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  1. Car Craft Project Heavy Metal 65 Impala Pics??

    I remember the story and CC even reported the car stolen in 94 as one of other cars taken from their storage warehouse. a 92 Buick Century kinda rings a bell. Anyway the Impala was a tribute for the Desert Storm troops if I remember correctly... I think I have some old issues of CC somewhere...
  2. Pretty much when I got the paint on this 36 Ford I knew it had to be an early 60's inspired Custom. I kept the teardrop headlights but I chopped the top and removed the center out for another point of exit from the car. I wanted to chop the top so low that gettin in from the top would be easy by stepping on the running board. Although I couldn't chop it as low as I had envisioned I do like the overall shape. It's not my best work but overall the subject matter gets the point across. and aside from all that it's not typical of what I build so it gets me out of my norm for a change. I'm enjoying the build. Thanks for looking.... more to come. Oh and the "Pink Elephant" refers to the Hemi and It's pink. I named it "Lil' Elly"...
  3. Airfix VW Beetle?

    I think the bug is about 6.5 inches long... I had to leave but I went down and took a quick measurement of it end to end...
  4. Airfix VW Beetle?

    I got this for my Daughter, she built it in 30 minutes Her first model kit. goes together real good. I seen this yellow bug yesterday in town I was inspired to build one now. I'm probably gonna start with the polor lights kit.
  5. Revell 1970 Charger R/T

    Nice color choice...
  6. MPC 79 Nova Challange

    Well the listing ended unsold but I'm thinking it will get re listed... So here is the link anyway. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/AMT-MPC-Revell-mechanic-Garage-diorama-model-1-24-1-25-lot-5-/113634313727?oid=192820138597
  7. MPC 79 Nova Challange

    Yeah! There is a dirt track modified body (Wheelwells hogged out) on the Bay for like 4 bucks in case you were planning on making it a Race car. That way you could save your good body for a rainy day. I thought about gettin it and maybe puttin flares on it but I have so many already. I'm a sucker for them but I don't want to see it get wasted either. I post a link to it...
  8. I'm planning on it Brother!
  9. The Jeep is Awesome! This is inspiring me to get my Ford done. I'm slowly trying to get it sorted out but I'm thinking at this point I'd be better off trying to get the 55 done... The front fenders were sawed off at the front running boards... At the moment I'm re-attaching that. My cousin was really going down a bad road with this thing and I'm glad he stopped when he did...
  10. Just for fun 48 Ford

    Nicely done! Movie car models make for great conversations... I have one I plan on building as the "before" version...I swiped those white walls and steel wheels for another project...
  11. That chopped 53 is cool! I'm trying to deside if the sketch was a disadvantage or if it helped you with the bodywork... And thanks to everyone for cheering me on, I'm gonna try and finish this soon I hope.
  12. MPC 79 Nova Challange

    I thought I go on and start this, for discussion mostly because #1 they are my favorite cars and #2 I thought it may inspire someone else to build one. This is not the 79 but there's not much difference in the 78... I've had this 78 for 15 years and I've been scared to start it thinking I would louse it up and how often do you see these for sale and untouched? And I've bought alot of build ups to satisfy my craving to build them. The Revell 69 Nova chassis is a good replacement for the not so great one MPC supplied in the box. I've got this set up as a moderen LS pro-touring style Nova... The Squad Rod will make a nicely built example to represent the last real Nova of a Generation... we don't count the Toyota that GM put a Nova badge on lol! Thanks for Stopping by, Now go get ya a Disco Nova for the workbench lol! 😉😁
  13. Revel 69 Camaro

    I never thought this kit needed that PE set anyways the details on the kit are good by itself... I like the fact that you kept marching on with it. when I was in middle school this guy had one same colors as yours... Brian would get behind the school bus I rode, and let us get ahead aways and bring it off... So cool seeing it get sideways. Some cool cars in my town growing up... Good memories!
  14. '81 Dodge Omni "Mahogany Rush"

    Congrats! That turned out great! Nice to know It finally all came together for ya... Model on!