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  1. this is an awesome build great work!
  2. only three done this year was hoping for 5 but had one binned and one not quite done for 2019 ... I def came along this year and look forward to improving even more so, thanks for the inspiration happy new year Chris (lawesscaleauto)
  3. I did the same to grill it’s got mesh and I painted to underside to, I did my t bother with the mirror inside though looks nice
  4. they are the Plamozz ones but I changed the centre cap to a washer instead of the resin
  5. thank you for your comment, I may post an underhood one.. its ok but the options were limited but there was some modifications there to. Glad you notifced the cut detail its a small decal, simple to do but obviously adds a huge realism to the build (really thick decals to which wernt great). this was my first mustang having mainly ever build modern cars but wanted something could experiment with and learn different techniques lucky to have a few elenors I plan to build in future as well as dome different year mustangs
  6. HI All this is my recently completed GT500, this isnt AMTs best kit to build but is an old kit re-release, I have only used a third of the box anyway and used alot of after market/ 3dPrinted parts and scratch building to make this one more interesting. please follow my instagram where i post all my builds instagram.com/lawesscaleauto really happy how this one came out :)
  7. this is awesome great work
  8. awesome currently building a mustang myself loved the work on rear axcel helped me with mine with some ideas... will check out your site to
  9. lawes87

    Eleanor Mustang

    great work I have this kit and built it in my head over and over and still not managed to actually start... its great model
  10. very clean.. how did you get that look on the seats is that flock I cant even tell!
  11. coming in the post lol one got run over by my office chair the other is missing... Aoshima sending me some replacements, was hoping people wouldnt notice! very keen eye haha
  12. Hi here is a look at my Aoshimia Lamborghnii avanetdor Roadster, I used Hobby design after market detail up parts, Gravity colours paint for exterior and a mixture of my hobby Vellejo Mission models for the interior, hope you enjoy sorry the pictures seem to be so blown up It also has revell porche 918 seats as I wasnt happy with the kit seats which seemed to be a bit flat and I coulndt pull off the two tone look I was looking for I have better pictures on my instagram https://www.instagram.com/lawesscaleauto
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