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  1. Love seeing these, another beater brought back glorious life!! Great job! Nice, clean work!
  2. Very sharp! Great to see another battered veteran saved and restored to glory!
  3. Used the (newer) AMT '60 Chevy pickup as a base, The stepside bed is from Revell's '65/6 Chevy stepside, while the hood, grill, and hubcaps are from an original '62 Chevy glue bomb. The crates are scratchbuilt/molded/cast...... Enjoy!
  4. I have rarely seen these built at all as lowrider, never seen one built stock. As "big" rear-drive American sedan kits for the 21st Century are far and few between, this one had potential. Glued the flip doors shut and block sanded them flush. The suspension had to be tweaked just bit for stock ride height, and all the interior needed was some seatbelt items and a few other factory stock bits. The wheels and tires are from the concurrent Cadillac pickup kit..... Thanks for looking!
  5. Hmmmm.....Interesting opinions on the "rubber interior" topic. I guess what put me off trying to paint the rubber at all was that eons ago I tried building the GS Bug and painting the seats with standard Testors and all it did was flake off or barely stick at all. Perhaps there was some sort of mold release on the rubber? I ended up molding/casting the rubber parts in resin, a material I had much more confidence in. Thank You for all of your input Gentlemen!
  6. Beautiful! Looks really sharp with the vinyl top!
  7. Looks Great! I like the color, a very "Lincoln" color! I've got one of these, this is great inspiration!
  8. Very well done, never seen one built before, you are a brave soul to tackle one of these Doyoshas. I have some of the Japanese cars they do and it's maddening to have no chassis detail and minimal interior detail.
  9. Beautiful! I notice many talk about the front being a bit too high. Don't have one of these but would like to get one. Has anyone figured out the issue?
  10. Fantastic! Nice conversion and a clean build! Beautiful!
  11. Revell of Germany's kit built straight from the box with no worries. Yes, the color is factory stock. The tennis racquet is a charm bead.
  12. Started with Gunze Sangyo kit. Has anyone else thought about this with this kits? "I would love to get my hands on the guy who thought making the seats and door panels out of the same rubber as the tires was a good idea!" I got around this little frustration by molding and casting the seats and door panels in something more friendly to paint. (I did this with the Gunze Beetles too.) The fit between the door panels and body wasn't great either, so they had to be modified to the extent of moving the (separate) door pulls and window cranks back 1/8"! Otherwise, a smooth build. Yes, the color is factory stock, straight off the color chip sheet....
  13. Great conversion! Interesting color combo too!
  14. Very, very cool. Rarely do you see these built! A beautiful weathering job too! I love it!
  15. Wanted to show the vehicle bed but the topic wouldn't let me add all 3 pics for some reason! So.... The boxes are scratchbuilt then molded/cast for multiplication and future use. The tool box and tool tray also scratchbuilt from plastic stock. The tools are bits collected over the years and both the football and the saw are bead charms. Limitless use of bead and charms!
  16. This was part of a tiny fleet of vehicles for use within the Volkswagen plant only. Converted from the Beetle and used to move whatever was needed about. The mid-50's Beetle done by Gunze Sangyo was chopped off just behind the rear door, the bed built up with sheet plastic and details added with plastic stock. The seats were smoothed out and the dash cast for the '46 Beetle was used. The simple "jeep" spoke steering wheel was created using the existing hoop and column, using staples for the spokes. Another fun conversion that didn't suffer from "overcomplicateitis"....
  17. Made use of the old Gunze Sangyo kit. Removed the ventwings and split the rear window using sheet plastic. The "sickle" bumper guards are also sheet plastic. The pleats in the seats were filled in and sanded down. The dashboard was the kit board sanded smooth, then converted using sheet and rod plastic. This was then molded/cast for use in future projects. A fun exercise in monocolor! Also, the color meant I didn't have to worry about painting black rubber gasket around the windshield and rear windows!
  18. Fantastic! Love to see work done on a custom/street machine/race car etc. to make it factory stock. Wonder what it would take to make this a Pontiac?
  19. Great subject matter! Rare to see "fuselage" Chrysler products in 1/25!
  20. Well done, and I love the color!
  21. A great slice of '70's ! I like the colors!
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