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  1. Nice pair of Mustangs. I built one of those too, the black one. I did it around 1998.
  2. Beautiful build. That boat must be really hot to handle, it's all engine
  3. Are there people really that stupid that would buy that? Maybe so, I mean after all there are flat earthers and Qanon.
  4. That truck came out great, plus that nice diorama you photographed it in.
  5. Great looking model. You can't go wrong with Tamiya. Too bad they don't make more American cars.
  6. I just got this new photo booth from Amazon so I decided to use it and retake pictures of some models. The booth is 16 x 16 x 16 and folds flat. It has 6 color backdrops and reflective surfaces all over the inside. It has two LED strips you can move around and has three color temps. And variable brightness which you can make very bright. One thing I remember about the decals. The red/white striped decals were each large decals. I thought it would be easier to cut the red stripes and apply them individually. And it was. I'm sure the big sheets wouldn't have laid down well. Thanks for looking. Here's interior shots before the tub was installed in the body. The bottom
  7. Really nice. I used to watch that show back then. But now I think the show is a bit cheesy. But I like the ship and you built it really well. I also like the way you did that night lighting display.
  8. Nice build. I saw that kit at HobbyTown. How good are they?
  9. Really great build. And you managed to get clear interior photos too.
  10. You sure have some outstanding detail work there!
  11. Really nice build, you must have used a gallon of yellow there.
  12. That's a really great build. I can almost smell the trash.
  13. That is absolutely fantastic!🤩 You put a lot of time, thought and work into that!
  14. Cool builds. Plus I like the two movies too.
  15. Thanks. I forget what specific color it is, but it was just straight out of a Testors enamel bottle. It might be French or Chrysler engine blue.
  16. That looks really good. I like the way you did that exhaust system.
  17. I built this in 2000. It was my 1st attempt at weathering. All I really did was just make it dirty. And the display base was something I just figured out as I went along. It's just spackle painted in dirt color with a puddle made out of Future. I had to fill it many times until it built up some depth.
  18. That is an absolutely fantastic display!😃
  19. This is another old build of mine.
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