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  1. Fantastic!!! You rarely see these built up! Great job!
  2. The most beautiful car in the world! Finally in 1/24!!! And well done here too!
  3. Ebbro's never-tooled-before Renault 4L Kit. You get several different year options (determined by the grill) in the kit. the pale green wagon is straight from the box and I've titled it a '74. The bright orange "fun machine" is called the "Plein Aire". Converted from the wagon kit with a roof and door chop-and-fill with some sheet plastic and seat conversion tossed in. It's a '76. The dark red van is mostly box stock, though it was retrograded to a '63 by modifying the front end with sheet plastic and grill/headlights from a diecast, as are the seats. The '80 pickup is the modified van, cutting off most of the van box and adding detail and a back to the cab with Evergreen stock. Fun with decals to make it a cheese truck, fun with ABS rod to make the cheese. Fun all 'round building these!
  4. Beautiful!! One that wasn't all gussied up, most looked like this! Long ago my neighbor's daughter had 2, gold like this one, and an olive green metallic one...
  5. Fantastic! Great to see a nice stock one! Well Done!!
  6. My favorite car of all time!! Beautiful execution!!!
  7. Fantastic! I always liked the Above-the-Border Fords. Always creative variations on the US Fords and great to See one modelled!
  8. I LIKE IT!!!!! I did the green one......
  9. My favorite car from a whole new perspective! Beautiful!
  10. As much as I love showroom shine, a fantastic weathering job is just as fantastic, if not better!
  11. Crisp and clean, paint job is perfect! Beautiful!
  12. feretzrus


    Really, Really Sharp!! A Swanky Ride!
  13. Pretty straightforward kit, except the dashboard had no detail whatsoever. Pulled gauge decal from Ebbro Citroen pickup kit. Other details are bits and pieces scrounged from here and there. Added valve stems to wheels. whole underside lightly weathered... Thanks for looking!
  14. Retrograde of Tamiya's Mini Cooper. Motor wired and plumbed, intake manifold converted to single carb setup. Interior: the instrument cluster was converted from multi-gauge to single gauge. Scale Motorsports used to provide a fabric decal that approximated the Austin fabric pattern. Colors are stock, mixed lacquer with a two-part urethane clear coat.
  15. Started out mating Johan's '62 Chrysler rear with a '61 Dodge front. The sedan roof is a Modelhaus item, with the window posts made from sheet plastic. The chassis/suspension was heavily modified Lindberg's '64 Dodge parts. The interior is also derived from the '64 Dodge, with the exception of the modified '61 Dodge dashboard. The motor and other underhood bits are from the parts box, all wired and plumbed.
  16. Where did you find this kit? Is it 1/24-1/25 scale, or one of the odd scales the Japanese seem to love?
  17. Georgous! Never seen one finished before! And in the right color too, not that goofy mint green...
  18. feretzrus

    VW 411

    Beautiful!!! I love this! Want one, gotta look up Airtrax again. A well done model of an obscure subject!
  19. Revell's '72 Datsun 510 "Brock Buster" made stock. Cut down the fender flairs, filled the openings with sheet plastic then cut to stock size. New wheel opening lips front plastic strip. Tires are Modelhaus compact whitewalls, hubcaps from the parts box. Interior was stock already, just the steering wheel was a parts box item... The '79 Nissan Laurel was built mostly out of the box, it came as a lowrider, so the suspension had to be adjusted to stock height, but other then that...
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