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  1. Der beetle bus build off

    Some of those photos were of my build "Sunken Treasure" So I'm posting it agian... It placed second in the custom class at the MDA show last year.
  2. Der beetle bus build off

    I've been working on another one these latley and my son has one he's building as well. Maybe we can spark some interest here with some more builds? I'm sad to see some of the pics get dumped, there were some cool builds on here last year...
  3. 2019 Cannonball run ideas

    I respect the decision and I'll more than likely be gearing up for the build with a van that was a favorite of mine from a popular TV show... a hint but no spoilers... My idea for a Theme is Real Restorations... Here latley the club I'm in have been tossing the idea around about doing a challange that relates to the restoration/recreation of a build-up/glue bomb... Think about it like as in real life you take an existing car and prep it for a race... rebuild the engine, paint and body work, and any upgrades that it may need to compete. I think it would be fun to see the entry before during and race day ready... "Rescue a build-up Cannonball" Just an Idea for future Run ideas...
  4. ‘70 GTX rebuild

    Nicely done both times... I could see this thing cruising through some small town somewhere in Virginia. Cool build!
  5. 1/12 57 chevy question

  6. 1/12 57 chevy question

    I used the custom wheels from the 1/12 69 camaro and the steel wheels from the 1/16th 55 Chevy. I sanded the backs off the 69 camaro wheels and dropped the steel wheels into the outer ring from the 69 wheels.
  7. Gasman '49 Ford Box Art

    looks spot on with the Box art, I love it.
  8. I was watching Junkyard Empire the other day and got the idea to build this model be looking for the hot wheels 1/24 version soon... until then
  9. How About Some Box Art Cars?

    I love boxart, these are some nice builds that represents the box very well... here is one I'm working on now... The famous Pepper Shaker...
  10. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Yes, there are minor differences but one major change between the civilian cars was the steering wheel, that's how you can tell a 78 from a 77. The 78 wheel was "truck like" too me, never cared for it. Dwayne has the correct 9c1 wheel for this application and the Dash turned out nicely as well. Great attention to detail...
  11. Batmobile

    I had this kit in 1990ish and I remember vividly the rear tires being the Mickey Thompson Sportsman tires that came in the Superbee pro street and the custom duellie Chevrolet snap kit... I remember the surprise I had when I examined all the parts and found those tires in the kit... Jackpot! it was great time to have an extra set of those ProStreet tires and beleive me I didn't use them on the Batmobile... I did build the kit, and loved the Michael Keaton film. I'm not sure what tires I used. The stripes are a nice detail for nostalgia... Maybe Tim Burton should've added them to the car originally...
  12. 66 Chevy Elcamino

    I couldn't resist posting pics of the one I built back in January... hope you don't mind. It's almost a mirror of yours with the exception of the wheels. I guess great minds do think alike...
  13. Suburban Commando

    Killer Job Chuck! I've got one myself, I just don't know what to do with it. So many ideas... I kinda thought about the forward cab but I'll need 2 kits to complete the build. I didn't know what to do with the leftovers from the 2nd kit but this build gives me an idea...
  14. Bring Out Your Dead... Long Stalled Models

    I guess I was into saving original issue build ups back then... I probably should reuse the glass and top onto the Madd Mudder, Those kits rare now too. I don't have a spare body now, I cut the doors off and was gonna build a mud truck with no doors, was gonna have mud spatter weathering (another stalled project) I got rid of it last year. I agree the Blazer should be re-issued... (IMO) it's the best one. I wonder if it had something to do with lost or damaged tooling because that blazer hasn't been in production since the 70's? There may be good news for it though, ATLANTIS BUYS REVELL TOOLINGS – I read this article the other day that claimed hundreds of tools were aquired from a warehouse so maybe that blazer is among them? http://culttvman.com/main/breaking-news-atlantis-buys-revell-toolings/ I'm truly inspired to get this one back into shape now. Question, do I re-attach the front end or leave the tilt?
  15. Bring Out Your Dead... Long Stalled Models

    Wow, these are some of the coolest projects I've seen. The Daytona Camaro and the Camper truck... the Willys and the Jeeps too! I'd like to see these completed. I didn't take any photos of this pryor to stripping it yesterday (I regret it now) but this project has been a labor of love since 1992. I aquired this in a collection of build-ups. Here's a bit of history, Original Build was brush painted Baby blue. Severely glue bombed. I restored it by stripping the paint and dremaling the glue off it. I rebuilt it as a pro street 2wd blazer. Teal green with 37 ford monogram graphics 1992 to 2000. I desided to redo it as a 4X4 when I bought the Mad Mudder. So I thought a tilt front would fit the build and I repainted it pearl white. In 2007 I painted it purple with the Mad Mudder graphics. Then In 2012 I painted white on the top and two-tone on the sides. Yesterday I stripped the paint back to the original plastic Getting ready to Restore it agian maybe back to baby blue or Cream as it was molded in...