd say.
  13. R2 April 2019

    Would've been nifty to have had the Formula hood after all those decades, but meh - I'm still into the idea of the Firebird with the flares and wings being optional, as ugly as the gaps will be(opposed to the molded on ones on the Revell and Monogram 1/25th and 1/24th kits), it'll definitely making a bog standard non-Formula/TA version easy as can be. Bit of a bare month again on the kit front though.
  14. I'm actually working up to the '79 Mustang Pace Car as we speak, slowly climbing the years(at '72-'73 now) - and will do the '69 Mach 1, '69 TASCA Boss 429 and the '70 Mach 1 Twister Special when I either find the old '70 Mustang I built ages ago or the '69 Boss 302 ever shows up again on eBay for less than 45 bucks. Totally focused on just the design work for a few months, so I'm gonna get those hundreds of ideas I still got sitting around actually done at some point hah! Also about the Firestone Super Stones Van, y'all reckon it'd be better to do just the flames in white up to the end of the sliding door so the rest of the van can be done via painting? Might still be a hassle on the paint front but with some acrylic paint I reckon there's hardly any color bleed(always a bit of a issue with dark tints under white decals) if one were to brush over the larger white sections of the flames. Also, a bunch of new designs; mostly Mustangs and some obscure as hell versions like the Shelby Europa and Shelby GT-351 which is I believe a single year Mexican edition. Also a handful of Vegas(still doing the '74 GT, and I might do the '71-'72 GT, Yenko and such as well), plus some GMC Sprints. Oh and I revamped the '74 Ventura GTO for Kevin of Missing Link Resin as he's done this absolutely beautiful Ventura GTO kit, deserved a much better design than the one I previously done. 1974 Pontiac Ventura GTO(in all 3 color version pre-designed): 1969-1978 Chevrolet/GMC Air Cleaner Decals: 1974 Chevrolet Vega Spirit of America: 1975 Chevrolet Vega Cosworth Twin-Cam: 1977 Chevrolet Vega GT: 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1: 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351: 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Prototype: 1971 Ford Mustang Shelby Europa GT350/GT500(T-5 Export): 1972 Ford Mustang Shelby de Mexico GT-351: 1971 GMC Sprint SP: 1973 GMC Sprint SP:
  15. Oh I will, absolutely! Been wanting them to release a sweptside kit so I could do some proper 1/25th scale sets other than the Li'l Red and Midnite Express sets(and the Warlock and Warlock II I still have to whip up). So far I've got plans to do the '78 Power Wagon Macho with the twin dark yellow stripes, the regular D-100 that emulates the bottom chrome-black-chrome strip running along the bottom quarter and I wanna extend on the dash designs with the silver one and adding the set of Volts & Vacuum dials that replaces the clock on some trim. Just to cover the bases! And if anyone has any other ideas, by all means. Hell, with enough free time I reckon I could even do that Top Hand Truck version.