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  1. 2022 Finished Cannonballers Here are finished entries so far with the run about at the half way mark. Congratulations on the finished cars... they all look Awesome! 1. #19 landman 1951 Studebaker 2. #18 cheyenne 1962 Pontiac Catalina 3. #6 Oldmopars 1970 Land Rover 4. #26 JustJim 1969 Karmann Ghia 5. #11 Beans 1970 Camaro Z28 6. #20 Koellefornia Kid 1978 Dodge Monaco I'll be adding to the finished list as we get closer to the finish line for inspiration. The rest of us have our work cut out for us.
  2. Bodywork is shaping up nicely... I'm enjoying the updates on all the builds.
  3. Wow! This really turned out well. I'm inspired! You would never know that wasn't the engine that came in the kit. Agian, Steller work! I need to get my butt in gear. 😆
  4. I have a hard time showcasing old built ups because usually they aren't built to how I'd represent them. It does have minimal painted parts so If I do decide to restore it would be an easy job. If not, I would probably pass it on to someone who would appreciate it for what it is... A time capsule... In the mean time I'll wait for the Re-pop to see what inspiration that brings. I started restoring the Revell 56 that was in the same collection it was an original build also.
  5. There out there... I was at a swapmeet in Carlisle PA here about 4 years ago found an original 55 unbuilt it was all molded in cream! all the custom parts it was a later reissue... The price was 40 bucks I passed on it, kicked myself ever since! I totally understand about those Monogram Tri-fives... I never let the inaccuracies bother me. The 56 is one of my favorite kits. I've built so many... On a side note, the 55 was turned into a slot car in 65. You can get an idea of where all the ideas for the Badman came from... the slot car was molded in yellow and the boxart showed radious wheelwells although the contents in the box didn't match the boxart.
  6. That would be nice... the Badman parts should still be available somewhere.
  7. Thanks for the encouragement guys. I've been on the fence since I got the dang thing so I haven't touched it. I'll tell ya it's got some pretty narley tire melts on the top and hood. At the very least I'd like to repaint the top and possibly replace the hood. No parts are missing but a 60's custom to me, should have a front pan so I'd be into crafting something to fit. Id like to look into re-chroming the wheels and other parts also... Yeah, definitely the windshield frame was too short but with the convertible it didn't look too bad. I measured it and it's 5/8th of an inch with the top on. I had plans of harvesting the top from a junkyard 55 Street machine I have and cutting some posts from sheet styrene stock. I don't know if I'll go that route. I'm gonna wait for the re-issue for now.
  8. The original Monogram 55 Chevy was a convertable with the option to add a custom top. there were three options, a "stock hardtop" roof, a Formal "Boxtop" roof, and a glass "bubble" top roof. I think the designers always intended the kit to be a convertable first and foremost. I think Tom and the Team used the stock top because it was the obvious choice for the Gasser... because it looks "chopped" and suits his quirky style appropriately. The car is proportional with the top off IMO, it changes all together when the top is on. I have this old original built up from the 60's. it needs restoration, my plan is to build a sedan roof, it's in poor condition. I'm gonna build it as a Gasser. I based my decision on the OB removing the side trim, (a huge disappointment to me). It's well done but I would've rathered it have the trim on with those original wheel openings. Also the front valance has been removed. Wouldn't it be nice to see all those custom parts get re-popped too? Here's a look at the advertising card for the kit. I guess this was displayed at hobby shops to see all the options. I can imagine how exciting this was to see in 1963.
  9. That combination happened to me also. For some reason if you let Rustolem set up before you apply clearcoat it either lifts or crazed the paint. It even done the same with Rustolem clear too. With all these new chemicals and different mixtures I feel like I'm back in my infancy stage and re-learning what works.
  10. I always wonder what draws inspiration for the design team at Revell and other model companies... I know in modern times with the internet, inspiration is at your fingertips. I do believe someone at Revell has found inspiration from Gassers on Twitter with Dan Pitts and his 55 Chevy Gasser. The American flag Chevrolet design is cool and to see it on the real car is fascinating. I shared this with Dan and he is over the moon excited about the artwork and said he will likely buy two cases when they get released... 😆 anyways, back to your regularly scheduled program. 😁
  11. That's a holy grail kit if you ask me... Speaking of Grail kits, While this kit has been on my mind lately, it has provoked some memories of the Monogram "Test Shot" owned by Mark Guynn. Clearly the most rare of all the Monogram 55 Chevys. This early conception from 1969 is molded in Orange...Tijuana Taxi Orange! And the "Colorless" decals really tell the story that the classic "Badman" design was still in progress at that point in time.
