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  1. I am not particularly fond of "imports" but I decided to build a Honds that I would love to drive. With this one I took a 98ish honda civic SI and matted it with 98 Viper GTS. Needless to say, the Civic was extensively modified to fit the scaled 8 Litter V10. It took up all the space in the engine bay. The body had wheel flares added to it to fit the wider and bigger Viper tires and rims. This was all done one at a time with a lot of body clay and filler and hours sanding. The drive train came off the Viper donor car as I utilized the rear drive train. The tunnel of the car had also needed extensively modification to house the transmission and the driveshaft. Lastly, the exhaust system was all made out of aluminum rod with custom made headers to fit the Civic chasses. This was a fun to build and first one that I have done of this magnitude. I have searched the web to find if anyone had done this and have found nothing. So, with everything to scale, theoretically this is possible. Just going to need deep pockets to fund such a project.
  2. This is the first time actually being on a forum and posting things. I began this hobby back in middle school, stopped due to life and over the last few years picked it back up. Love this hobby as it feed my love for the automotive world. I am always looking for ways to improve on details and mostly joined to get ideas and opinions from like minded people that enjoy this as much as I do.
  3. Hello all, just signed up for the form as I would like to share my projects with people that are into this hobby. This car took me 3 months to put together. I attempted to make it as close of a representation to the 1998 winning Daytona 500. Only thing that did not turn out well on the car is that the decals have flaws in them. I got this kit as an unsealed kit on ebay and was made in 98 so the decal sheet was all yellowed over and the glue was not adequate and decals tore easily.
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