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  1. as i read this thread, i wonder: who enjoys their hobby more, the guy with the $500 kit or the guy with the $50 kit. but not enough to start another thread or poll, because i can see it becoming a big jumble. but it is something which passes through my thoughts from time to time.
  2. i paid almost $7.00 for this, but it came with w whopper and soft drink
  3. i think life is pretty good. although i have no previous experiences which to compare. i did date a woman for a period who couldn't "do it" in certain positions because of an injury she received as "... a general in the civil war navy...". i never did ask if it was the North or South Navy....
  4. from Hemmings today http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2016/07/20/dragster-pioneer-art-chrisman-dies-at-86/?refer=news
  5. so when do you think your diabetes will kick in. any appointment set for the angioplasty? you may be mistaking those looks of envy for amazement. health, either good or bad, is a cumulative effect.
  6. not sure if any of this stuff is good from a health stand-point
  7. thanks; that's consoling. after the '34 Ford pickup i got (lindberg?) in yellow, i'm only interested in white (or the slightly grey) issues
  8. but instead of the "woe is me" attitude, think how many more people would be helped if you posted the source, and in effect 'taught a man to fish'
  9. Grumpy's Garage - i should have known! http://www.grumpysperformance.com/ http://www.grumpysperformance.com/trac4.jpg http://forum.grumpysperformance.com/viewforum.php?f=30 but seriously, of all the people whom i've heard whine about the injustices of the world, you should be willing to offer credit where it's due.
  10. shouldn't we at least cite the source of the diagram? (unless it's an original.)
  11. mid '80s i was out of work for almost 4 months with that. if you have to sit for long periods, stick a tennis ball behind you, and move it around to reduce pressure. and above all, get thee to a swimming pool.
  12. well, i never bought into that, anyway. somebody is always trying to sell something. there's another forum which has animated emoti, emiti, whatever-icons, and some threads consist of nothing but replies with them. for a group, here, which eschews "text - spelling", it seems odd to resort to these things.
  13. this site might be a venue to sell from and get a variety of visitors " Trading Post Post your model car-related items up for trade. There is NO selling allowed! If you want to sell a model or kit, go to www.eModelCars.com. It's free, easy, and oh yeah, it's FREE!"
  14. why has everyone started using these? do folks not have the ability to put their thoughts into words? some are used as a passive aggressive punctuation and i understand why, but for the most part they're distracting to say the least.
  15. so if i am an overworked & underpaid expert, i am justified detesting the system. but if others are under-worked and make a profit, i detest them also. hmmm...... maybe just everything is bad?
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