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  1. I tried a different approach. I made a line drawing over a nice straight-from-the-side photo. I put it over the only K3 drawing I know, from an old Scale Models International issue. The fit is mediocre, and especially the 'greenhouses' are rather different. Sigh. Then a smart person pointed out that the drawings for the painting instructructions of the kit were probably derived from the 3D CAD model. So I overlayed my line drawing on that. The wheel positions and wheel openings are quite wrong, the skirt too tall, the front headlights too large, but the rest isn't bad. Especially the greenhouse matches pretty well. Amazing!! It's slowly becoming a case of 'man with two watches never knows the time' Ron, I still have to measure the windows on my kits, hopefully later today! Rob
  2. Yes, sure, I already felt unconfortable doing a sort-of-review in this section. Rob
  3. Gary, another thanks for the straight side photo. I made a drawing of it in CorelDraw, and maybe it will be of use for the kit review. It's not quite finished yet though. I overlayed it on the side view of the Nunu/Platz 935K3 model that I posted earlier, but it's no use, that photo has lots of perspective. Rob
  4. Ron, thanks again for your photos! The door problem looks bad.. worse than I thought.. I had spotted it too, but did not try to correct in my 'modified' side view. It (sort of) confirms the feeling that they've been messing with the center section of the car to make the front and rear match in height. I've thought of another way to answer the question of the greenhouse height. If you have calipers, and if you don't mind, could you measure the following dimensions. I will do the same on my Esci 934, Tamiya 934, Tamiya 935-76 and Tamiya 935-78 kits. To my uncalibrated eye, these last four have a similar greenhouse, that looks good to my eye (911-ish) , but maybe the numbers will tell a different story. Rob
  5. Ron, many thanks for your kit photos! The greenhouses look reasonable in these views. To be sure, we need telelens photos straight from the side. I've made those kind of photos but it isn't easy. I see something new in your photos: the running board of the K3 is much wider than that of the K2. I will have to start searching for K3 width and track numbers. You're absolutely right that 935 are notoriously difficult because the teams did so many modifications. However the #41 Le Mans winner was the third-built K3, fresh from Kremer in its first race. Also, Kremer built their K3s from factory-supplied bare chassis, and did not lower them, like for example the 935-78. Therefore the greenhouse should be close to the street version. That's my main reference point, together with the wheelbase figure. I'll probably buy the kit too and try to analyze it some more. Rob
  6. Gary, many thanks for your search! I tried to overlay it on the 'modified' image that I posted earlier, but it doesn't work . The kit was photographed with much more perspective, i.e. from a smaller (relative) distance. You can see it most clearly on the wing, the shift of the two endplates. Rob
  7. Ron, I am also eagerly awaiting this kit! However, someone pointed out that the model looked awkward. I looked into it, and came up with the following quick & dirty shape analysis. I *really* hope that the photo is of a prototype model, not the production kit. Can you compare your model to the photos below and comment? Thanks in advance! Rob
  8. Leslie, thanks for the information. I think I found the set at the manufacturer's website: https://www.scaleproduction.de/product_info.php?info=p2259_17--ronal-racing-dtm.html I did not know that they produced such a wide range of wheels, interesting! Rob
  9. Can you tell us more about these wheels, like the brand and catalog number? The reason I'm asking is because I've been chasing after Ronal wheels for years, and maybe these are the answer? Thanks in advance! Rob
  10. Here are my experiences: https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/ultrasonic.htm Rob
  11. I've done similar repairs - it's not too difficult. Pre-bend the plastic card if necessary, and finish with a bit of filler. The photos below will give you an idea, even if they're 20+ years old. Rob
  12. Hi Peteski! Please let me know what's outdated. I recently started to use a strike-through font instead of totally deleting these links, for the sake of history etc. Rob
  13. Since your original question wasn't answered, here's a long list of custom decal printers, bit Alps and non-Alps: https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/decals.htm#custom Rob de Bie
  14. Here's a drawing of what I described in words regarding the sill shape. Black is original, yellow the first widening, and red the final shape. But usually the sills were one step behind with the widening of the rear bodywork. Rob de Bie
  15. Thanks for the kind words. There's not much more to report on that build. Maybe it's useful to tell that I decided to build it completely different compared to the instructions. I will build it in three big components: the whole body including sills, the engine bay with rear suspension, and the cokpit plus front suspension. In the photos below you can see the sills cut off from the floor panel. I used parts from a second kit to make straight sills. All in all it's a bit of a puzzle, and the project is of the stop-and-go kind that you're all familiar with 🙂 But it's good fun to do this old but detailed kit justice. Rob
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