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  1. Last weekend I went to Euro Scale Modeling in Houten, The Netherlands. To my surprise a (relatively) new manufacturer was present: Wicked Model Cars. They have issued two 1/24 scale Hypercar models so far: Peugeot 9X8 Porsche 963 LMDh All parts are 3D printed, and looked great. Pricing is reasonable I think, slightly below LMM / Profil 24 I think. They also have a fairly large range of slot car models. https://www.wickedmodelcars.com Rob
  2. Not a straight answer to your question, but still a solution: with the technique shown in the video link below, I learned how to paint a body super smooth without orange peel in one go. No sanding between coats required. The Paasche H (or equivalent) is essential I believe, it doesn't work with a more sophisticated airbrush. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCKZ_fo4eW0 Here are some test parts that I painted with various brands of enamel paint. Rob
  3. To mention the obvious: have them 3D printed? I designed two sets of louvers for the Lancia LC2 race car. My designs were too thin, so they came out crooked, but you can see the potential. Rob
  4. Les, Dave and Gerry: if anyone of you guys could take some pictures of these boat kits, I would be a very happy modeler! Thanks in advance. Rob
  5. Based on the above, I decided to change the ellipse on the front side by taking off 5-6 mm on the lower side. I removed the sheet of plastic card that I glued on earlier, modified the plastic card bulkheads, and glued on a new piece of plastic card. Two more large pieces of sheet were glued on the bottom of the tank, and it was finally closed. I still need to change the curvature of the front bulkhead. The decrease in height towards the front can be seen here. I will admit the effect is fairly subtle. On the rear side, I made a 17 degree canted cut, and glued on another piece of plastic card. The rear bulkhead will need more more work, since it is bulged on the real thing. Next is an extensive round of adding filler. Rob
  6. That is excellent news! I had wanted to mention that I did not look into the history of that trailer. This could be the bit of information I was looking for! Back to the drawing board. Rob
  7. Bill, I found your model just today, on Youtube! A fantastic model, my hat's off. And know I know your website too, with lots of photos and explanation. I have some reading to do! Until today I did not know about the Keystone 3D printed tank trailer! Maybe that's a good thing, because it probably would have become very expensive before I got in my hands, due to shipping, customs and taxation.. Welcome to the Netherlands! Plus I butchered the Lindberg kit so much that there's no way back 🙂 Rob
  8. Brian, many thanks, that is an excellent photo! It allows the projection of an ellipse on it, if only for the left side of the photo (right side of the tank's front bulkhead). It strongly suggests that the ellipse was flattened at the bottom. Only question is: how accurate is this replica? Is it the exact same tank trailer as in the movie, or was it modified to resemble the movie trailer? Rob
  9. Here are two screenshots of the tank trailer in the ravine, at the end of the movie. It's 100% clear that the bottom side is curved, i.e. part of an elliptal shape. In a previously posted photo, it is easy to see that the bottom of the tank slopes down, from a point behind the hitch, to the 'skirts' with doors: What I cannot figure out is how that sloping section fits in the James Stevens drawings. That drawing has the same ellipses front and back. So if there's a sloping bottom, the center must be a taller ellipse. It could be that the center of the tanks dips down, like this. Maybe that is common on tank trailers? I did a bit of research of current tank trailers, and they don't have it, only tank trailers for concrete. The alternative explanation is that the drawing has an error, and that the front of the tank is a modified, lower ellipse, as drawn here. In both drawings, I made a flat / horizontal area above the hitch. But maybe the slope continues all the way to the front. There are crossbeams welded on the monocoque tank, and they could take care of that slope, and create a horizontal hitch area. Rob
  10. I'm at this stage now. I made a 70 mm long 'straight elliptical' section at the front, and a 100 mm section at the rear. But I'm still very much in doubt about which of the two layouts the real tank trailer had. This shot from the YouTube video 'aVLOGinauto - Duel truck behind the scenes and ride-along' makes me think that the front end was a flattened ellipse. But of course it's a replica. Rob
  11. I've done a lot of homework, especially on this forum, and I plan to build the 281 with the 'first' tank trailer. The James Stevens 1984 FSM drawing of the 'first' trailer appears to be fairly accurate, although I don't fully understand the sloping bottom, as explained above. No plans yet for a Valliant! I wouldn't know where to start, to be honest. Rob
  12. Recently I obtained the Lindberg 'Dodge L700 Tanker' model (73072), so I could finally start work on building a 'Duel' truck. I'm using the 1984 FSM drawing by James Stevens as my main reference, plus the 'Building The 'Duel' Truck Pt 2 - Scratch Building The Tanker Trailer' video by TrekWorks, and screenshots from the movie. I started the construction of the tank, but ran into a problem at the front. The kit has a faceted shape on the lower side, but I want to make it a elliptical shape, since that shape can be seen when the truck is down in the ravine. I plan to cut out the faceted part, and replace it with curved plastic card - not a big problem. My question is: what are the most likely cross-sections at various points? The real tanker-trailer has an eliptical shape front to back, judging from the shapes of the front and back bulkheads. The Stevens drawing has the same cross eliptical cross sections at both ends, and a slope behind the hitch, that can be seen in the movie. Therefore the shape in the middle should be a modified elipse. Does a dip in the middle make sense, for draining the tanks for example? However, this screenshot suggests flatter front section. So, alternatively, the rear half of the tank could have a constant cross section, and the section above the hitch is an elipse flattened at the bottom side. I've drawn it here: The reason why I'm afraid to make a mistake is that the trailer might be too high for the truck's hitch, leading to an inclined trailer. And I don't have the truck yet to make a test fit. Maybe someone with real-world tank trailer experience knows? Thanks in advance! Rob
  13. I'm drawing decals for a set of 1995/1996-ish SCCA Trans-Am Camaros. I'm working on the Kenny Wilden #40 car, and it's done except for the large hood decal. I've photoshopped it to make it more visible, and I read 'TRIZE...". Does anyone recognize this sponsor logo? Many thanks in advance! Rob
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