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  1. Oh heck I had no idea that order was for a MCM Admin, that raises the stakes haha. Makin' me nervous overhere! We've been dealing with the printing company having one issue after another for the last fifty days, grinding just about everything to a halt but yeah we try to be as vocal and transparent as possible. Least I can do is be clear when stuff hits the fan and, while totally inexcusable to have to sit 'n wait for a month and a half for a print order, not hearing/saying a word about it is worse I reckon. Though my girlfriend Vicky handled all the customer service/emailing for a year and a half until she suddenly passed away two weeks ago, so I'm half-cocked trying to fill both seats out of nowhere after enduring the worst print delay we've had in years. Fun times here, fun times! Wish me luck >.< Also about the North American dealer, I'm super happy to hear that he's doing exactly what we both hoped would happen! ❤️ Joe Morgan of the FB store's a hell of a dude, he's just about allowed me to go from a few hundred of designed sets to hundreds in just shy of a year.
  2. The decals: And for funsies, a 1/25th '77 Firebird next to this behemoth:
  3. Probably a good time to chime in, I reckon hah. Haven't logged on for so long, but I lurk from time to time! The reseller's gonna get a bucket load of Free Wheelin' sets before the end of July so at least they'll be there for those in the States. That being said though, no idea why his eBay shipping for Canada is nearly as high as it is for me over in the Netherlands(I get 39$ on my end). Given the huge size of the set making it costly as heck to print, I was initially really hesitant to have any more printed on my own accord cause I really, really expected Round 2 to put in the decals themselves even if yes originally they were a '79 option. I only have two sets on hand at the moment if folk don't mind the somewhat longer shipping times, so it's something I suppose! By the way, thanks Can-Con for sharing the shipping info ❤️ Also a little edit: I was gonna continue putting stuff on eBay but their fee/share taken was on both shipping and the item and truly it was literally costing more than it even brought back in. I wish I could still send stuff out via regular envelope for a fraction of the cost for everyone involved, right now I'm losing a little bit on shipping(its the exact price for shipping, but the sturdy boxes are on me basically). Its weird putting a flat sheet in a box to ship internationally, but atleast there's no more forced returns with friggin' fines.
  4. Ohhh hold up, new tool G-model 911's? I love the old Revell Premium/Fujimi Enthusiast kits and they've aged rather well but holy hell they're hard to come by. I really wonder how detailed they're gonna go with the new 911's.
  5. That's actually not a terrible price, I expected it to be far higher! Hopefully by the time this whole COVID horror show's gone the friggin' mail systems will have recovered.
  6. Ohh heck you're right, I was thinking of the GTR. The LM is the road going version of course, derped a little. Can't help but wonder what the retail price will be down the line for these bad boys.
  7. McLarens, Porsches, an Audi and a BMW, all street legal(minus the P1 LM) too. Hello debt my old friend. We're critically underserved on McLarens so I'm excited, same for the Audi and BMW. Hell other than Hasegawa, its been years since we had a street stock BMW luxury car.
  8. I do, infact! And I believe the paint was some BMW color, cant remember the name for the life of me but I remember buying it specifically for a '05 X5 >.<
  9. There's something about Hasegawa's Historic Cars series that really tickles my fancy, even a well-thread subject like the R32 Skyline is appreciated, especially since they always do four or so 'editions' before going to the next subject. Hell, given the sheer quality of the what, five different R31 kits, this one's on my to buy list for sure.
  10. It's going pretty alright, as far as it's possible between Brexit about to kneecap my access to the printing company and COVID, hah. This announcement of Revell doing the '71 Mustang's inspired me to finally re-do all the '71-'73 Mustang sets and get to the ones I have had planned for so long, like a handful of Shelby de Mexico models(GT500 with the strobe stripes and '73 GT-350). Shipping wise, man I am getting destroyed by how expensive intercontinental postage is nowadays, in the Netherlands they straight up added 13$ on top of the previous price to 'compensate' for it, so for a brief moment I had this idea to just have a buddy in Calgary, Canada ship 'em locally but that quickly dissolved cause of the how many unique sets(pushing the 300) I have and it requiring a momentous amount of dosh upfront to invest. It's a hell of a thing, hah.
  11. Its actually quite interesting to see how perfectly polarized the excitement here is. One half, me included, over the moon. The other disappointed that it's yet another Mustang or from the wrong generation. Nothing wrong with it of course, interests don't have to line up, just noticing the exact split.
  12. Holy mother of God this is genuinely the most excited I've been about Revell since the 1983 Olds Cutlass.
  13. Hah, what a coincidence! I just purchased the Datsun Sunny kit along with the Isuzu Gemini by Lotus. Also, thanks y'all!
  14. Bet this is the first one on this forum, reckon it'll be a weird sight to spot a Stanza between all the muscle. I've been on a Hasegawa kick lately with their Historic Cars series, they're just utterly amazingly well put together and honestly, I'd argue they're surpassing Tamiya in sheer quality. Not to mention, they're pumping out half a dozen new tools a year now. This is the SSS-R version, albeit engineless, which held the weird claim to fame that it was the single best equipped factory rally car from the eighties. It was entirely road legal, but came equipped with a fat, thick skid plate, offroad tires, a roll-bar and this outrageous yet utterly fitting of the era paint scheme that proudly displayed the specs of the ATTESA 4WD system and the turbocharger. Also, incase you're wondering why there's '87 Idaho plates on a car that never left Japan? Happened to have a spare set that was meant to go on a '87 Buick GNX, same scale and all.
  15. To be fair, Hobby Search usually charges atleast 10$ more than US stores as they're located in Asuka, JP so they have to actually import 'em. Reckon it'll be a 20$ kit.
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