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  1. That's on bad ass Camaro!
  2. Great build! I love old race cars.
  3. It's an Airfix kit. It builds pretty nice. I used a little scrap CF decal on the rear fender. The images on the screen are larger than the actual model unless your using a smart phone to look at them. The box art: The model: And alongside 1/24 scale cars:
  4. That looks great! I love the display.
  5. Mike C

    68 Dart

    Awesome build, a dragstrip terror of the past.
  6. Mike C

    Cobra Wagon

    That looks really cool, something different.
  7. I mostly use Testors enamel. I have used Tamiya laquers a couple of times. My current project will use it because they have the correct Ferrari Red I need for it.
  8. That is a really cool rat rod.
  9. Really nice build. I have two that I haven't posted yet, one is the Ramchargers and the other is a beater car.
  10. Here's a review I found of the kit with the box opened up: http://www.modeltruckbuilder.com/index.php?/forums/topic/73-ertl-international-transtar-ii-eagle-6183/
  11. I built this in 2000. I made the base with a 2 lb tub of spackle. I wrapped masking tape around it and textured it as it was skinning up. I rolled the chassis over it to make tire prints. The puddle is Future. I just figured it out as I went along. It was also the first time I dirtied up a vehicle. It appeared in Scale Auto from contest coverage of the ACME Southern Nationals. It was my first model to appear in Scale Auto too.
  12. They look really good. I have one of those kits I still haven't built yet.
  13. Looks really cool, but I'll bet it wouldn't be so good to drive.
  14. Fantastic build. I love those vintage cars and you just can't beat real spoked wheels on a model.
  15. Nice 'Cuda. (notice my avatar).
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