  12. The Badman parts consisted of front spoiler, Header/exhaust extensions, wheels/tires (Slicks and Drag Mags) and wheelie bars if I'm not mistaken. The rest was in the Street Machine version. I think the Street Machine's wheels and tires... (Chrome Slotted Mags) came from the Early Iron series...They added the full grill back to the Street Machine too. It's kinda cool to see the evolution of the kit from 1963 to basically 1975 where it has remained the same even being molded in black. I think the Street Burner series was even molded in black in 2010. I think it's a great part of Monogram history and seeing it recycled after 60 years is awesome. It does build up fairly well and represents a 55 Chevy so that's good enough for me. Here's one from a friend of mine Mike Hall, His 55 Chevy Monogram Gasser the "Brown Mule". Also, here are the decals from the original release Monogram 55 Chevy and boxart.
  13. I like the direction you're heading with this. Yeah! I'm interested in seeing the design on the hood... multiple holes?😆 I'd like to take this time to say what a great job everyone is doing with their builds! I'm inspired! With all these updates I'm being left in the dust. I've barely started on mine, still collecting parts really and with my printer still in the shop, I'm not too sure about my original plan with the custom decals for the Wrecker... I'm afraid I may have to change the theme and save Clyde's Tow-truck for another build.😏😒😐
  14. GASSER TIME!!! Very Inspiring Boxart!! Wouldn't it be funny? if Revell has tooled new gasser parts to fit the 1:25th scale kit and re-tooled the quarters for radius wheelwells. That would fool us all! I'm wishful thinking but in theory they could do a factory kit bash with the 57 Ford Sedan straight axle and various other parts from modern Revell kits to make up a nice kit IMO... For now I'll be happy to re-live my past and build the X-BADMAN Monogram Gasser or improve on the 1:25th 55 Chevy hardtop myself.
  15. Wow! If anyone thinks you can simply blow on a stack of model parts and expect it to fall together then maybe they shouldn't be in the hobby 🤣😂😆 Model building requires patience, understanding the subject, and most of all, imagination. With that formula you should be successful in building any kit no matter the design or complexity. Complaining about it is just wasted energy that could be applied to getting it built... Just do the work in and get it done. Some of the most difficult kits have been the most rewarding to me because of the challenge. I got an idea, put your big boy pants on or just stick to the snap kits 😆🤣😂 Just kidding! Obviously l'm (not) poking the Bear! It's all in good fun, besides don't we have enough criticism in this world already?
  16. And since the 6 is on the front fender, no one will expect it to be fast!
  17. To me, the look of the 4 door is more stealth... but I like the racing look of the 2 door. The wheels are nice looking on the M5? I must admit that I don't know enough about these kits to decide which is best... but I think whichever one, it would look good with British livery. 😁 I can't believe here it is middle of March and I haven't gotten started yet. I have a pretty good outlook on the remaining build time though.
  18. Thanks to everyone for following along and for the ideas and comments! Here is a different look for comparison!
  19. That's what I was thinking when I first started the build. I wanted it to have a factory stock look. And then those voices in my head (basically gremlins) told me to paint it pearl yellow.😈 I had contemplated stripping it and starting over and if the paint and bodywork wasn't so well done I would. (sorry for tooting my own horn). It's not my vision and I really feel like I made the wrong choice. MOF I'm ready to start another one this time without the doors being opened.(another decision I regret). That was too much work for not enough reward. I'm just too easily influenced by the voices I guess. I have so many of these trucks that I wouldn't have to repaint the black ones. I'll just get another set out and paint those lime green just to see how they look probably use chrome center hub caps on the next set. However, the green 65 stepside comes with steel wheels in chrome and I thought they were just custom enough. Either way, I'm gonna get it done so I can move on to the next build. Sorry for the rants but thanks for looking and encouraging me.
  20. Well, I'm not quiting on this project yet...I still have work to do. At the moment I'm wet sanding and polishing the body... here's a shot of it closer to a reveil... not sure if I'm keeping the wheels or if it needs custom wheels to fit the color now.
  21. Thanks, the top coat is Modelmaster's unfortunately I think it's been discontinued...
  22. Well it's probably no surprise but I didn't meet the deadline 😕 I was trying to finish the build for the MDA show but I started making small errors towards the end and I made the call to slow down and finish it without the pressure. I didn't want to compromise the build for the sake of having it done quickly. Here's where I stopped... Now that doesn't mean I didn't still meet the deadline on the new Mobious 65 Chevy II Gasser that finally got released. I slammed it together as quickly as possible for a build reveil. In case anyone was interested in building the kit here it is...
  23. Got her passenger built and what a fiddley little guy it was. Moving on. Today was a productive day. 1. Paint the Roof ✔️ 2. Apply decals ✔️ 4. Paint door panels ✔️ 5. Clean up overspray inside ✔️ and I got the go cart built ✔️ Tomorrow the goal is to have it finished! So here goes nothing or should it be said here goes everything?
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