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  1. I think Gregg should fulfill all the subscription , that owes to people that has already pay
  2. I am paid up to issue 220, and last one I got was 205. Will I get my other 15 issue.
  3. pt20094dr

    New Body

    Is anyone going to cast a mustang body for NASCAR .
  4. My subscription expired with 220.
  5. How do I get a hold of Dave, need a phone number.
  6. Dose wings, wheels and waves also owne the resin part of MCW
  7. Having a hard getting a holded of MCW , are they still going
  8. What color blue and yellow for this car
  9. Has anyone on the forum used slot car fever decals, and long did it take to get them.
  10. Gregg are we going to get anymore issue this year. My last one was 202, if not I would like my $ back for my two year subscription.
  11. Gregg is it going to as long to get 202 as it did to get 201.
  12. Gregg got my #201 thank you.
  13. Gregg it 6/24/2016 no # 201 when are we going to get it.
  14. When is #201 going to be mailed. I renewed for two years, and if it going to take 4 years to get all of that renewal. I am going to want my 63.00 buck back. Oh by the way Gregg when I talk to you at the doctor on my cell, I told you I did not #200 I fonted it
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