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  1. I'm in... I really wanna finish some of this stuff up for sure. I have a 65 mustang convertable I have to finish for a Breast Cancer awareness challenge it's only been stalled for 5 years...😕 it seems like the easiest fix to start with. So I'll start with this Mustang and hopefully be adding some other stalled kits as we go.
  2. Yes, I sure did... 50's engineering and design is really cool to see, it reminds me of better days. Last year I traded a Mig welder to my cousin for his model collection that had been in his attic since around 95. I was hoping that kit would be in there (it wasn't) but there were alot of treasures I'm happy to have. Some of which are some of my stallled projects that I gave to him in the early days.
  3. I'm glad you noted that because I had the same question and I wanted it on the front end of the tub but the wife kept saying from a design perspective, it should be on the side. (Thanks Pintrest).😆 After I had it mounted, I was standing back looking at it and It suddenly dawned on me that I should've mounted it on the opposite side to get it out of the way... But I didn't say a word to her about that 😆... She loves it and it's where she wanted it. I've seen her get in and out of it and it doesn't phase her.. She's happy so what more can I ask for? 😂 Thanks... I guess it's not too bad for a beginner. 😁 But I don't think I want to see if I can do better next time... 😆😂😁 I got models to build! I dont have time for this nonsense! 😆 I'm not quite finished with it yet so I better be careful what I say... I just wanna be done! Shower doors & Vantity install is next. Mounting double mirrors and what ever else she wants me to do! Ugh! 😆😂😁
  4. I too got this kit in or around 1988 and I'm also 47... Like you I didn't pick it but I did think it was cool. I wasn't that interested in the subject. (other than seeing the retractable top work)...so my cousin suggested he could get the car together (I must've really wanted to see the top work) lol so I let him take it home with him to build it and I never seen it again lol... Fast forward about five years later at a car show I seen a real one working and I always wanted to get another one. It is a cool model and you really did it proud... It's making me really want one now 😆
  5. Leviathan Impala Sam and Dean had Dopplegangers that drove a 67 Impala in one season... the fake Winchesters were trying to break laws and cause trouble for Sam and Dean so they would get arrested and go to prision. Their Impala was the same except for the wheels and license plates. The kit has supplyed both sets of plates so you can build the Leviathan Impala, all you need is a set of 18 inch Polished torque thrusts... Which Dean tells Sam that he's gonna steal when they see the car pulling into town...
  6. Beautiful 66 Wagon. I don't know why but it reminds me of the Monogram 37 Ford (orange on the box) perhaps the wheels are from this kit? I started one back in 91... I actually painted it yellow too but I never finished it... got rid of it in 92 and just got it back last year... exactly like it was when I last seen it lol...
  7. Sorry I haven't been around latley to show any update progress, I've been really busy (I'll spare ya the details). Anywho, I totally re-imagined the Stepside after years of trying to get the decals where I wanted them ... So what better way to forget about my original plan? Strip all the gold off and start over...and paint it a different color too while you're at it! 😆😂😁 I started over with bare plastic' re-did all the body work, primed/blocked it again... I figured TS34 Camel Yellow from Tamiya would help me forget about the boxart... I'll build the motorcycles to match. I know It wont be done before the deadline but that's ok... it will be done soon after... & way before it would qualify for the next round for sure...👍 I stretched a Crew Cheif Blazer frame for the long box and I think the 4X4 is the best fit for the Stepside long bed... Look for it soon in the finished section... Anyways thanks again for the tread I hope to get back to modeling "Full Time" soon...
  8. I built the Hammerhead back in the day too. I dont have it anymore though... Sounds like ours was close to identical... Yeah... it was definitely a Chevy, the GMC was available too, not in the monster truck though I don't beleive. The Metallic plastic was inspiring...
  9. Hey folks, we're just over that halfway point with the build process and we have some finished builds that are fantastic as well as other builds I hope will make some progress in the coming months (myself included lol) I haven't been able to get much bench time in latley due to my bathroom being gutted (by me, none the less)... But I'll get back to modeling when I get that knocked out soon I hope... So get into Model Mode! and remember, "It's Showtime!! Below are "Gutted" & "So far" photos of my bathroom project, sorry it's not a model (I wish it was) but in a way it's very similar... Laying tile is like the drum solo from that Phil Collins song... Slow and steady til the end and then it's a celebration! 😆
  10. Probably, but honestly I think they have over done the Coke thing. On the other hand... I did just get the Coke Willys... I'm really excited about the kit... I really like the boxart on the side (the all white version)... So a Coke version with green or red tinted glass and redline tires, Cragers and the SS option would be ideal!
  11. Probably because the idea is to present a product of authenticity and since the TV car never had white wall/lettered tires (that I can recall) then most likely is the reason that the model doesn't either. I believe that this kit will eventually become a different subject matter and we'll probably see white or red wall tires maybe white letters too...
  12. Awesome build and a great memorial to your Grandpa! reminds me of that song... "It was just an old hand-me-down Ford With three-speed on the column and a dent in the door A young boy two hands on the wheel I can't replace the way it made me feel And I would press that clutch And I would keep it right And he'd say, a little slower son you're doing just fine Just a dirt road with trash on each side But I was Mario Andretti When Daddy let me drive"
  13. I got mine from Amazon today for Father's day... I opened it immediately and ran upstairs to mock up this "Hot Rod" look... I'm really impressed with this kit... I've got some ideas for the ole girl... How much fun would it have been to have this as a Drivers Ed/ Student drivers car?
  14. I agree, we have evolved... I enjoy these movies just to see the antics lol... Looks Amazing!
  15. Nice Job on the Doors... Good stlye choice too, it's classic black with flames but with modern updates...
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