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  1. disconovaman added a topic in Wanted!   

    Plastic tires
    Wanted to know if anyone can identify these tires...they are plactic with solid backs 2 peice but they're glued to heavy to get them apart. The size is 11 50 16. Never seen another set like it. Any input? Thanks...

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  2. disconovaman added a post in a topic XX 70 maverick   

    I agree I liked the Jo-han kit too. But I can tell you that the tooling is completely fresh but the messurements are based on another kit they have with the same proportions. If I say too much more it's gonna give it away and I'm gonna be in trouble lol.
  3. disconovaman added a post in a topic XX 70 maverick   

    It's already been 2 and a 1/2 years and product development is what takes the longest. The latest update I have is that the company had two new releases in front of the Maverick/Comet and one of those just got released this past summer. It's probably still a ways out but I hope it's not 5 years away.
  4. disconovaman added a post in a topic XX 70 maverick   

    Good News guys, this kit is on it's way. A couple years ago a friend of mine sent a certian company the platform for the all new tooling for a Comet/Maverick. I can't say the company here but when the promotion is ready they will be announcing the release. 
  5. disconovaman added a post in a topic Looking for builder   

    I would love to build it for you but my problem is I wouldn't want you to be disappointed in the out come.
    I don't know how particular you are and modelers are gonna be hesitant to build for someone who they don't know what their expectations are. 
    I would take it on if I knew you would be happy with the result. I've been building for 30 plus years but I'm still critical of my work sometimes. Unlike some I don't value my time as a model builder. To me the enjoyment is reward or payment enough.
    I'm particularly connected to this story and the truck because my first ride at 14 was a 1960 Chevy Apatche long bed 327/300 3 on the tree. Got my license in the truck in 1989.
    I read too many car magazines and decided to do a frame off restoration at 17,  I dismantled the truck and never got back together. A bad choice on my part but I was neive and thought I had better support and people that would help me. I was wrong... I've moved on from it.  But I've always wanted to find one and do it right. 
    As for the model, the 62 is an annual and could be achieved as an accurate 1.1 build. I have a 60 amt annual. I've never built it. I like the Amt short bed with modern tool. I've turned it into a longbed and have built several over the years. 

  6. disconovaman added a post in a topic HHR Panel delivery   

    Thanks guys, the So-cal HHR is impressive. I'd like to see it done with a resin kit. It would be ambitious for sure. I'd be interested in how the RMR model's HHR compares to the Jimmy Flintstone. The JF is pretty soft for resin but it's all molded as one peice. The RMR has seperate parts... grill, headlights, etc... and comes with the chassis. The windows are also thinner and wouldn't require the work to open them as the JF does. Both kits are based on the Road Rippers 1:26 scale sound machines toy.
    I've been doin alot of research on it. So now I'm cleaning up the mold lines and gettin the openings smoothed out. As for the tail lights, I've drilled them out and I'll be adding linses to them. Still pondering on color choices and schemes. til then...
  7. disconovaman added a post in a topic HHR Panel delivery   

    I seen a picture on the internet about ten years ago of a Revell 2006 HHR it was a real picture of a red factory HHR. I was excited that revell was gonna kit the model but it never came. I think the picture was photoshopped to look like Revell boxart.  I would think if they did the PT Cruiser then why not the HHR? I'd buy one or two.
  8. disconovaman added a topic in On The Workbench   

    HHR Panel delivery
    Hey everyone... been awhile since I started a new project for the forum. This little HHR intrested me due to the fact that just over a year ago... I was gonna buy a real one but when I went to look at it.. it was in poor condition and looked better in pictures.
    I credit that HHR to me finally buying my Chevy nova. Because I had the money saved up for the Nova but if I would've bought the HHR then I wouldn't have the Nova. Anyway about the model....This Jimmy Flintstone resin kit was given to me. So now I just need to narrow down a theme. I was thinking that I'd keep it somewhat simple keeping it Curbside but adding interior to it and removing the "piggy bank" style windows. 
    So far it hasn't exactly been as simple because the donor kit (the PT Cruiser) is not a direct fit. The wheelbase is different and the interior had to be shortened and narrowed. 
    I'd like to add that I did a search on the fourms and I'm officially  the first to post an HHR on the site... there's probably a reason for that. Lol!
    I am open for suggestions on theme and styles... I need some help because I've done some google searching and I can't decide which I like best. It's a bit overwhelming with all the options...
    Thanks, and I look forward to everyone's input...

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  9. disconovaman added a post in a topic Let's see some police cars   

    The Nova Squad Rod! 

  10. disconovaman added a post in a topic 49 MERC WAGON   

    Great build! I'm in the prosess of building a chopped merc sedan delivery... I needed some inspiration now let me get busy. lol!
  11. disconovaman added a post in a topic 57 chevy 150   

    perfect color choice for this kit... I also want to warn everyone about the newly re-released (new box art) 57 chevy black widow (number 47 on the door). There was a mix up at the factory and alot of those kits got the wrong bodies. They have recalled them but I was told that alot didn't get returned so just bare in mind that this kit could have the 57 chevy 2 door sedan belair body. I'd look for the original box art (number 64) or if you buy online make sure it's opened and there a picture of the contents. ie: 150 body...
  12. disconovaman added a post in a topic Wanted... The Flame Thrower   

    Thanks, every search I did came up empty until I added funny car to it. This is it right?

  13. disconovaman added a topic in Wanted!   

    Wanted... The Flame Thrower
    I "WANTED" to know if any one here knew where these decals came from? This is one I seen at a show... which was heavily "kit bashed" I don't believe they are to this kit and that's why I'm asking. Thanks.

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  14. disconovaman added a post in a topic Revell Ford Bronco   

    Start a thead on this if you don't mind. Are you gonna paint it Panther agian? I have one I want to do in  Highland green and Wimbledon white. Love this kit even in stock form as the red one is Nice job on it, modelercarl... the flares change the look completely.
  15. disconovaman added a post in a topic 76-77 LeMans Enforcer 0r Smokey & Bandit Sheriff Justice Car   

    Round 2 has the MPC Squad rod out currently and it is more accurate than the AMT "squashed roof" version IMO. Also there are other inconsistencies, the wheel wells are funky and it's just not a good start to me. However, I do believe the Squad rod with the joker/goon roof and doors would be a good fit. But I think the roof line in the back will have to be addressed.