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  1. Unfortunately it's among many stalled projects. I was building this for my heat and air guy, and we started having problems with his install, he wouldn't answer our calls, we ended up going with another company to fix it. Luckily it was an easy fix but I lost contact when we moved from the house. I still have plans of finishing it someday.
  2. I've been working on the Chevelle and CBR Wrecker... and the 55 all at once... usually that's how I roll 😆 I'm finished stripping paint and I'm thinking about the new color(s) the main body color will be Tamyia TS54 light blue metallic. The top and interior will be TS7 Racing White with baby blue accents. The original blue was fairly bright before all the tar and nicotine stains, it can be seen on the firewall. I think the TS54 will be a close match. I managed to get away to the monthly local club meet and here are the results for ya to look over, thanks for following along hang in there, more progress ahead.
  3. Wheels and stance... clearcoat and details next but I'm currently working on my CBR Wrecker... making a mad dash to the finish line... ðŸĪŠ I'll be back soon on this and the 55 Chevy resto. Thanks for Checking in...
  4. Today was a productive day... I managed to get some colors on and finish up the interior among other things... from this point on it's gonna be difficult to send updates without spoiling the reveil so I'm gonna have to get it done quickly. 😁 I'm finishing up the drive train, narrowed the rear-end, notched the frame, and relocated the front mounts. This lowered the front differentials for that slammed Pro-street look. What a combination... Pro-street 4x4 Tow-truck... this has to be a first on the Cannonball 😆ðŸĪĢ😂
  5. I really don't know how to control the urge to start another kit before finishing something... do I have a problem? The weather was nice yesterday and I wanted to paint something, what can I say? I built this as a kid, it was molded in black so I slapped some "Old Pro" decals on the doors and the 66 Malibu SS became an early inception of the "Old Pro" I imagined. It probably wasn't the best build as an 11 year old so I'm gonna recreate it with 35 years of knowledge and skills on my belt... 😆 Here I have it painted and decals on... I'm swapping a small block in with an automatic. I used Black Pearl Metallic with the Old Pro Nova Decals. How many of you have used those decals on something else other than the Nova? Im intrested in what cars got the Old Pro treatment, post them here if you can. Thanks for following along!
  6. No it wasn't... Sadly this tooling was modified to become the Badman TD Drag car.. the kit you're thinking of was a brand new tooling for 95 ish... I think. and then later reissued as the Pace car in 1997. Then in 2010, from the same tooling, much like the original Monogram it became a 2 door hard top Belair. A little bit of history repeating itself.
  7. Oh and another thing I forgot to mention, have you guys ever seen used decals being salvaged before? If not... you have now... this decal was on the back window of an 80's build up, been on there for 30 plus years. I was able to get it loose and I plan on using it on my build as a tribute to the Monogram Chevys. Stay tuned!
  8. Wow! Some action on here and Nice progress from some late runners... I guess I'll join y'all 😆ðŸĪĢ😂 GO! GO! GO! I see we have a trend with red interior starting! 😁 maybe Sam I Am will put red interior in that beautiful Chevelle 😆 Primer coat on the body finally and some color!
  9. Slow goin right now because I'm currently working on my CBR entry and is it just me or does anyone else have the problem where they go digging into the spare parts bin and find them selfs building a completely different car... like instantly? Anyway, I'm wanting to figure out what the seats are from that he used on the 55 also? Anyone know? The build was from Around 65-66 so that may narrow down ideas. The pattern is pretty simple and he cut the inner sides out to clear the 55 console no head rests either, may or may not've had them... Someone on FB trying to help said 65 Elcamino but I compared those and not a match...
  10. Will the wheelwells be pre-fitted for the slicks.. I wonder? Here's one I sold a fellow local club member as a stalled project and he finished it...
  11. I'm still holding out hope that Atlantis has these molds... be cool to see these re-popped.
  12. I've been looking at the YT videos on that show and I'm inspired as well, that was a good show! I liked Doug Soukup's 60 Chevy (Orange and White)... Andrew Graf had some impressive builds and Jeremiah Purks was in there with several builds. I liked the Atomic Diner, the Pro street theme seemed to be on display with the weathered 55 Chevy, Hurst Olds, and 69 Camaro pacecar. Hope you can get the Dart sorted out agian. By the looks of it maybe the Pro-touring movement of 2003 was in motion with the Chip Foose top/bottom paint scheme.
  13. As of now I think I'm finished with the fab work. I finished closing in the wheel tubs and squaring up the bed. I guess I'm ready for primer/paint... colors... and theme... and changing my mind ten more times... 😆 I seriously do not know what color, I'm thinking white now... maybe? Or maybe it will come to me after primer... 😂😂😂 time to start Haulin...
  14. They're all great ideas, I'm happy to see the enthusiasm for next year's run. I'm excited to see what the final decision will be...
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