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  1. A small update on the Blazer... I went on and painted the hood as a reward to myself for all my efforts with the bodywork goin on. I desided to try a more simple approach to insure I'd be able to finish it before the end of the year... well hopefully? It will have a Wimbledon white top but mostly it will be this seafoam aqua. These windows are in pretty bad shape so I painted them and I plan on adding decals as a banner. Thanks for looking... more later.
  2. Thanks guys! Thanks for the Interest and support. I just found an image of a real gulf station, resized it to fit in the background and positioned it behind the truck. Then I edited the picture by trimming the edges and antiqued the tones to give it an old timey look. It was the Reveil Surprise that I had planned for in the beginning. I tried finding an image of an abandoned station but the ones I found were so far gone that you couldn't tell it was ever a Gulf station, So I chose one that still is in business since the 50's.
  3. I was thinking about just grey primer this stuff is cheap, drys fast, and sands easy... from the dollar store. l like it because it's thin and dosen't hide detail like Testors primer does. I was also thinking about painting it off white... Cream, (as Monogram called it), like it was molded in.. would probably use Wimbledon white. I don't know what I'll do yet I'm still chasing body work... I'd like to see that primer you're talking about too, I may have to make a trip to Wal-Mart soon.
  4. The Blazer build is going slow mainly cause overtime at work is in high gear during the holidays. I'm working on the blazer when I can. Not to mention any big changes I wanted to make on the project... because I don't plan on starting over on it ever agian... lol. I went back and forth on keeping the tilt frontend. and desided to leave it and in mid 90's fashion I've added a Cowl induction hood... because it seemed at that time everything had a Cowl hood. lol... I'm kinda stumped on color now and I'm open to suggestions. I've painted the darn thing a different color every time I've rebuilt it. Baby blue when I got it, Chezoom teal, then Pearl white, then Purple with Mad Mudder graphics then Purple agian with a white top and two-tone sides. I thought about goin with a Frankenstein paint scheme... Purple, Black top, and grey/green sides with Frankie himself decaled on the hood and Frankenstein monikers on the side windows... Seems ambitious but it would be fairly easy the trouble is I don't know if I could live with it like that forever.
  5. 69 Plain Jane Camaro

    Good information to know Snake... And to think, all these years I was lead to believe the Blue car paved the way... The Yenko must've not been promoted as well as the Z28... I've had dozens of the Yellow and Red cars too though, as well as the Convertables. I'm a sucker for all of 'em.😁
  6. 69 Plain Jane Camaro

    I read an article around late 89 in one of the Scale auto magizines that told the story about the New 69 Camaro and it was the Blue boxart Z28 RS... I thought the Yenko and Baldwin motion was next because the big block was tooled after the kit was out, and then the Convertible was released later on and was based on the two big block cars. Your theory holds water though Snake, because now that I think about it... Hot Rod and Skip's Fiesta both had boxarts with the big block kits and I think that started around the late 80's... But still, how come the Copyright date on all the cars is 1990? I do know the Skip's Fiesta kits and Hot Rod series were still going strong even by 93-94... I wished I still had that issue of Scale Auto... It was a good write up about the highly anticipated 69 camaro and how hard Revell's team worked to get it to consumers. I remember the article sayin that it was the first New kit released after the Monogram/Revell merger. They were really on the move around that time. Arguably, to me the Revell Camaro is the kit that started it over for Revell and gained their reputation. No more old tools from the 60's all those opening door kits were replaced with good solid subjects like the S10 and LT1 Vette and others that came after the two companies teamed up. AMT really had to play catch up there for awhile... which made their new kits better too. We have some good models out now thanks to the Revell Camaro I think.
  7. 69 Plain Jane Camaro

    Mostly Marketing and Sales strategy, If Revell were to add other option decals to all kits maybe they wouldn't sell all versions equally. example, if the COPO had the stripes then most buyers who want the big block will but that version opposed to the Z28 version. but the decal sheet for the Z28 forces buyers to buy that kit. I think it's smart and no doubt it's been a good decision factoring in that the kit being the all time highest selling model kit. Because the Z28 was the first kit released in the series being 1990, at a time when modelers weren't demanding gauge decals or model companies weren't listening, one or the other. I know it wasn't a big deal to me to have gauge decals or under hood decals. I was just happy to have an accurate 1/25th 69 Camaro. The reason for the unchanged decal sheet is if sales are high, why fix something that isn't broken? If sales were low then maybe they would make certian changes to boast sales but that isn't the case here. Yours is a Great representation of an Awesome kit, you did Revell proud. This is exactly how Revell's product development team envisioned the kit being built it's perfect... also I'm thinking that the cross ram intake could be ordered from the Factory with the 302... but it was in the trunk and had to be swapped at the dealership... rumor has it...😁
  8. The Ballad of Scary Jerry, or The Jerry Awakens

    Awesome lyrics to a good Comedy Variety song! The whole time I'm reading this I couldn't help but hear it in the voice of C.W. McCall, Ray Stevens, or Tom T. Hall. Maybe even Weird Al...lol! And the models are spectacular as usual!
  9. General Lee Charger but no decals.

    I'd say as much as I love the General I'd leave the decals off this one... Looks clean, and you can still see the General lee connection. I'd even add the pushbar. I beleive if I owned a real 69 Charger it would be orange with tan interior... I love that color combination. Nice save too, I've been particularly intrested in restoring Build ups here latley.
  10. Revell Greased Lightning '48 Ford 'Vert

    Happy Birthday!
  11. Revell Greased Lightning '48 Ford 'Vert

    All four are all the same size...
  12. Revell Greased Lightning '48 Ford 'Vert

    I tried some different tires on those wheels... the revell nova/mustang slicks are a little big but the Round 2 slicks fit good.
  13. looks kinda close Snake... with a drop or two of Brown it may tone down...
  14. Batman Cobra . Not good

    It's got my seal of approval too, and the Batmobile should match the Bat suit with a nice satin finish... It's given me insipiration to do more "what if" types of builds.