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  1. Good looking 56! I've really started to take a liking to these latley... 56 chevys weren't the most popular but I really don't know why because they are just as beautiful and not too much different from the other tri-fives... I kinda think they're a combination of the 55 and 57...
  2. Gassers are big in my area... and our local dragstrip holds special Gasser events, entrys must have a straight axle... I guess I'm more into nostalgic racing because of it's grass roots style. To me It's heads up, Beat the best to be the best, old school, raw drag racing. Seeing real "Up and Over" cars on the street is exciting, not something you see every day. That 57 is ready to be placed into a diorama and I agree it needs a barn... Yeah, I do think those pics after the clean up did look cool... I'm working on another car with the same colors and light weathering. I'm gonna use those wheels on it too. I'm glad I have the photos at least for now.
  3. Thanks... yeah this has encouraged me to save more build ups... In the past I would get a gluebomb and almost instantly have a plan to rebuild it but latley I'm seeing the value in these builds. From now on I will consider the build before I re-work it in my mind. Albeit, with some builds I have no question. I love restorations and I'll always challenge myself... for example, I think this 57 is too far gone It will need a complete resto... 😆
  4. Thanks, Cool story, do you have pictures of the 57? I'm gonna buy the new release whenever it's available. Here are some in progress photos of the 56 currently, I'm gonna finish it up soon I hope.
  5. You guys do realize it's a Funny car dragster, right? I don't remember ever seeing a fiberglass bodied funny car from the 70's that was 100% to factory specs... the Troublemaker Funny car is classic! I built a bunch of these Troublemaker/Desperado dragsters in my time! I love the nostalgic feel of the old monogram kits... makes me feel like a kid agian 😆 and molded in midnight blue! that's really nostalgic! Son of the Troublemaker boxart designed by Tom's son? I'll build it again and again! 😆
  6. Thanks guys, it is better than it was so that's a good thing... only two of us actually finished the challenge so I'm posting the other build here too. The out of service Taxi turned 24hrs of Lemons distance racer.
  7. Here are some before photos from yesterday morning...
  8. Some of the guys from our local club did a 24hr challenge for the Lemons race yesterday. The theme was to make a Lemon model kit great or better in 24hrs. Gluebombs, uninspiring, models, or kits that have problems etc.. etc.. Bonus points if it fit creatively into the race Iike the cars you see in the actual race. I chose to resurrect this 64 GTO build up... It was painted an ugly shade of Royal blue, so I cleaned, clear coated, and polished it. I added BMF and new wheels and tires. The OB went crazy with copper wire for details... I eliminated those too. The engine was welded to the frame so I just painted around it. Hope I did it Justice lol... thanks for looking...
  9. Thanks guys, I kinda thought I'd take off the lines and smooth everything out. I'll give it a polished paint job but I'll use only the parts from the box as I did on the original build...
  10. Well, I know the first challenge to this build is gonna be mold lines... to remove or not to remove is the question? 🤔 I know 10 years old me didn't even know they existed 😆 I want to build it exactly like the original but do apply my advanced knowledge to the build to an extent? ...
  11. The devil's in the details huh? and there's no lacking the details on these builds coming together! Nice to see the progress is still ongoing... I need to finish some other projects and then get back to the Challenge soon... the clock is counting down.
  12. Yeah, for sure! The custom issue (the one pictured) has a lowered suspension. Funny story though, these trucks have torsion suspension and one day 16 year old me discovered that by cranking on those bolts would lower the truck to the ground. Then I ran it down to the Advance Auto parts store and bought spring clamps for the rear. I installed those right in the parking lot. I couldn't wait to cruise through the park in my low rider! 😀 (it was the 80's) It sat lower than the box art truck! It scaped the speed bumps every time... So when dad came home and seen it, needless to say he was not happy! He said "You can't drive it like that!" It was 3 on the tree and the weight of the truck was constantly binding the shift linkage. So I had to raise it back up and get it realigned.
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