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  1. 98 Firebird "Blackbird"

    Jesus I forgot how ungodly sexy Firebirds can look when they're all black... Epic job, dude! Also you'll have 'em tail light meshes within a week and a half I hope!
  2. First build of 2018... Rust Bucket

    Fancy little guy, I like it! Ain't nothing like some winter weather to keep you forced at the workbench eh
  3. Couple of more updates! For whatever reason I can't seem to stop making Firebird stuff and I always liked the unique last-of-its-kind Firebird from '02 so I crafted up a sheet for it. And I'm working on an AMC Pacer X build so I thought, why not add onto it and I finally got around to finishing the '78 Aspen Super Coupe. Also for those who were interested, I finally got some of the stuff I send to the printers; a handful of the '60-'67 MOPAR air cleaner and valve cover decals, two sets of the Camaro IROC-Z set(in black/silver and red/black), the '71 Dodge Demon 340/Sizzler and a '87 Firebird GTA set. I can't for the life of me upload pictures, no matter the format, no matter the way or source - to this particular post so either refer to the one above or the first page to find the three pictures.
  4. 1968 Mercury Cougar XR7 GT

    I accidentally stumbled upon a bid for a AMT '68 Cougar, from France of all places. God this was such a solid kit of one of the prettiest friggin' muscle cars of the late sixties, especially given it's friggin' 50 years old. Used Keith Marks' decals and sprayed it in Race Blue, a Skoda paint(I know, but its just so puuuurty). Put a '70 Ford Torino 429CJ in there, the stock engine had gotten some warping and it wasn't quite as detailed as I'd hoped compared to the body and had to replace the tires as they had shrunk and some decay and had no suitable tires in the spare parts pile besides the gargantuan pad-printed AMT tires.
  5. They're all the same size? Hmm that's actually a really good idea then, I'll add two more T/A logos. I'm adding onto the sheet for funsies and upon requests anyway, thanks for the suggestion! Added the option for a digital dash(I dont know why, I just really like 'em), wheel emblems, a separate set of dials for those who want the gray-with-black-grid type and the extra set of T/As. Also cause I bought a MPC Daytona kit for some reason, I figured I'd brew up some fictional yet mostly real/inspired decals; And now back to work! Struggling a bit to patch up a set of old Jo-Han Pinto decals that were damaged quite badly.
  6. Ohh I should get around to asking about that given they're done on an Alps, it would improve the tail lights and the side marker lights a helluva lot and make 'em look a lot less fake-ish. Also Christ, I forgot about the '78 Aspen's front chin spoiler stripes. Woops!
  7. Ahh dont worry, it takes two weeks between completion and getting the actual prints, so there's a fair bit of waiting regardless. If I had the printer myself I'd have 'em but sadly I rely on outside folks for it D: And between 4 projects, managed to wrap one up; the '78 Dodge Aspen Super Coupe:
  8. Round 2 January 2018 Product Spotlight

    I mean, I would like the GTX but its gonna have the weird rear end/window fit and no clear headlights, right? Like the fifteen million re-releases before? Also I mean, no disrespect to Donny but the only vibe I ever gotten from the "extras" is that they look like five dollar tattoos.
  9. I'll have them printed in give or take a week, can add one in red if you're interested in it! PM me if you'd like! Also some new additions; 1980 Dodge Ramcharger Power Wagon(1/24) 1987 Pontiac Firebird GTA(1/24th)
  10. Got the earlier 1960 through '67 air cleaner decals with air cleaner instructions and MOPAR oil filter decals on the sheet headed for the printer along with all of the Firebird tail light masks and the AMX-390 decals and began working on some commissions folks requested, like a '71 Demon sheet based on the old '71 Duster MPC kit and finally managed to get the Lear Siegler contour for the Camaro somewhat reasonable. Separated the Camaro logos from the colors, should look a ton better this way. Now to get '81-'82 Camaro Z/28 stripes done, then the '77-'79 Nova SS and inbetween scratch make a Ed Terry 1965 Mustang sheet, renovate a old Jo-Han Pinto sheet and form a '71 GTX sheet in 1/25th scale. Busy Christmas comin' up!
  11. Awh maaan, I'm restricted to eBay as I'm in Europe and local hobby shops at best have one AMT kit and 99% Revell of Germany kits and the only, single one on eBay for now has it for 21 bucks buuuuuuuut with 49$ int. shipping >_>"
  12. Alright update time: @MrObsessive, I got the regular shape fitted up to the specs you provided so it should be a snug little fit and I figured while I'm at it, I'd make one that actually fills the space some more, might look better. I'll just include 'em both, no problemo. For the rest, got around to finishing up the masks for the Firebird series in 1/25th, masks for the '93 through '02, including the center bezel masks. May start doing this for more kits, like the '98-'02 Camaro for instance, seems a nice quality of life enhancer I reckon. And expanding the MOPAR air cleaner sheet somewhat more, trying to include the air cleaner instruction decals(little yellow/red ones) which I honestly do not know what the hell quality they'll come from the printer with, but worth a shot. Gonna get around to having all of the stuff printed soon! But for the time being, trying to get a decent way to get the Lear Siegler interior detail on there without compromising the Camaro script that I just cannot for the life of me prevent from pixilating to a right mess at such low scale(doesn't help that MPC's casts of the interiors are nothing short of ****) and I may just have to buy a whole AMT '83 Camaro kit just to get accurate fits and sizes going.
  13. Hah, no worries! You're in luck, I've got the '79 Z/28 with dark/light blue with the black lettering at the printer as we speak and designing the '80/'81 sheet in orange/red/maroon, blue/dark blue/navy this weekend, so a lot further on those than the Firebird ones which I gotta begin with still. I'll PM ya' once I get a hold of the '79 set!
  14. Hell yeah I can, I was literally planning on doing the '77-'78 Firebird(in 1/24 & 25), '85 GTA and some variations on the '77-'81 birds(particularly some badass versions of red/black/silver for a friend), what combinations would you want?
  15. new for 2018

    Oh yeah, right with ya' on that one.