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  1. Last year I was told that I might get laid off by last August. Well, things got better and I got extra happy today.
  2. Yeah, he was a great drummer. I just happening to be listening to Cream's "Wheels of Fire" album in my car. It has "Toad", that 15 min. drum solo on it.
  3. Well, my manager called me into the office today and told me about how they've been doing salary adjustments to give us a fair market value salary. So I just got a very nice raise today of 8.25%! This has nothing to do with the regular merit raises we get from out annual reviews. That's due next Feb. WOOPEE!
  4. Far out man! The best concert ever! I was on 14 yo then and didn't get to go. I also really didn't quite know what it was about until it came out as a film.
  5. It was a free upgrade a few years ago. I don't think it's free any more.
  6. There's a lot of the Apollo documentaries on YouTube including the whole mission. You can watch it just like it was when it originally happened.
  7. And failed. They couldn't figure out my password. Three attempts and they lock it. I haven't logged in here for quite a while. And I get in on the 1st try because I use a password manager. But I just got a notice about the attempts and lockup just now. There's nothing useful that they could steal that they could have obtained from me here either.
  8. Here's the wheels, they look like they were never painted. I did take some toothbrush work too.
  9. I have this dollar store degreaser that I bought from the advice at a mountain bike forum for a cheap and effective chain degreaser. So today I thought I would give it a try on removing paint from some wheels I painted on my latest build. Here's a picture of the bottle: And it's only a buck!
  10. Besides all the steps to remove dust of the model I mist down mt spray booth with water before I start spraying. But with all these steps sometimes some dust still manages to find its way onto the paint.
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