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  1. Glue Bomb Rescue: '72 GTO

    The fact that it doesn't match 100% is what makes it appear to be a repair job. You've seen older repairs on real cars where the paint was blended and then the sun reacts differently to both paints. That is what it looks like to me. I don't think you could acheive that look purposefully if you tried. I call that a happy mistake. Lol!
  2. Glue Bomb Rescue: '72 GTO

    Thanks, the Charger looks like it was from the same builder he must've liked dark blue. Turned out nice! Sometimes I get long winded and go on and on, I read all the posts I can but I can't alway comment like I'd want to. The GTO is gonna look good with all 70's flare.
  3. Glue Bomb Rescue: '72 GTO

    Exactly what it looks like... some of my best results are often by mistake... I like seeing older builds restored without losing the look of it. Good on you, I missed the Charger I'll have to look for it.
  4. The front looks like a Jeep and the back takes the shape of a Hummer. Gives it a squared off look. I like the redesign.
  5. Let's see your TV and movie cars!

    Didn't Ponch replace his gold Pontiac with a brand new Blue one for the next season? I vaguely remember him with a blue 77/78 Trans-am...but maybe I'm wrong...
  6. 1960 Chevrolet Impala

    Beautiful in Red or black... I like GM Greens and yellows of the era also. Often overlooked is the 60 impala they are great looking cars. This one is coming out nice. I built one based on Artwork by Tim Mullins. I've been wanting to build the kit agian.
  7. Mustang Project 1:25 Replica

    For me, Summer is the best time to build models but then you have to juggle time between yard work, vacations, and spending time with the family. I'm working on the replica today... the real Mustang has a sunroof so I'm working on grafting a PT crusier glass. It seems to have the same contours. Would've been nice to have the cutout lines for it, instead it has t-top cutouts. Also doing bodywork and raising the middle of the hood to look like the 1-1/2 inch scoop on the real car.
  8. I love it! I just bought this for the third time... I've never completed the first one... I'm hoping to get this one built... deffinatly some good inspiration here!
  9. Just now seeing this Dwayne, This is Awesome! Awe yes.... the Beastie Boys!... "Cold Kickin it Live!"
  10. Calling ALL Generals

    Thanks, You know your Generals... I've educated myself on the differences over the years too. I seen LEE 1 at Cooter's place in 2000, long before it was restored and it was rough. I've seen most of the surviving Generals over the years and I've studied the details. I've been going to the DOH reuinons since 98. WB only used one stuntcar to Ski with during the entire series and It's one of the survivors, I seen it in 05 at the Bristol Dukesfest... Huge Dukes of Hazzard nerd here.
  11. 1/12 57 chevy question

    I built a transvrse straight axle for mine, made it alot more simple. I wish I had the build pics of it but they're buried somewhere in the cloud. And the car is in my brother's garage under an empty fish tank.
  12. Let's see your TV and movie cars!

    I've always had a thing for film cars. I'm constantly insearch for a real screen used TV/movie car. I never wanted something overly popular though. A guy in my town owns one of the thunderbirds from Thelma and Louise. I have to say when I found spencer1984 http://spencer1984.com I found a fascination for film star car models. The dedication is showcased with each movie replica. This thread has proved he is not alone. Great job on all the TV and movie star cars, keep em rolling!
  13. Calling ALL Generals

    Great looking Generals there, I never knew those wheels were in the 69 Riviera... I've never had the kit, nice to know. I've always got them from the Ecklers corvette and the early Off Road Ford Currier. I looked up a review on the Buick and there they were... nice! Here is a shot from the review. You know? the model has been done over and over but each one is a little different and that is why I wanted to gather them all up here to see the differences. Defiantly inspiration for sure...
  14. Let's see your TV and movie cars!

    The AMT 67- 68 camaro c-pillar gets the best results if you're doing a 67 4door hard top. In comparison I guess the Rivera is the best option for the 65-66. I can't think of a better solution.
  15. 2018 Cannonball Run

    I've heard the "Wake up call" and I'm back to work on the service truck. I've got some surprise plans for the truck that wont be shown until the final reveal but as for now this is how it looks. I've finished the weathering and most of the interior. I had 4 choices for the wheels but have narrowed down which ones I'm gonna go with. I think air ride and "in the weeds" with big brakes is the look I'm leaning towards. Anyways, I'll be back...