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  1. 2018 Cannonball Run

    I like the flat finish on this color, Ash... I can't imagine how nice it will look with clearcoat
  2. While waiting on filler to dry on the dodge, I added the drip rails back onto the cab. Slow goin but I think it made a big difference... They're a little heavy but it was the only size tubing stock I had. Moving on...
  3. Trevor, a guy from our local model builders club got this from Ebay... Someone had already started the crewcab project but had abandoned it. Trevor did some work to it but desided it was too much bodywork and asked me if I'd take a stab at it. So I've been blasting away at it... the first pics are from him before I got a hold of it. I plan on surprising him with all the finishes and details with matte paint job and gloss accents.
  4. Revell '30 Ford

    I hope you can get it finished, I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes. I built the kit and really enjoyed coming up with ideas to make it cool. My idea was to build a road race inspired Pro -Touring - Touring. I chopped the top, removed the centers from the 26" wheels and added the wooden wheels from the 23T kit, stretched the frame, and added a 409. This pic shows the car in progress from last year but it is finished now. I had alot of fun with this one. I hope maybe my build can give you some food for thought? Hope you don't mind me sharing here. Also I'd like to trade you something for the wheels if you're not gonna use them? let me know, Thanks... Good luck with the build.
  5. 69 Ford F100

    This build makes me think of this truck from my town, it shows up at the local county fairs and parades. Its iconic around here where I grew up. It's been a fixture of this town since the early 80's. Ever since Mobious released the kit I've been wanting to build the truck but I haven't yet. I'm inspired to start it now...
  6. ACME Club "Back to the 80's" challenge

    Thanks guys for the nice feedback... I read alot of Hot Rod, Super Chevy, Mini truckin, and Car Craft magazines between the Late 80's and earily 90's. That's how I determined what I was gonna build. The Superbee and the Comet were both built in the 80's... The Camaro is the style that could be seen around my town in the 80's In fact, this is a replica of a guy from my town. Henry had a 70 camaro with weld wheels and gold Moroso valve covers.. the model was built in 98. It was a fair turnout but I wish some club members would've embraced the 80's essence more. Some of those guys aren't gonna "waste" a good model for one club challenge... they're just not gonna paint their model hot pink, lime green, or Florescent yellow. It kinda fell flat but oh well, next month's challenge is "Other Scale"(any scale other than 1/24 1/25) I'll be back here to report the results, for I am the only member in my club that is on this forum...
  7. ACME Club "Back to the 80's" challenge

    Thanks, Slixx graphics are the decals.
  8. 54 Chevy Sedan Delivery

    Looks like Fifties Aqua... one of my favorites...
  9. Yesterday Our local club (ACME) met up for the month, the club challange was "Back to the 80's" anything or style from the 80's. Here are some of the turnouts.thanks for looking!
  10. 54 Chevy Sedan Delivery

    Awesome work! Love the color!
  11. Very nice and clean build... looks better than the one on the box.
  12. I wanted the "mail-slot" back window on it so what I did was cut the back window out... then I sectioned it seperate from the cab then I made the chop on the cab to fit the back window...well kinda. It's rough... I hope I can salvage it... my regret is I wished I would've googled how to chop the cab before. Thanks for the encouragement guys. More later...
  13. Oh wow! It looks terrible in the picture... freakin hi def camera phones! Lol! I didn't look at the photo until after I posted it... It really doesn't look that bad...
  14. Choppin, cuttin, and grindin on this turd... l filed off all the mold lines, driprails, rubber moldings, and bodylines. I have to say I am satisfied on the height of the top and windows overall it's not too bad, if I can get the bodylines and details re-shaped I think I can save this cab...
  15. 41 Willys patina rod

    Well done! I've enjoyed seeing all the CBR entries... this is one of my favorites!