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  1. No problem, I'm an irregular poster here. It's a great forum! Regarding your review, I think I just found it: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/118409-73-mustang-kit-review/?tab=comments#comment-1715987 I will review it carefully and update my webpage where necessary, and add a link to it of course. Thanks! Rob
  2. I reread my web page, but I cannot find the reference to the AMT kit having the vent slots. I called them 'louvers' in the original version, but changed that to 'vent slots' in the updated one. BTW, I wonder whether some Ford prototypes had the vent slots after all. I checked my '1964 1/2 thru 1973 Mustang recognition guide', and on page 187 I think I see a car with the vent slots! Rob
  3. I recently made some vacformed gearbox tunnel parts, using our club-owned vacform machine. That worked pretty well. It's quite a bit of work to make the master though. Rob
  4. Thanks for the check, it's corrected now! Rob
  5. It looks great, amazing for a kit built with kit decals! Since you mention the track looks too wide: I'm working on a narrowed T-bird, with a longer nose too. Track went from ~62" to ~58" (front and rear), although I'm not sure that 58" was the real value. There still a ton of things to change, it won't be ready soon. Rob
  6. Old Photographs

    One slide scanning tip: let your software do an 'auto color correction'. I was amazed when I first tried it Rob
  7. Finding certain scale model..please help

    As promised: I went a little overboard with the 'liquid mud' but you're allowed to do that when you're 15-16 :-) Rob
  8. Finding certain scale model..please help

    I just found the old model in the attic, and I will shoot a few photos of it, warts and all :-) Rob
  9. Finding certain scale model..please help

    Small correction: the hood/bonnet and trunk/boot do open on the Tamiya kits, the doors don't. The engine bay is fully detailed, the trunk/boot too, with a fuel cell. The underside is also completely detailed. Very nice kits! Rob
  10. Finding certain scale model..please help

    Tamiya had a Fiat 131 in rallye version, that would fit the desciption. Although the doors did not open. I built the white and blue version when I was young. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/122774-tamiya-20015-fiat-131-abarth-rally https://www.scalemates.com/kits/122772-tamiya-20013-fiat-131-abarth-rally Rob
  11. No, the chassis was intended as a stand-alone model. I never planned to add the engine, suspension, bodywork, etcetera. The reason is that I've studying these 'Chapman' type of chassis for ages, trying to figure out the design philosophy. Building one in scale was very helpful. I started a similar-scaled Fokker Dr1 Dreidecker, but that one is stalled. Too many projects :-) Rob
  12. I scratchbuilt a similar chassis: 1/10 scale Locost chassis. It was a lot of fun, and less difficult than I expected. Unfortunately I made a painting mistake: most panels should be aluminum instead of steel color. Have fun with yours! Rob
  13. While searching for more information I made an amazing discovery: the photo that inspired the box art! I found it in the 4th 1976 issue of 'Autozeitung' on Ebay. AFAIK the car was not raced in this set of markings. Rob
  14. The roof modification could be tricky indeed. Especially since the rear window and rear 3/4 windows will not fit anymore. Here's a summary of what is not correct. I can add that the wheel openings are too circular, and the trim line should be removed. Maybe my 'problem' is that I like to tweak a model, to make it really mine :-) For example, I've been fiddling for years with a Monogram 83-85 T-bird to make a speedway version with reduced wheel track. The front model is the original, the rear one my modified body. It's still not ready, there's more to change :-) Rob
  15. Thanks for the photo comparison! I still haven't figured out how many body styles there were. The green one is a 1976 version I think, with a different air dam, rear wing and louvers in the rear fender. But the doors should be identical as you suggest. Rob