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  1. Jay added a post in a topic Revell Nascar Fusion?   

    My build is of Jr's 2015 Dega winner.  I used Powerslide decals and yes, I did add a few things like the front splitter and I extended the rear bumper down like the super speedway cars.  My box art build up was the 2017 Chase Elliott Napa car.  I can assure you, the production tires are no different than the ones seen on the Revell display cars at the NNL's and on the box art for the Harvick Jimmy John's car.  If you build the model out of the box, the stance and position of the wheels is what everyone is seeing.  The wheels only need slight adjustments to get what you see in my 88 mock up.
  2. Jay added a post in a topic Revell Nascar Fusion?   

    What everyone needs to realize is that the tires are the correct size.  The reason they look like "blobs" is because there is no lettering on them.  It makes the sidewall look huge.  The tires from my 88 above are the ones in the Fusion kit.  The other thing everyone needs to realize, is how they are positioned on the suspension.  IMHO, the fronts sit out a tick too far.  This is an extremely easy fix.
  3. Jay added a post in a topic 2015 WEC Corvette C7R   

    I used a Tamiya weathering kit and some flat black dry brushed for the rubber bits.
  4. Jay added a post in a topic 2015 WEC Corvette C7R   

    Thanks!  I had Patto's remove all the color from the sheet.
  5. Jay added a topic in Under Glass   

    2015 WEC Corvette C7R
    I can finally call this one done!  It's basically box stock with tweaks to the ride height and I made new lower fog lamps and lenses.  The paint is Gravity Colors Velocity Yellow with 2 part clear and the decals are from Patto's.
    Stay tuned for a super detailer once the new SMS kit arrives sometime in January!

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  6. Jay added a topic in All the Rest   

    Optimus Prime from Dark of the Moon
    I've been working on this for the past 5-6 months and finished a few weeks ago.  This a Takara Tomy kit only sold in Japan.  I scored one off eBay around a year ago.  The kit depicts Optimus from The Dark of the Moon movie. This thing is insanely engineered!!  everything moves, turns, twists... it's 100% posable in almost every way.  The fit/finish is incredible too!  I built him out of the box, but painted everything I could.  The decals were really the only thing that sucked about this kit.  it's 1/35th scale, so, it's a little on the tall side.  I hope you enjoy looking at the pics!

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  7. Jay added a post in a topic Revell's new Corvette Racing C7R   

    No, I believe it will be molded in white for the body, black for the chassis, and clear and colored parts.
  8. Jay added a topic in Under Glass   

    Revell's new Corvette Racing C7R
    I got the OK from Ed from Revell to show this at the NNL East.  So, I went to work and got it done just in time!  I corrected the body and brought it up to 2016 aero specs and added 24 hours worth of track wear. There were two of these at the NNL East, mine and Dave Thibodeau's.  His was at the Revell table and the one that Revell used for the box art.  I believe Ed said these would be out around the end of the summer or early Fall,
    On to the build.  I was going to detail the chassis more, but it's so simplified, I just added a few little things that can be seen peeking into the windows.  **If anyone can get the pics to show up in the thread, be my guest... they will not upload from the URL.**
    The chassis before I glued the body down:

    The completed model:
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  9. Jay added a topic in Under Glass   

    Kurt Busch's City Chevrolet Nationwide Camaro
    My Atlanta build is finally complete.  This is a moderately detailed shelfer of Kurt's Nationwide Camaro run at Daytona.  This is Powerslide's Camaro resin body and various decals to make the current City Chevrolet scheme.  A friend provided some extras like the numbers and contingencies.  The paint is that Aztek pre-thinned stuff topped with 2 part urethane.  I had an issue with the resin gassing out under the clear making little bubbles, but I finished it anyway, it will look nice on my shelf and no one else will have one!.  A little race damage and weathering hid a bit of the issues too.  I still need to make a base, but this baby is ready to run!
    Here's some of the detail that went into the build...

    Completed model...

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  10. Jay added a topic in Under Glass   

    Bad Brad's 2012 #2 Miller Lite Charger
    Built from the AMT Impala kit with the updated resin nose… I turned the Chevy into a Dodge. The paint is a custom mix of Tamiya Mica blue over a silver base. I then applied a candy blue layer and then cleared it. The decals are from Powerslide.

    I did a slightly raced look on this build. I like how the yellow wheels look with brake dust build up… especially on the front wheels.
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  11. Jay added a post in a topic #46 Superflo Lumina from Days of Thunder   

    Thanks guys!! The movie was terrible, but as a kid, the cars made it for me. He's a few more of the movie cars I've built.

  12. Jay added a topic in Under Glass   

    #46 Superflo Lumina from Days of Thunder
    With this finished, I have a few days rest before we head down to Atlanta. This is a POS AMT kit… reworked into a respectable model. Major roll cage bashing went into this to get the body down nice. I also cut the fuel cell off an old Monogram chassis and added it. AMT molded theirs flush under the car. The paint is Rustoleum neon pink topped with U Pol clear and the decals are Powerslide. Up next, the City Chevrolet Lumina on the Revell kit!
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  13. Jay added a topic in Under Glass   

    2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible
    I made this from the pre-decorated Maisto kit available since Revell has no plans on doing the C7 Corvette. I added brake rotors from an old Jada kit and the interior was painted using pics I found on the Chevy website. I also added a few PE goodies here and there. This simple kit builds up nicely!

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  14. Jay added a topic in Under Glass   

    Dale Jr's 2012 TDKR Impala
    This is a lightly modified shelf build using Powerslide decals and Clay Kemp's resin nose update. It's been awhile since I posted here and I'd thought I'd share...

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  15. Jay added a post in a topic Clear coating race car models. Should they be that shiny?!   

    Revell hasn't produced any CoT cars Drew... I assume you mean AMT? They really aren't that bad. They make great shelfers and can provide a decent base for a super detailer.

    And going back to my points about cleared over body wraps... those cars are purpose built for the plate tracks ONLY! They typically hang new sheet metal after those races anyway because of the bump drafting, rubbing and whatnot. I have been next to Jamie McMurray's Daytona winner and can tell you with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY, the entire car was cleared over. The contingencies, numbers, and the large vinyl camo swatches all around the car. There was not one edge from vinyl exposed. Some teams will actually go through the trouble of painting the roof and door numbers instead of using a decal!

    Again, I would say try to duplicate your reference or period to get as close a finish as possible. I bounce around with 2 part clear or lacquers depending on the era or reference. Some Tamiya paints buff out nicely without any clear at all!

    There ain't a lick of clear on this Z06 at all!