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  1. I think the Monogram Logo was put back on the box... as a marketing ploy for folks returning to the hobby who may not have known about the merger with Revell. The convertable was always a Revell kit. based on the Yenko and Baldwin Revell cars. I have to say though, If anyone could get the AMT/MPC Camaro to look good It's Snake... Well done, it still has the same problems but with the quality of the build you are able to overlook the flaws.
  2. I kinda like that color but the gold was the answer. I had a can of silver blue met. that sat in a byler barn for 3 or 4 years, I went to spray it and it was an exact match to frost green. I totally loved it! Ended up spraying an AMT Nova and a Revell Convertible Camaro with it. It's funny what heat will do to the chemicals in the can. So far there's some pretty intresting projects this round guys... can't wait for the progress!😁
  3. Yes sir... The colors work well together... That's exactly what it is too... I'm excited to have such an open space to work and I hope it will help with organizing too. The last place was cramped but I made it work...
  4. Unique concept to a magnificent model... plus Awesome photography!
  5. Thanks Tom... I have alot of work to do in the coming months, I may be able to declare a build but for now I'm just gonna enjoy the progress on the other Boyd builds. I'll try to get one goin if I can get set up here at the new place soon, we'll have to see, lotta work to do like I say. And a fine effort to all the participants we have really turned this thread into my favorite... BTW... the Firebird wins for almost gettin done, Nice job on the work thus far...
  6. Thanks Tom, We're moving to a new house tomorrow. sold the old one as of today... We couldn't really afford new furniture peices so we've been buying old stuff and breathing new life into them. kinda like my passion for someone else's old build ups you know, turning them into my own. I've been enjoying the furniture restorations because the wife gets into it too. These peices were junk that we upcycled for our new house. 😊
  7. Thanks, I started this project but ended up selling it off in part of my collection to one of my fellow local club members. He finished the car. It's not exactly how I envisioned it finished but it's all good... I have a plan to build another which is why I sold this one.
  8. I'm enjoying the progress here with this and I love that color, gonna be elegant and glamorous like a 50's movie star... these cars make cool looking gassers also...
  9. Beautiful Color... I painted a many models in the 90's and up with the Boyd's line. I still have a brand new can of CTP for somthing... I'll have to get back on my old Plymouth now! Thanks for the inspiration!
  10. Wow! 28 years in the making, How does it feel to have it done? That's a perfect example of a dead build If ever there was one... I've had builds in my mind that long but never on my bench... lol! Good Job getin done... and good luck at the show...
  11. I had a clear coat malfunction with the Ford last week so I had to strip the hood and other body panels. it's alot simpler than my original design. I had aspirations to build a pull behind BBQ pit trailer for it and wooden bed racks and bumpers. but I abandoned all those ideas just to finish up for the deadline. I'll have to revisit those details as well as adding more decals later on. I will say that I have no desire to build this model again in the future. I'll see y'all in the Next round... I hope...
  12. Wow, I like the Color combo on the 32! Really hoping you can get it done Snake... I'm declaring both of my "dead's" finished for this round... And these will be my final builds at the old house as we're preparing to move so I've gotta pack it all up and be out by next Friday! The 1969 Chevelle and 55 Ford Chopped Top Pick up. Both builds are done simple although neither were simple builds, if that makes since? I had some trouble with the Chevelle originally because I had a 69-72 Chevelle junkyard that I got rid of 3 years ago and had pretty much all the parts to finish this one so I had to collect the parts to build it...
  13. Wow! the level of detail is amazing Great use of an old dead van... The project is exactly what I'd expect to see hauling a family to Yellowstone. I see all kinds of homemade contraptions on the road like this! Just seen this Heavy hauler yesterday and thought wow... what an imagination! Model time!
  14. "Killing it Gene!" The Chevelle is 99.9% finished... well, as much as I want the build to be... My vision was always to finish the car the way I built the original one back in 1988, (minus my little cousin's fingerprint right in the middle of the roof... lol!) As I had stated before it is a replica of a 69 Chevelle, this guy in my town named Steve Fitzgerald owned. Like many street machines of the day it evolved over the years... But I built this way it was when I built the first kit. It was a Big block from the factory but he burnt a piston and replaced it with a 350 small block. It also had satin Centerlines on it which he later swapped for polished Centerlines around 91-92 (pretty much the last time I seen the car). I'd like to know where the car went now that I've been reminiscing about it. It was a show stopper... It had white interior 4 speed, deep sounding exhaust (before flowmasters) so, not sure what mufflers... We'd park in town and hang out and watch everyone cruise around. Good times! I like doing these kinds of builds because it allows me to provoke old memories of my younger days. As I'm working on this kit I'm thinking of the real car and the model I built of it back then too. Very inspiring I must say. Now on to finishing up the chopped Ford. I'm in the middle of packing for the move and doing small repairs to this house.. all while refinishing old furniture... (my new hobby) but I'll make time to get it whipped! lol thanks agian for this thread, it really does work!
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