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  1. ‘77 MPC Ventura Hood

    Could you imagine this thing with a 400 and a 4 speed?... that would've been Awesome! White interior on black and gold, what a combination! This a project I have goin on too a phantom 77 GTO Judge...
  2. ‘77 MPC Ventura Hood

    I need this hood too. These are my favorite years, I plan on building this car. This is one that GM missed the boat on IMO... Pontiac should've produced these. This is just a concept car.
  3. Contest winner from 1993

    Back for another quick update, I've been working on the engine and front suspension details, here are some progress pics. One thing I wasn't sure on was how to mount those salt flat discs, but I discovered some wheel backs that were perfect so I cemented them together and it worked out well. I had some different ideas for engines but ultimately desided after some researching, the Slant 6 is very worthy of land speed records... alot of power adders and technology for those engines. I seen a youtube video of one running a 9.0 in the quarter at over 150 mph... impressive for a six shooter. I have alot to do but I plan on wrapping it up this week. Ground effects, wing, parachutes, engine work, and other last minute details that will pop in my head by the end. Thanks for sticking around...
  4. Yeah.... I have to give you credit just for gettin it built that's a tough kit to build alone... I've started a few and never got any done. And you got it to look like the real one too. Nice job.
  5. Contest winner from 1993

    I've been trying to get some finish work done to the land speed car in time for the March 3 contest. Basically kinda boring stuff really. Looking back I wished I'd kept it more like the original build but it just kept getin more and more ambitious as I went and it has tramsformed into this. I think I have another one in mind. I thought I'd gotten my feel of the kit now I've desided to ad another one. I'll ad completed pics of that one as not to bore you with the details. More later...
  6. Revell '55 Bel Air Box Art Homage - Part I

    Man, that is a great start on one of my favorite box arts! Gotta say though I've had the same idea for years. I always wondered where you'd get those "Big R" decals... When I was young I always thought the Boxart told a story and my imagination was unlimited. When I seen this boxart the first thing that came to my mind was the yellow car is the early years Monogram "Badman" takin on the Revell "Big R" 55 (BigRed)? at the 64' Nationals where the Red 55 took the championship (looks like he's gettin out on the yellow car). The following year the newly decaled "Badman" won the Winter Nationals agianst the pink 55 (visiable at the corner of the Badman boxart) giving him his own boxart. I want to build all 4 cars eventually. Rock on dude! I'll be watching to see it all come to life!
  7. Contest winner from 1993

    Chassis modification work goin on. It's not my greatest acheivement but I'm trying to keep it simple. I'm planning on spraying on some aluminum metallizer and buffing that. Hopefully it will look a little better. the directions show every thing is black so maybe this will ad some definition to it. Keep on truckin!
  8. Contest winner from 1993

    Thanks... I've been working on boxing in the tubs and settin the car up for salt flat racing and modifying the cage to fit the Studebaker body. I'll be using the linko transmission from the promod kit and I have the engine work goin on too. Twin turbos and all the coolers make up the engine bay...working on that stuff as well. I'll get back on it, gotta have it completed in about 3 weeks.
  9. Contest winner from 1993

    I promise I'm not gettin distracted But I've kinda been stabbing at this thing also. what do you guys think?
  10. Contest winner from 1993

    Here is another quick update... I have desided to switch directions on the build. In order for the car to be competitive in today's land speed competitions it really needed to have a tube chassis and lightweight components. So I am in the process of untubbing a promod chassis to have a more moderen feel to it... on a side note, the Charles Carpenter 55 promod was available in 92 when I originally built the car so theoretically it could've been built this way originally. I was fighting the urge to do this because I really wanted to keep as many of the original parts as I could but in the end it's the best option. I think the car should be built with updated parts and advanced knowledge and skills so I hope to show the progress on the promod work here. Thanks for looking, see ya soon.
  11. Drag week community build?

    Any body still gonna do this community build? Maybe this will kick start an interest? I don't know if this is would qualify but its one I've been working on since last month... I call it "CITYTRUCK" FARMTRUCK's Competition, V10 Viper with a bunch of Nitrous... Street legal Dodge drag truck.
  12. 1972 Chevy Blazer

    I live the faded weathering look. I guess by putting the decals on incorrectly became the perfect mistake. The wheels and tires are a nice touch. Amt wishes those were in the kit cause that would be a great selling point. Keep up the good work it's looking nice.
  13. I'm planning on building Hooper's Blazer soon. Nice job on the van.
  14. Contest winner from 1993

    Well, the decals are done. They're not perfect but I struggled with gettin them as good as they are. The bodywork was easier than applying the decals, I swear... lol! I had to touch it up with paint here and there and I'm not totally happy with it. Oh well, what are ya gonna do? I have to be ok with the outcome because there's no time to be disappointed. Hopefully clearcoat will distract the eye just enough. Thanks for looking. Now for the hard part to begin, Right?...