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  1. Hey man. I never even read Rolling Stone. I never read a single issue. I just looked for a link for an article about people who are into conspiracy theories.

  2. Since when are conspiracy theories political? Unless they are specifically political conspiracy theories. Hell, I don't even like politics.
  3. https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/coronavirus-china-bat-patent-conspiracy-theory-942416/
  4. The upcoming IPMS contest I was going to this Sat. and our next club meeting 4/05 have been cancelled. I really don't care about the ball games but that sure will also have an effect on the economy.
  5. That sucks. But for me it seems that my job is unaffected. I'm in the defense aerospace industry. Some people can work from home although I can't. But the virus does not effect our business. I sure noticed how light the traffic has been and empty parking lots around restaurants. It's the Zombie apocalypse. On Friday I had a hard time finding a parking space at Publix. I had to park around the back. Most of the meats and poultry were gone and the only paper goods left were a few tissue boxes and paper plates. We still managed to get what we needed. I just hop they will be restocked enough by this Friday. There should be less shoppers as the early shoppers are the ones who have hoarded and overstocked so they shouldn't need much again so soon.
  6. How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? Yes, I can actually say it.
  7. Is this like the Delorean kit? A pre painted diecast that you receive sets of parts by subscription?
  8. I have one and the Charger too. Of course I bought them around 20 years ago. I haven't built them yet either. They do have pre painted diecast bodies.
  9. Yeah, these people aren't playing with a full deck, they're not running on all 8 cylinders, the elevator isn't reaching the top floor, etc..... And they're just plain dumber than a box of rocks.
  10. I saw "Behind The Curve" too. Actually those idiots used the $20K laser gyroscope to attempt to prove that the earth is stationary. They said if the earth is rotating on the 24 hr/day cycle it should move 15° per hour (yes, that actually is correct). So that is the results they got by doing the experiment twice and they just were't happy with the results and wanted to do the experiment again to get the results they want. There's something seriously wrong with those people. Watch these morons. You'll do some eye rolling and face palming.
  11. Use the 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby and you'll pay about $7.20
  12. Kind of like the last two word from a redneck: "watch this" or "Oh sh!t". Here's s fitting "tribute".
  13. This happened a few days ago. He's that crazy flat earther that wanted to get up to altitude to prove that he can see the "flat earth". Frankly that tiny rocked couldn't go high enough anyway. Looks like he went splat.
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