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  1. A great classic from the 80's.
  2. Here's a build from around '97 or so. It's the Revell kit. I used some PE and detailed under the hood. I tinted the windows and headlights blue as I saw in photos of the 1:1 car. Here's some interior photos too:
  3. I'll bet many people already have it. But in case you don't here area couple of attachments in.pdf Firing Order 1.pdf Firing Order 2.pdf
  4. Well, I don't have any recent scores but I'll show you what's in my stash:
  5. I painted it with a copper or brass base coat with orange pearl on top. Here's some chassis WIP shots followed by finished shots. It was photographed and appeared in Scale Auto at the ACME Southern Nationals too. Here's a nice shot of the dash: Here's the finished model:
  6. Cool looking Charger.
  7. I'm not going to worry about that now. I did it over 10 years ago and it's not in my posession.
  8. Actually, this RR isn't mine. I was commissioned to finish it. Two builders before me started on it and it didn't get finished. I was living in FL at the time and belonged to a club down there. The club pres. was at my place and saw my Pocher Bugatti Type 50T I had built. I had built it in '82. He said he never saw a completed Pocher and said I had done a good job. So he told me about the RR kit that was started. AND he said I would get paid $750 to finish it. So I went for it. Plus I had got laid off my job not long after that. This was in 2005. I remember that the gas pedal linkage was not assembled correctly. The chassis and engine were pretty complete. The spoke wheels had to be built. The body was painted but I had to repaint a door. And I should add the owner lives in a community across the highway from my parents. We're still in touch too. He sends me jokes and I send him pictures of the models I've been building. So here's the pictures:
  9. Nice. That's a lot of AlClad compared to what we use on a car model.
  10. That is way cool especially in that diorama.
  11. Well, I am a fan of Sci-Fi. My current favorite living writer is a Brit. Peter F. Hamilton. I really enjoyed Pandora's Star/Judas Unchained. I read them and years later listened to them on audio. A favorte from the past is Isaac Assimov.
  12. I forgot about this site. Model Motorcars. They specialize in Pocher and make aftermarket goodies for Pocher kits. You can get repacement wheels/tires and other stuff from them. Just scroll down the page. http://modelmotorcars.com/new-parts-tools/ You get to drive a model J Duesy! That is AWESOME!
  13. I think it was Testors Black metallic.
  14. That is a way cool ride. I saw a show on YouTube about driving a rat rod a lot like that and a Lamborghini Aventador. The rat rod was totally impractical to drive. And as far as the attention they were getting, they thought guys would like the rat rod and girls would like the Lambo. But it turned out to be quite the opposite.
  15. Well, I had a good ride on my mountain bike this morning. And this afternoon we were invited over to a neighbor for a Memorial Day BBQ and had a nice time there too. Plus my neighbor's daughter likes cars and wants to see my car models.
  16. Very nice clean build with nice detail work.
  17. That is cool. I think I saw that on escale.
  18. Mike C

    TV Batmobile

    Very nice. That was the best Batmobile too. Although I do like the Tumbler.
  19. It's 1/24. I built it around '99 or so. I was watching show about it on Jay Leno's garage recently. It was kind of forgotten on the shelf. So I took it out, gave it a little fresh wax and took some good photos.
  20. Hi Angel. Looks like Sparky and Louie could be buddies. :-)
  21. I ride a mountain bike. I have two. My 16 y.o. bike and my newer one (1 y.o.) The old one is a 2000 Cannondale SuperV700SX: And the new on is a 2015 Cannondale Scalpel 29 Carbon 3:
  22. I haven't had that happen. I'm an engineer and I'll get annoying calls to get me to subscribe to free trade magazines for fields I'm not involved in or know anything about. They ask me the 20 questions and I answer NO to all of them and sometimes I still get the magazines. They go from the mailbox to the trash. BUT, I do belong to freebizmag.com and they are also used for getting free trade mags. However they also offer me free magazines that you normally pay a subscription fee for, common magazine you find on the magazine rack. Most are for magaizine that are of no interest but sometimes I do get them for magaizines I like. So then I fill out the form on line and get the free magazine. I don't even care about the free trade mag. I've had a free subscrition to Popular Science, Autoweek, Car Craft and Automobile.
  23. Here's my little fella'. His name is Louie and is 6 lbs of terror when he sees a big dog. Otherwise he's a playful little sweetie.
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