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  1. I finally painted the front shock struts. Quite a process of masking and unmasking and hand painting too.
  2. Nice build. I remember those cars. Remember "Joe Isuzu"?
  3. Mike C


    Cool builds. Rust never sleeps.
  4. You're doing an awesome job on that crummy kit. I built one of those straight out of the box.
  5. Here's some fresh paint work on the fairings. This is straight from the airbrush. I try to paint as defect free as possible but there's always some contamination that has to be polished away. Otherwise this paint finish is so smooth that it doesn't need polishing. There is a little dust you can see in some of the photos too.
  6. Thanks. I like that Royale you're working on. As far as masking the yellow was concerned, that was no necessary. All the yellow panels were separate inserts so I sprayed the body all black, sprayed the yellow inserts, then glued them in place. Funny about the specific shade of yellow too. I used a GM touch up paint back then from the auto supply store. It was an exact match to the original yellow on the 1:1 Bugatti Royale.
  7. I built mine back in '92.
  8. Nice build. I built one of those in '92. I should post it up too.
  9. Cool build. It's great that those kits included those extras.
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