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  1. Left out a few... Convert current Honda N360 to N600 1965-85 Mitsubishi Debonair 1960's Mazda 360 1960's Mazda Carol 1960's Toyota Publica Mid-70's Datsun Sunny/B-210 1970-73 Honda 1300 Coupe (99/145) 1970's Mitsubishi Galant GTO 1960's Mazda Luce Coupe 1960-63 Toyota Tiara/Corona Early 70's Toyota Corona 1966 Datsun 1000 Late 60's Toyota Corolla/Sprinter 1957-62 Prince Skyline 60's Prince Skyline Sport 60's Prince Gloria 1962-65 Isuzu Bellel 1970's Isuzu Gemini a few...
  2. This I what I put in.... 1964-69 Toyota Corona Early 70's Honda Z600 Early 70's Honda N360 (N III) 1959-62 Datsun 310 Bluebird 1958 Datsun 210 Any Toyota Crown 1955-70 Any Nissan Cedric 1960-70 1960's BMW 1600 60's-70's Datsun 510, 610, 810 Bluebird 70's Nissan 710 Violet 60's Toyota Stout pickup 70's Nissan Silvia 60's Subaru 1100 sedan 1965-85 Nissan President Mazda R-100, RX-2, RX-4, RX-5
  3. Knew him personally in the Lake Michigan Model Car Club. Talented in miniature as well as wrenching the real thing. He will be missed. God Rest His Soul.
  4. Fantastic!! Beautiful detail! You are the only one who did one in black! Everyone else's, including mine, is in the peach color!
  5. Sharp! That black paint job is so smooth and slick my eyes just roll right off it! Beautiful!
  6. Beautiful!!!! Where can I get one?
  7. Bought this eons ago mint in the box. Two-tone color combo inspired by picture in brochure. Colors custom mixed lacquer inside and out. Body coated in Dupont two-part clear. 3-toning the 1-piece interior was quite the challenge! Added as much underhood detail as I could get away with... Thanks for looking!
  8. Original, in the box JoHan kit. Added Modelhaus whitewall tires, scratchbuilt rearview mirror, and fender antenna. Power window switches and seat belt hardware courtesy of Model Car Garage. Added vinyl top with strip plastic and textured paint. Duplicolor paint was used under DuPont two-part clear. Front and rear bumpers replated. Thanks for looking!
  9. Reissue of '59 Imperial by Model KIng. Molded/cast chrome taillights in red-tinted resin, added mirrors, antenna. Interior has flocked carpeting, power window switches by Model Car Garage, and foot pedals out of the parts box. Gave the roof the option treatment of brushed metal/vinyl using paint and texture. Paint is custom mixed lacquer under two-part clear. Thanks for Looking!
  10. Bought this mint-in-the-box kit back in '85, sat half-finished for decades until finished recently. Mostly out-of-the-box, added mirrors, new wheels and tires, rear fender antenna, and some interior detail. Paints are lacquer custom mixed off the color chip sheet, covered with two-part clear. Enjoy!
  11. Great weathering job! Typical of an early Japanese car imported into the rust belt. I love this kit! I have built several.....
  12. Tamiya's New kit built straight out of the box. Some 1500 real cars produced, not all black, this is a factory color mixed in lacquer. Kit went together without any worries, though the decals were a little fussy. A word on the real car; exactly one real one is known to exist. I saw one in the lobby of the Toyota Motor Museum in Nagoya, Japan, and didn't know at the time that it was a replica built for Toyota's 50th Anniversary. The only real survivor was discovered in Siberia in poor shape, being used by a farmer for generations and endlessly repaired with whatever was on hand. It now lives in an auto museum in the Netherlands, unrestored...... Thanks for looking!
  13. Love the Big Bads! Clean build!!
  14. Beautiful!!! First one I've ever seen built!.....probably because it's not the easiest to build in the first place! One wonders how well kids did with it back in '57?
  15. The color is of the first 2 pictures, the last one used a flash which blew out the colors a bit....
  16. Would like to take one of the Moebius Ford Pickups and put a stepside bed on it. I know the pre-'67 Fords used the '56 Ford-type stepside bed. Which kit, or is there a kit that has the correct post-'67 stepside bed? Thank You
  17. Inspired by the Photo Feature in Collectible Automobile February 2003. It's strange, but the Blackberry interior went with the Olive Yellow exterior at the time. Started with the 80's Gunze Sangyo kit with the usual rubber-pieces-that-should-have-been-plastic issue. The seats, door panels, and interior trim were all molded/cast in resin then rattle can painted in a color that matched perfectly. The fender skirts are plastic sheet, and I think they really enhance the lines of this car. The only other fussy item in this kit is the windshield, I think it has more parts then the real thing! Thanks for looking!
  18. Classic Fiat 500 converted to pickup by coachbuilder. About 500 were produced in this style. Started with the Tamiya's excellent kit, cutting the body in half just behind the doors. The wheel base needed to be stretched, using sheet plastic for the body and a variety of plastic stock for the chassis. Plastic stock of various kinds was also used for the pickup bed. The crates were plastic stock as well. The reject wine bottles were made by spinning a master on a lathe, clear coating it to a shine, then molding/casing a bunch. A new gang mold was made, then clear resin tinted green was poured. The crates say "Garbage" and "reject" in Italian.
  19. Beautiful!! A clean, well detailed build!
  20. Your Golden Bird Soars High!
  21. Clean, clean, work. Though I'm a factory stock guy, I also love old Japanese cars, so I can appreciate this. Very well done.
  22. I love this, a '71 Chevelle/Malibu this isn't a 454, 4-on-the-floor SS. A beautifully done plain jane. THIS is what people drove back in the day!
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