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  1. I hope you can make it! I'm cheering for ya!
  2. Oh yeah, Dwyane's the man... the Novas are so Awesome! Ya gotta get you one 😆 The Caprice is really cool with those Copo Dogdish hubcaps! Digging that! The Crown vic is a close match to the MIB car... I just researched it the movie car is an 86. The resin is an 88? I owned an 85 silver with maroon top, not for long though, accidentally put Kerosene in the tank and it washed the rings and ruined the engine. I sold it for 200 bucks to a demolition derby driver. 😕😵🥴
  3. Greg's kits are fantastic huh? I want the Crown Vic too...thinking about the Agent K crusier from Men in Black ..Definitely thinking something like a taxi for the Nova...
  4. Yep that's right! I have plenty of projects on the workbench but I knew as soon as these kits were in my hands I would be Sweeping the Bench off to focus my efforts on getting one of these Awesome 78 4 door sedans built. I plan on making some changes to the chassis and engine bay so it will look less like the MPC kit. I'm really excited to get it started. So much so that I don't even have a plan for it. 😆 One will become an LA Black and White... later on, but I want to build a civilian/general public car... maybe a Driver's Ed or Pizza delivery driver from the 70's early 80's?
  5. Yeah, that was a funny scene... first time I seen the movie was at the Broadmore Plaza Cinema... my buddy's parents owned the theater so we got in to see it despite the fact we were only 13 and 14. I watched all the 80's movies at that movie theater. Sadly it closed in the early 90's.
  6. I used two Suburban kits but the left overs from the second one will become a Good Humor 60's style ice cream truck... so technically neither of the trucks will be sacrificed. I'm building molds for door jambs and inner door frames now.
  7. I'm impressed with the simplicity of the kit and how you were able to add so much detail to it... Awesome build and Great execution. It represents the movie, and also looks excellent with the other builds in the "Starting Line" finished builds thread!
  8. That's an excellent movie choice and a perfect example of the Cannonball Twisted Movie Car theme. It's one of my favorites! I can't help but wonder if somehow Dalton seen the ad "FOR A GREAT BUICK CALL"... 🤣😂😆!
  9. I really like how this turned out... it looks like they just yanked the Buick engine and replaced it with the Vette engine in the same day...😆 like this is the actual car from the movie...so cool! I'm thinking this build could pass for the Drive Angry movie car too... pulling double duty... just needs some bullet holes! 😁😁😁
  10. I just wanted to say folks, that the finished builds are Spectacular so far! And I love how each build has specific details that tie the car to the movie... like for example that CB antenna on the DMCL Charger it's spot on! Or how bout the green headlights on the Black Beauty?!?! Or the licence plate on the Lotus! Of course some builds are just instantly recognizable. I'm real glad I went with the ski rack now for sure.😁 Anyway we're counting down til the end, and I hope we'll see more finished builds... the holidays are approaching so you guys can tie up some loose ends and get to the finish line! See ya there!
  11. Oh, I would've loved to have seen him live...I hadn't really ever heard anything from him other than Angel eyes... After the meeting, I rushed out and bought all his music... been a fan ever since.
  12. Didn't that place burn down? 😆🤣 I actually met Jeff Healy at the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center (School for the Def and Blind) in 1990. He was visiting a friend... he was quiet and soft spoken. Awesome personality and a Hellava blues musician. My favorite song is Hideaway... https://www.google.com/search?q=hideaway+jeff+healey&oq=&aqs=chrome.1.35i39i362l5...5.-1j0j7&client=ms-android-sprint-us-revc&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8# Great build on the Buick... It looks like you snatched it from the Roadhouse movie set! The weathering is perfect!
  13. Wow! that is the best build I've seen so far of this kit! Love the uniroyal tires!
  14. Awesome! the more the merrier! 😁 Very good question, thanks for the interest, As far as the rules go I'm still working it out honestly. The main goal of the Community builds is to get people building together and if we're all building the same theme, it really does help builders connect. My main goal in the CBR is to keep everyone building. The way I run it will always be up to the builder's open interpretation. I don't want to be told what to do on my model, so I'm not gonna do it to anyone else. 😆 The overall Theme will be set in place and then you just follow the rules how you interpret them. I would trust that everyone will stay within the blurred lines Lol. To answer your question specifically, I would think that the build needs to be both safe and practical for the long haul. So maybe a straight axle would have to be replaced with coilovers... not to mention be unnoticed as a "race" car. I think when it comes down to it, the golden rule will be... the model you choose to build has to show some version of a Race car or Racing Sponsorship and or numbers on the boxart. The question has been asked if we would allow two different kits? example: nascar chassis and stock body... the short answer will likely be since we have already allowed it previously then YES... if you must but I encourage the builder to choose something more challenging. Agian as long as it gets you building and participating, then that's my goal!
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