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  1. I really like the tourqe thrusts... but now I'm thinking the bare steel rallys would look cool too.maybe with some white letter tires. Working on the interior and polishing the body on my own box art car. I plan on making the cover and printing the artwork when I get the car built...
  2. Great work So far... I built this for my brother a few years ago and was able to tilt the front fairly simple...
  3. I thought I'd give a quick tip while I'm thinking about it. Tired of the boring white or black stripes that come with the kit? Well have I got a good tip for you... Tamyia Clear red or yellow... over White stripe decals... (yellow will make the stripes appear gold) Make sure you go kinda light until you get the desired color and when applying the Decal you may have to 'flake" the excess off... #1 cut the decal sheet close to the decal. #2 allow the decals to loosen up completely in hot water perhaps to almost become floaters... #3 They will be stiffer than normal, so use the decal paper to remove from water. #4 Next, dry the decal off, this is so you can flake any of the paint left behind on the edges. #5 add water and apply to the car using a damp papertowel. It's not to difficult to do, try it out on a test subject first if you're nervous about the result. Thanks, feel free to post pics here of your finished painted decals...
  4. Oh and I forgot about this one I have going... geez, I need to just "Assembly line" all these Camaros one weekend... I need to get myself dedicated...
  5. This one is the car I'm talking about...I guess you painted it silver and now it looks like antique bronze...
  6. I built another Camaro resently but it didn't look quite like I wanted it to, so I plan on kinda redoing it with different wheels and interior. I want it to look like the one you had built back in the day. (blue interior and torque thrust wheels.) we'll see if I can capture the look... I assume that was the gray one that looks goldish brown now lol...
  7. I'm building a box art build of my own...
  8. That's a good looking truck. I could see it cruisin town...
  9. A fellow club member bought this today and sent me these pics of it unboxed. I thought I'd share here if anyone is interested... I don't know much about it other than it's right hand drive... and there may be a 4X4 version too.
  10. I cut the devil out of my thumb last night tryin to shave some molded door handles, bout to take my thumb off. lol I'm back in action today though... Charcoal grey on the green camaro!
  11. Nice work so far. I'm all about taking chances myself... No risk no reward. and it's only styrene right?
  12. Cool idea... I thought about doing this movie scene as a diorama for when it goes into the bay! lol
  13. Thanks, It's actually the hatchback of my Nova. The car is all original with 32 thousand miles and the plastic stayed on the carpets for 37 years. It's still in great shape.
  14. Here are pics of the car before and during... Again, I don't even know why I'm bothering lol...
  15. Added decals... These are the decals that you emailed me Snake. I slightly resized and printed them. They turned out nice. Thanks, and I've been working on another Glue bomb Revell Camaro that I shouldn't even care about... but it's my addiction. The wheelwells were "Hogged" out to appear "Stretched" but it wasn't gonna fly with me so I borrowed some from a monogram 24th Camaro to correct it, well... tried to... I've been working on sorting out the bodywork on that car... It's a total mess... Some builds leave you with so many questions in a bad way... this build is the craziest.
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