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  1. Is this the old 1/24th kit molded in red with the opened canvas sun roof?
  2. Hey, that's some good engineering and scratch building... #15 Lane Meyer's 67 Camaro.... I have secured the Revell 67 Camaro from a very loyal member here on the fourm...(Thanks to Robyn)... I opened the kit and took inventory of all the parts and for whatever reason I thought the first issue was a small block... Never the less the 69 Nova 350 will work out great or an LS might be the ticket... Anyways, I'm really late gettin goin but I'll get rollin soon. Here is a "dumped box" photo...
  3. l'm loving this project! I've seen this kit built as the Ace Parker Car before but never at this level of detail... it's gonna look so correct to the real car. I talked to Rich Sephton at a reunion years ago and he said they scraped cender cement blocks down the side of the car to represent contact damage. I'm thinking the story I heard that it was used in another movie before returning to the Georgia set to film episode 4 for the show. There are alot of Duke's urban legends so who knows? but it's so cool to see it being built here... I've always wanted to recreate the car in it's glory before it got raced and wreaked.
  4. Well I got some decals printed and some other progress done, engine is built, unless I decide to go with an LS... interior is done... a small detail that is on the Boxart left to add.... If I decide too go full on box art. I have have changed my mind on a few things like the plate chassis... Way too basic for this build... and the decals didn't come out as clear when I added the pink to them. When ever I get to the pearly gates I think I'm gonna ask St. Peter "How many Kids actually used those decals when this kit got built?" Lol I'd love to see Round 2 repop this kit with corrected rear fenders and those Awesome decals as an option. I would use them for sure! Anyways, I hanging in there but I'm really close to switching Lanes on the build...
  5. Thanks bud, I didn't bother painting this chassis I didn't want to waste the paint since I'm not using it. It's done to an extent until I build the new frame. But there is some more work to do... I'm gonna keep stabbing at it til it's finished. I'm thinking about starting with the blazer frame? my model room is a disaster too so I've got to get some order before I continue. Round 7? Wow! That's successful, I'm in but I'll let you know with what kit as I have so many...
  6. With that said, I took some time out and printed pink decals for my Boxart truck... Although there is alot more still to do, I feel like I'm heading in the right direction now. My updates in the last 8 hours are Interior, engine, printing and applying decals, BMF work (almost done) and a quick build up to see how it's gonna look. It's not finished yet but no reason to rush it now. It's too high in the front and too low in the back... exactly how it sits OOB (metal axel's and a plate chassis).. It never bothered me before but now I have to fix it. I've had this kit for over 10 years so I want to be happy with the end result. I'm gonna build a separate frame with more detail and a better ride hight, along with some other changes too. Thanks to everyone for keeping this Awesome thread going. I'm hoping that the saga continues. 😁
  7. You go Snake!!! You need to get the approval as much as we all do! If not for you... these builds would still be in the box.😊 Good on ya for starting all this...👍
  8. I definitely have more time than normal, I also had home projects that were "expected" of me to get done. My daughter being home full time has changed the dynamic for sure. Her school has been sending emails with worksheets and school work, I feel like I'm a Handyman, Painter, landscaper, and a teacher. I didn't know all this Social distancing was gonna have me working this much. I used to think my stalled projects was me not focusing enough to get finished and or losing interest or maybe getting distracted by another kit. Now the term " life gets in the way" has a personal meaning. I can always find time for the hobby but now I see how much time life takes up during these times. I really feel like most modelers are professionals at hibernating anyways. I have no problem with it I just have to juggle my priorities, modeling is at the least top five for sure.😊 The Vette is Beautiful!
  9. Yeah... I just checked in on the workbench progress and was Amazed at how fast that came together and the quality of the craftsmanship... Just so lifelike and quality work and such fast pace! I'm in Awe!
  10. I haven't seen it posted on this thread, but a few years ago while production was still in Japan one of the tools was "accidentally" damaged for this kit.That is the reason it halted production. And in later news, I heard that the rest of the tooling was left behind after the Bankruptcy. I could be wrong about the whole story. So if anyone remembers the details about the history please share 😁 my mind is a bit foggy...
  11. For sure... And I think like many enthusiasts... Usually if you focus on one certain car (Mine is the 75-79 Nova) you will know that bodystyle and all the changes, although I don't see that happening in 50 years to say?... A Hyundai Alantra lol
  12. Were you asking about this one? because your guess is correct this is a Dodge 31 I believe...
  13. That is beautiful! I've been wanting to build something similar from an episode of some car show (that I don't remember) anyway, it was in the background in his back lot waiting to get built. I took a liking to it and decided to pause the TV, zoomed in on it, and snapped a picture of the shell. It would make a cool hot rod. The stripes remind me of yours...
  14. 😢😠😑 that's unfortunate... Dad bought his in 72 still has it... 67 Camaro, it wasn't new it was factory black vinyl top already had a repaint and top was stripped off too. it was drag raced and had a posi trac 513 gear. A lady ended up with but traded it, she said "it was to hard to drive"😆 My brother and I just completed a full restoration on it back in 2017. Oh, and dad changed the gear (first thing he did) to a 323 posi... Here it is on the used car lot he bought it from.
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