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  1. Man! Everytime I see these builds I'm impressed... like the first time I'm seeing them! Each car is recognizable with certain clarity. Keep building the best film cars we love.
  2. Yes and if you don't want to stray too far from the original movie car that will be fine too.
  3. Here's what I say... You may build it with all the mods you see fit to win the Cannonball Run. As long as it is still recognizable as the movie car you are building. If you think it needs big wheels and brakes and lowered then it's fine by me Lol... I want everyone to remember the first rule... to Have fun... lol I'm leaving it to the builder's interpretation so it will hopefully keep everyone interested.
  4. Yes it's completely ok to use ANY car that appears in the movie or TV show. Like if you wanted to build the taxi (Sunshine Cab) that Frank Bullitt takes to pick up the Mustang. Although I think even that car has it's own following now. Even a parked car on the street would technically qualify. I'd just ask that you would tell us what movie and probably in that case, what scene also.
  5. The one and only Surviving Stunt truck GMC Mid-engine used for 4 seasons! If you go back and look you'll see the truck was jumped about as much as the General lee Chargers were and that truck was the only truck to do it everytime pretty impressive!
  6. Those are some great Phantom examples. They capture Exactly what I'm thinking of! Looks like they could've been done in real life. My opinion is the Rear/mid-engine challenge would fit into the Movie car theme fairly well. There are some good options to choose from. "Two Nuns in a Ferrari" Huh? Lol including Colt Sievers High Flying GMC, believe it or not, the truck in the Jump scenes was mid-engine! There's an Awesome mini-documentary on Vin-wiki about the New CBR Record and their strategies... and the Monte Carlo is So cool!
  7. Too funny! The movie/tv show in which the Duke boys become Ghostbusters to catch Boss Hogg and Roscoe's ghost before they try to pin a false charge on them! Of course they'll have to film that first lol!
  8. What an inspiration! Fantastic work Pat! I see you're no stranger to the concept! if anyone is on the fence about what the theme shall be... These examples should push you over really fast!
  9. I would think that if you wanted to build a 71-73 Mustang with a coyote engine and call it Eleanor from Gone in 60 seconds.... that would be ok with me as long as you find inspiration from that movie and incorporate the same car and overall look of it. Make it recognizable as that movie car...
  10. I have reached out in regards to the poll for choosing a theme and I'm waiting for a reply. I don't want to drop the ball on this one. I am eager to start the build thread though. My vote will be for the Movie, TV, & film cars theme... but that's just me... and you too lol If we can get 10 votes on the Movie car theme I'll go ahead and announce that as the theme. as far as I can tell we have 4 maybe 5 on board at this point. Thanks guys.
  11. Thanks, Yes I will be posting the rules in the official 2020 Build thread. If I have to add any rules it will be just to accommodate the theme we choose. That's about the sound of it lol... or build it totally like it was in the movie, your choice. the modern updates may help you win the CBR or the Race (hypothetically)as well...
  12. I love the Internet Moviecar Database... I'm a member on there too. Back when the Internet first took off I designed my own web page for Movie and TV cars called MakeMyCarFamous.com I dedicated the website to all cars and trucks on film from magazine to movies. I kept it it going until the domain freeze act took effect. It was fun for a while. It had a movies to watch section, lots of moviecar facts and photos of old Hotrod/Carcraft magazines. The internet has went through alot of changes since then.
  13. I think wagons are a great idea... I wanna build the family truckster... complete with aunt Edna on the roof rack and "Honky lips" on the side... There used to be a website that had all the specs for building the 1/24th kit. It had sorta a blue print for the sides and top and resin grill and taillights it was curbside but I think I could've turned it into a complete kit with a donor like maybe Revell's alter nomad... I'm gonna have to search for that now...lol
  14. And Black for "Happy Birthday General lee" the episode where they tell how they got the car.
  15. The Great thing about the Movie Car theme is that you wont be limited on drivetrain as long as it doesn't alter the appearance as screen used. An LS Powered Bandit Trans am would be Awesome to see in the running. Also, I was looking back and refreshing my memory on past CBRs and there has been a voting poll with the theme choices. I was just gonna give it 10 days and count the ideas... the ideas with the most "Yays" I would go with... but If we need that voting poll I'll have to get help from someone who knows how to set it up or maybe give me directions on how to go about it... Thanks
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