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  1. New member

    Welcome dude to the forum model-a chris,
  2. Got kind of hot today.

    I think it's going to be around 98 here in NC today, the problem like Harry said the humidity will be like 75 percent or more. I mowed my back yard yesterday which is a 20 min job I was soaking wet, I also got a little dizzy one min I was fine the next the ground was spinning, got to be careful out there. model-a Chris,
  3. I had a question about paint I want to paint one off my models flat black or hot rod black, I bought a can of flat black and it still has shine, any help would be great thanks. model-a Chris,
  4. Mr. Norm

    Great work dude. model-a Chris,
  5. 1969 Torino

    Looks great guys like the color and I thinks the stance is spot on, Model-a Chris,
  6. "Howe" Cool is This !

    Jeepers guys that is so cool, Model-a Chris,
  7. How long do ya'll take

    I hope I didn't make anyone mad by asking this question, the reason I asked was just to get a idea about how long it took to build a model. I remember way back years ago I could put one together in a day of course it looked like it also, I have five kids and 6 grand kids and they all have different likes, cars, trucks, fire trucks,airplanes, motorcycles, and on and on. I have gone thru some rough times in the last few years and I'm not able to work,first it was cancer then 15 long months of Chemotherapy, then it was about five years of kidney stones not fun, then a foot surgery that took 13 months in a cast. Last year I had both hips replaced, so needless to say I lost my job during all this, so that's kinda why I turned back to the hobby and I plan on building a model for each kid for there Birthday. So this is why I asked the question, it may take me a while but I need to keep busy and this awesome hobby will do just that. Ok guys sorry I got carried away I do want to say I'm glad I found this forum it has really got my interest in the hobby going again, and you guys are very helpful Thanks. Model-a,Chris
  8. How long do ya'll take

    I think I will start a building log just to keep up with it,just out of curiosity thanks guys for your input. Model-a, Chris
  9. Does anyone use a sealer after your done sanding and priming, like when your ready to apply your color if so what kind works. Thanks guys. Chris,model-a
  10. How long do ya'll take

    Just wondering has anyone ever kept up with how long you spend on doing a model from start to finish. I would like to know I don't look at it as a race to get done just kinda thinking how much time we spend on a model. Guess it depends on how much detail we put in them. Chris,model-a
  11. Clubs in NC

    Hey buddy I was born in Salisbury in Rockwell know West Rowan Grad, good to here from you. Chris,model-a
  12. List your favorite cars of all time

    First for me 1960 Cadillac Then 1955 chevy Then 1932 Milner coupe
  13. What Pleased You Today!

    Lets see oh yes my pain pills still work, thank you My Lord. Chris,model-a
  14. 3 window rat

    Looks awesome Travis, detail is great, Chris, model-a
  15. Old Milwaukee

    I'm a Dale Sr fan all the way but if Tim had been around longer there just think of the way things would have turned out he was badass. Chris,model-a