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  1. Ahhhh good eye. Yes the rear has flairs due to bigger tires and several others mods. These ware just quick hits from this morning. Will have more up tomorrow so y'all can see what's been added. Thank you all for the comments
  2. My first car was a 63 so this very similar to my first car/truck. Except mine had a whole lot more rust.
  3. Thank you for getting it for me. I have been looking for it for a while
  4. making the decals was not has hard as i thought it would be. What is hard is if the decal has white or needs any white color, you need to get white decal paper. The hard part is when you need to cut it out. I needed to use a xacto knife to cut the decal along the black lines of the letter. Yea at the time this kit was made I'm sure that was the issue but it must have changes. His later models did not have this problem.
  5. I have been working on this for quite some time and have finally finished. I found every reference I could of the actual Daytona car and tried to match it. All the way down to the tape limiting air flow in the front grill. I enjoyed every hour sent working on this car. Biggest issue was the decals were brittle and didn't want to stick as the kit is 15 years old. Also, this kit did not come with the decals that said Budweiser or Bud. Instead it came with Dale for the hood and Earnhardt jr for the side. I ordered decal paper and through computer magic was able to make the Bud decals among others that was on his 2001 Daytona car. There is also a tread of the build under on the work bench. Thanks for looking, and let me know comments and criticism to help improve the next build.
  6. Finally, she is done. rest of the pics will be in the NASCAR section.
  7. Got the roof flaps cut and working. Look forward to finishing up this project this weekend.
  8. So I have nearly completed the chassis of the car. I have found little to no references to go off of to make this his 2001 Daytona car so this is what i came up with with what information I could find.
  9. Nearing the end of the rear axle. I altered the brakes that come in the kit to make them look more like real brakes. I would have just bought a set of brakes but this saves money. All the vent tubes are mounted as well with the seat.
  10. Got the fuel line ran, battery power line, roll bar padding and one of the vent tubes. Also got the harness and padding in the seat.
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