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  1. Alright! Barricade! I call it Nicely done indeed...The Decepticon Mustang will go down in history as the best movie villian car ever.
  2. Thanks... Yeah, thankfully the paint is Testors one coat lacquer and that stuff airs out and is dry to touch in about 3 hrs. This is a really cool model (lots of options) and that trophy is included in the kit! 😊
  3. Thanks... No time to second guess ourselves... We set up a group chat also to update all the progress... Just like the race, some members fell out. Either because of catastrophic failier or too much pressure... But we had alot of fun. Here are the top three in order. The sedan finshed at 4 am this morning... 19.5 hrs and the Chevy finshed at 1:30 am. Not too bad considering he had a wedding to attend and it was a two hrs drive from his house!
  4. Our local club desided to host a 24hrs of Le mans challenge. We started this morning at 8:30 AM with the race... The challenge was to build a model kit of your choice in 24 hrs... Only rules were to start with a fresh kit and finish before or by the 24 hr end of the race. I took alot of breaks and still finished in 12 hrs... It turned out pretty good but I'd been building it for two years in my head lol... I call it the "Jolly Rodder"...
  5. Beautiful Nova in code #40 Lime Green Metallic with 03N White interior... Looks to be in great shape too! Also, I believe that Saffron Metallic code #67 seems to a close match for the one being built here...
  6. You can include me in that too! 😁 And to clear up any debate on the vinyl top... There were plenty single seam full vinyl top 75-79 Novas... Estimated between 16,000 to 19,479 per year, 1975 being the higest year among vinyl top units built between 1975-79 (Buyers could also option to have a painted top). The Nova Buffet started in 75. It's the first time GM offered every option available on the Nova. I can tell you with confidence just about anything about this bodystyle... Having owned 18 75-79 Novas insured and roadworthy. Also, I stripped more than 30 cars in my time of selling parts at Carlisle Pa. events for 10 years. There were more trim peices on the hatchback vinyl top nova. You have the top 100% correct and it looks fantastic so far. Here is the last Nova I owned (it has a vinyl top). It's a 76 Nova SS. Also a photo of my current 76 Nova. (Concours Hatchback with 30x original miles).
  7. This might help...I think the one from the Econoline van is a good one and it has the automatic transmission too.
  8. Good luck with it, I'm excited to see how it all goes for ya... The plastic cuts tougher than normal but not impossible... As far as the next one I plan on fitting it with a Bigblock from either the 66 Chevelle flip nose or the 70 Chevelle Balwin car.
  9. Don't let those problems distract ya... It's looking good and I like the wheels and tires you have chosen for it. They look just like the movie car, sits like it too. I'm looking forward to seeing color on the body. We have more than a few Black cars in the line up... including my Camaro that I really need to get moving on πŸ˜†.Soon, sooon.. Lol Nooo, I'm not nervous....πŸ˜₯
  10. Man, the Monte Carlo is looking nice and I like the Fortunate Son Mustang too. I'm declaring the 64 Mustang done... atleast it's in the case. I still have to locate the door handles, mirrors, and other small parts that are in a sandwich baggy somewheres around here. πŸ€” Why is it, that everytime I finish a kit I want to build another copy of the same kit?... Am I crazy for thinking like that? Probably... but I think I have another one in my stash. I'll have to go diggin for it... Later, fellers...
  11. Yes, the Green Hornet movie car is stellar! From where it was to how good it looks in such a short period of time is impressive... Also it's one of the last ones announced so good job on that one... I guess we should see the thread picking up speed with the years end coming soon...It's been a rough ride in 2020...I can say for sure, I'll be glad to see it over. But the show must go on! Lets get in the Driver's... err... Model building seats? and finish this years CBR strong!
  12. Great Choice! I'll add ya to the Roster...
  13. This is gonna be a fun one to see get built...
  14. Thanks, I'm guessing these kits were from a guy who either gave up the hobby or passed away and the build-ups didn't mean anything to the surviving family. There were about 40 build ups in a large tote and my buddy asked if I wanted some models (because he knew I like models) I said yeah... he brought them to me. The tote was in a pile of stuff (Possibly from his neighbor?) to go to the dump and my buddy opened it up and thought of me. They appear to have been built since probably the late 90's nothing newer than 98, nothing older than say 89 or 90.. Aside from an original General Lee with the 500 roofline. Only two unbuilt Nascar models, the rest were built. Lots of trucks... Ford trucks... A few Mustangs and some other kits from around 95 or so.
  15. Thanks Friends😁 I appreciate that, although I can't take all the credit... This build is pretty special, now that I'm examining the unbuilt kit. He trimmed out scotch tape for the door jambs. Pretty creative πŸ˜†... I took down one that I had opened years ago and didn't realize that I had actually started on this one myself... My memory is going away, need to eat more walnuts I guess....lol Anyways, I'm inspired to finish this one now although I have no idea what to do with it... πŸ€”
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