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  1. πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Hilarious! ACME is Augusta County Model Enthusiasts and we are a club that consists of about 11 guys (give or take) we're mostly old school modelers we pick a monthly theme to get us off the couch and building. February's theme was Pre-World War II anything before 1940. They probably think they could start a war though πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
  2. Whatever it is Tom, I don't believe a bunch of knuckleheads sitting around a model car table can solve world problems (although come to think of it,) maybe we can if we just stick to the models. 🀣 Those dudes sit around writing speeches in their heads and when the monthly meeting comes along they use it as a format to get it all out πŸ˜† I say "fellows, It's going in one ear and out the other" πŸ˜†...that's why I love this fourm. We mainly focus on what mattered to me as a kid growing up... It wasn't war, it wasn't government, it wasn't celebrities, or anything less than a model kit (AKA my latest redemption) πŸ˜†and coming out to the supper table when Momma called me. 😁
  3. We're back to in person club meetings and the theme was Pre- war era (1940) or before. Nice to talk to those cats even though the conversations steered into the oncoming path of what's wrong in the world. I didn't stick around for that for very long. I just wanna get back to building models. 😁😏πŸ₯΄ Anywho, here are the results.
  4. "Breaker One! Breaker One!" πŸ˜„ I can't wait to see this finished... Watching it come together makes me want to binge watch the DOH!
  5. Amazing work with this. The level of dedication on the wrecker bed is especially Awesome! I went back and refreshed my memory on the Ace Parker "Lee 1" build too. Steller build, I could totally see the wrecker pulling that car or better yet, build the trailer and have the General Lee pulling it. Looking forward to the updates on Cooters truck...πŸ‘
  6. 🀣🀣🀣 Yeah, that sums it up... If that doesn't fix it, I think I'm gonna build a bridge over it. πŸ˜† Carpet is going in next Wednesday... then storage cabinets, built in TV stand, L shaped desk, and a small reclining sofa... then I'll be back in business... I'm getting restless!
  7. Beautifully done, Great representation of the 4th Gen Nova... I like what you did with the bumpers.
  8. It's been awhile since I updated the Roster... It seems like for the most part everyone is on Cruise Control... Nice progress and some great engineering happening! Cannonball!🎡 Cannonball! 🎢 🎡 Cannonball!🎡 2021 Cannonball Roster #1. Sam I am - Indy car disguised as a Gremlin. 🏁#2. Oldmopars - Thunderbird Nascar disguised as a 60 Impala. #3. avidinha - Honda Accord. #4. Jhedir6 - Ford Mustang GT disguised as a Shelby GT-350. #5. Pete 75 - 81 Audi Quatro WRC. #6. Intmd8r - 67 L88 Corvette. #7. Snake45 - 70 Superbird & 65 Chevelle. #8. Jantrix - 1975 Matador. #9. Erik Smith - Buick Regal Nascar. #10. Danno - Nascar Truck Series Chevrolet 1500. 🏁 # 11. 89AKurt - Subaru Impreza WRC. # 12. stitchdup - 1975 Ford Escort MK2. # 13. stinkybritches - 34 Slammer Modified. # 14. Pat Minarick - Pontiac Grand Prix Nascar. #15. 426 pack - Ford Fusion Nascar disguised as a 69 Pontiac GTO. #16. LouO - 90 Mustang LX. #17. spencer1984 - 1964 Dodge. #18. Misha - 1983 Camaro. #19. Mattilacken - Corvette C5-R disguised as Chevy Silverado. #20. Fat Brian - IMSA Mustang GTO. #21. Spottedlaurel - Skyline GT-R disguised as a Nissan Leopard. #22. kermn8r - 41 Willys Gasser. #23. Northwindcustoms - Toyota GT ONE disguised as a Lexus LS600hl. #24. KWT - 82 Monte Carlo. #25. camaro69 - Monte Carlo Nascar disguised as a 2003 Chevrolet Impala. #26. Chynese Randy - 2010 Camaro on a Nascar chassis. #27. disconovaman - Ford Fusion Nascar disguised as a Police car. #28. Belugawrx - Monte Carlo Nascar disguised as a 57 Cameo. #29. Meat Man - C7 Corvette.
  9. This is great progress, you're building a police car into a Race car and I'm building a Race car into a Police car.😁
  10. You're definitely onto something there because there's actually a message to the builders written on the floor. About what "Only" to do in that room. It wouldn't surprise me if they used different joists. It's a great space, but the garage is beside the master which means on the other side of the wall is another large space you could finish off for another room. It even has a window in it. I thought about finishing it but I'll definitely have to hire a contractor for that project.
  11. Thanks, yeah I was really limited on options, just short of pulling up all the OSB which is tounge and groove and starting over from scratch. I want it fixed but I definitely don't have that kind of money and also that's a massive project... The room is 400 sq ft. As for the three inch screws, that was an accident but so far they haven't been a problem, the plumbing is on the opposite side of the house. If it is still noisy I'll be sad but atleast I attempted to fix it... would've been nice if they'd used that soundproofing beforehand.πŸ₯΄πŸ˜
  12. With the Hobby room down for reno, I'm having separation anxiety with my absence in modeling. I'm helplessly trying to eliminate the noisy floor by pulling the nails and replacing them with three inch screws. Hopefully my efforts will pay off as I'm also installing high grade carpet padding. My one true complaint with the new house was my hobby room is over top the master bedroom and when you walk in there it creeks like an old house. (It was built in 2006) the problem is whoever is in the bedroom can hear what sounds like the ceiling ready to fall on them. Since the room was only meant to be for storage, there was minimal floor work done to it. In the mean time I have made some ebay purchases related to modeling to fill the void for now...😁 and watching the builds progress here helps too!
  13. That interior is nicely detailed. One common complaint I've heard of this kit is the interior lacks details. I don't see any shortage of details here. Very well done. Turned out great!
  14. She's ready for an Incognito trip across the country Kurt! It looks like you been doing some testing at the Salt flats! Lots of details and weathering make this an exceptional build, great execution!
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