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  1. Dust!

    Besides all the steps to remove dust of the model I mist down mt spray booth with water before I start spraying. But with all these steps sometimes some dust still manages to find its way onto the paint.
  2. Wheel Arch Moldings

    That's a great tip!
  3. Tesla Emission Testing Mode

    Last Dec. I had the emissions test done on my car. It's a Lexus CT200h, a hybrid. Well I certainly passed the test easily as I always have but this time around the tester did NOT have me run the engine. And it was the same guy as the previous year too.
  4. I'm using one of these from Harbor Freight: https://www.harborfreight.com/16-hp-58-psi-oil-free-airbrush-compressor-60329.html I've been using it for years trouble free.
  5. I've seen your builds before Charles, you do great work!
  6. A naked Dragonfly

    That is really cool!
  7. Revell Hemi - Hydro

    You did a really nice job on that!
  8. Arctic Cat El Tigre

    Looks pretty good. I have one of those that I haven't built yet. A guy from work commissioned me to build the Jeep Honcho for him because he has a 1:1 Jeep just like the kit. He told me I could keep the snowmobile. That's how I got it.
  9. Tamiya Yamaha TZ250m (1994)

    Here's more pictures. The frame is now complete. I'm just left with installing the fairings and decals:
  10. Tamiya Yamaha TZ250m (1994)

    I just started this one. I started engine and frame assy and painting the fairings. I got some pretty good 1st coats. Tbe metallic blue was pretty easy, metallic colors always lay down smooth. White can be a bit orange peeled but this 1st coat of white came out really good. I just have to paint the metallic blue where the bottom fairing is masked on the sided: Box art: The kit; The frame already comes with the silver coating. And here is further progress on this bike: Here's an update on work I've done. I did some frame assy and heat stained the tuned pipes. I included a photo from the box side panel so you can see how the pipes have this foil covering on them so you don't think I did some cheesy job putting foil on them. It's not like BMF on chrome trim, doesn't need to be crinkle free. Box photo: Model photos:
  11. Industria Mechanika Remora flying boat

    That is really cool!
  12. Complete: Casey Stoner's 2006 LCR Honda RC211V

    Nice build. I love building those Tamiya bikes. I have one under construction right now.
  13. Newb e to airbrushes

    Go to this channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9UUZIFvHRQPfDoCP-bTB7A He's got lots of scale modelling information including airbrushes, I watched a few already.
  14. Great Amber Paint

    I also find copper or brass make a good base coat color for it.
  15. You know what helps too? Using a hair dryer. I learned that from the Scale Motorsports instruction sheet. It, too helps soften the decal. Just use it a minute or so at a time, work the decal, then use it again as needed until you finally have the CF decal laid down right.