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  1. Yea that must be it. My hands where burning every time I touched it.
  2. Great build. Love to see someone thinking out side the box and creating something that one of a kind.
  3. yea it is supposed to be a K&N filter. I carved it from a foam paint brush, didn't quite get the cone shape I was wanting. Actually hard to do when working with something that small.
  4. This was a fun one to build. Used the cowl hood from a nova model and fitted it to this. Please tell me your thoughts and opinions.
  5. I completed this model a little over a year ago. This one, as with a few others, has led's in the head lamps. The wires are ran to the trunk, just needs a battery to light them up. The trim was done by using bare metal foil.
  6. This is the Revell's 2013 boss 302 that I created to look like the 2012 Laguna Seca that ford built. The only decal used is the BOSS logo in the red stripe, the rest is airbrushed.
  7. That is an awesome Idea. absolutely love it
  8. Out standing build! I have always looked the Olds 442. also the Vietnam ribbon plate is a nice touch
  9. ahhh lol good idea. I often look over the obvious.
  10. Yea I have thought about this too. I have been wanting to light the intior and think this is the only way to do it and give it a clean look. Just need to come across some fibers. Any ideas where I could find some?
  11. This was the first time doing the lights. I have sense tried to put them on most of the cars that i build but I am limited on space. The newer the car the less space to hide the LED. I thought 5mm LED were small, lol but i was wrong when it comes to the scale of the cars.
  12. Thank ya. easiest paint job ever. no clear, any accidents during build, just touched it up with a brush.
  13. Thanks. The wheel flares were a pain in the A@* to say the least.
  14. Aggie

    Chevrolet SSR

    I have not heard of AutoAir. I do have a few bottles of the Wicked. I really like the colors that they have and it sprays pretty easily. Now I mainly mix my one colors using just 97 cent acrylic paint and windsheld washer fluid to dilute..
  15. Aggie

    97 Mustang GT

    Thank you. The wires took 45 min to an hour to string and cut. got the parts from pro tech. pulled up a bunch of pictures of the actual car to replicate the wire layout.
  16. Aggie

    37 Ford Coupe

    Thank you. The paint in the picture has a bit of an orange tine to it. the true color it like a fire engine red. This was my first hot rod build and loved it. finishing up on a 31 rat rod
  17. Aggie

    37 Ford Coupe

    Built this one about a year ago. Was the first time cutting the doors open and putting hinges on the hood and doors. Love that TPI chevy engine and snatch up and kit that has one
  18. Aggie

    Chevrolet SSR

    Thank you. the hardest part was getting the curve of the stripe to stay even on both sides.
  19. Aggie

    Chevrolet SSR

    oh wow. I would have love to attend something like that. I would not mind owning one but this car is one of the top ugliest cars according to the wife. I heard that they did handle well. I read somewhere that they where built on the Trail Blazer chassis, is this true?
  20. I am in pearland. I moved here in 3 1/2 years ago. My wife grew up here as i did not.
  21. Started this back in February and been working on it when a get a few minutes free.
  22. Aggie

    Chevrolet SSR

    I painted this one with an airbrush using Createx colors. base is sliver then the red and black added on top. I have always liked the look of the SSR although many do not.
  23. Love it! Excellent job. The detail is amazing. I just did a rat rod but it did not come out anything like this.
  24. I really enjoyed putting this one together. I came up with a way to put LED on the headlight that runs off a battery pack that is in the truck. Still working on getting the doors and truck to open better and give it a more clean look, but all in time. Only the third time doing it to a model. As the headlights are a first, so is the rear leaf springs. I really liked the way it turned out and look forward to improving upon this.
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