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  1. I built this using the Hobby Design kit. The paint is Splash Metallic Gulf Blue.
  2. My recently completed, full detail build of Jr’s 2002 No Bull winner. I used the Revell Profinish body and the glue kit for the chassis. There is heavy modification and scratch building throughout. I was hoping to debut this at this year's NNL East, but it got cancelled. If anyone has questions on the build up, please don’t hesitate to ask!
  3. Complete! Built box stock with the new Powerslide decals. The finish is Createx Magenta Pearl and Tamiya black with Splash 2K clear.
  4. This car is only seen briefly in the movie and is driven by Aldo Benedetti(Don Simpson, the movie's producer). The decal sheet is brand new from Powerslide and is incredible. I used Createx Magenta Pearl based upon the few photos that exist of the car.
  5. I spent a lot of time looking at photos of this car from the 1992 Atlanta race, trying to get the "look" right. It's a Monogram 89-92 T-bird body with the chassis from the 94/95 kit. I did some light body mods based on the photos I used.
  6. This is the resin body that Henrik Ludwig mastered. He does a Mustang and Camry too.
  7. I just wrapped this up for the actual vehicle’s owner, Lance Miller. What a tough kit to build! Lots of work went into the planning phase on this, including making the nose one piece. I was able to get some Gravity paint to match the 1:1 car’s midnight blue paint from a friend, rather than the source. That was topped with Splash 2K clear. Overall I am very pleased with the results and I hope the new owner will be too!
  8. This was built using the 90 Monogram Lumina kit. I tried to duplicate the Daytona 500 camera car that ran in the actual race. The camera pods were made out of aluminum tube with stuffed animal eyes for the lenses. The paint is House of Kolor Honey orange, which is what was used on the real car. The decals are from Powerslide.
  9. Built using the Revell Thunderbird with the correct mail slot front grille. The paint is Tamiya black with Splash 2K clear coat. The decals are from Powerslide.
  10. I built this using a resin 2020 Camaro body and Revell gen6 chassis. The paint is Tamiya neon red topped with Splash 2K clear coat... decals are by MPR with the "43's" robbed from the Aric Almirola Powerslide sheet.
  11. Scroll up, I modified the Gen 6 one. It also fits with minimal mods if you want to just build a shelf model.
  12. Decals are done and the body is polished out. Now, back to the chassis work!
  13. I’m going to use Alclad chrome and then I’ll hit them with Tamiya clear orange. They should look good.
  14. I’m using Mike’s Decals new Camaro body with heavy chassis modifications. This will be built with the hood open and full engine details. Here is my progress so far... the body is painted with Splash Paints Lexus Liquid Blue Pearl. Decals are from Powerslide. I will be clearing over this again once all the flame decals are on.
  15. Thanks Dave! It really is a nice kit. It kills the C7R... and that’s saying something coming from me! ?
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