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  1. That's cool. Did you know there's a Bigfoot museum in Blue Ridge, GA?
  2. Great looking build! I love building those Tamiya bike kits. I'll be starting another one soon.
  3. Killer build of a Killer B car. I dig those dangerous rally cars of the past.
  4. Beautiful pain job and color!😃
  5. Looks really good, a great car. Too bad there isn't a Tamiya kit of that car.
  6. Well, it was an easy kit to build and weather. The only 1:1 pictures I found for reference was of a tractor that was fully restored and looked like new. So here's the walk-around.
  7. Great build. I like the way you dirtied it up too.
  8. It's a 1/24 curbside. So there's a big opening in the back of the model. But it went together pretty well. Box art: Model: All that red on the body was supplied as decals, but it was easier to mask and paint it than put on large decals that were likely to split and not lay down well. Here's a couple masking shots: For the door "glass" they gave white decals, also NG, here they are painted: Here's the wheels painted up: Here's the dashboard:
  9. I built this model around 1995. I used the foil from Nestles Crunch bars for the chrome like BMF. I also used MCG PE and gave it seatbelts too. It's painted Testors Guards Red. The engine is detailed and the spark plug wires are in the correct firing order (I always wire those old engines that way).
  10. Very nice build. I like the engine detailing too. I did one like that once only in red. I'll have to post it too.
  11. Really nice build. You just can't go wrong with those Tamiya kits.
  12. It's box stock except for the seat covering. It came with this fuzzy stuff that was just giving off its fibers and didn't look right anyway. I put on this leather like material. I like to show enough pictures for a "walk around". First shot is without the fairings: Notice my paint detail work on the chain. No PE, it's the plastic one in the kit. I also drilled out all the holes in the brake rotors.
  13. This is a Lindberg kit. I made a beater out of it. I did do some detail work. The spark plug wires are in the correct firing order.
  14. Hey man. I never even read Rolling Stone. I never read a single issue. I just looked for a link for an article about people who are into conspiracy theories.

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