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  1. Yer joshin' right? You don't know much about this machine????????????????????????????Looks to me that you know a lot about it! Fantastic work my friend!!👌
  2. Got it a long time ago from a UK supplier. Unfortunately he went out of business and they are no longer available. I wish they were as they are real handy for hood and even doors that have the continuous hinge. The small door hinges are readily available from places like Micro-Mark.
  3. The body got a coat of paint today but it needs one more. It is a shade darker than the cab and that is just a case of not as much paint on the body as on the cab. A light sanding and then a final coat should do it.
  4. Too coarse unless it is N or Z scale. Asphalt aggregate is 3/4" or smaller in actual scale.
  5. Makes you wonder if he's going to find some scale asphalt mix to put inside the hopper, eh??😁
  6. The hose is sewing elastic that I stained. The reel is from one of the AMT American LaFrance kits. I thinned down the reel sides considerably before assembly. It still needs supports, the supply line and the small electric motor for rewinding the hose.
  7. 👍👍!!!!🖐️A high 5 for sure!
  8. Work continues with some painting completed. Doing pieces separately on this model seems to be working best as I don't have too much paint in some places and not enough in others. Also got started on the Wisconsin V-4 powered Hale pump for the rear. Lots more to go.
  9. Well Done! That's about as nice as it gets! Blade weathering is especially perfect!
  10. This whole mess can cause one to get a bit edgy. I don't know what the future will bring but I know One who does. Nothing to fear, really.
  11. You keep going and the Decker Construction Company is going to need a bigger shop!😏
  12. That looks like pretty greasy mud!!😁
  13. No I didn't but it was not difficult. The hood is made of 4 pieces of brass. In the photo above you will note a solder line at the break in contour. For the bottom section, I placed a piece of the brass in a small brake to put a sharp bend in it. I then cut the brass close to the sharp bend side. I did this for each side of the hood. Then I laid this curved piece down with the sharp bend edge just touching another flat piece of brass that I annealed to soften it. The two pieces were then soldered together. In the photo above you can see where the curved bottom section overlaps the other piece. Then I used a piece of brass tubing as a form and bent the top piece of each side of the hood to finish the curve at the sides. I did this repeatedly until I had each side close to the bends I needed. Then and only then did I cut the two hood sides to fit the opening. Once this was done I soldered each half of the center hinge in place. The brass pin that holds the hinge together was replaced with a piece of stainless steel rod of the same size. The steel is stiffer and allowed the two hood sides to be taken apart repeatedly until the fit was as close as I could get it. Filing the edges took some time. I drilled small holes in the cowl and radiator shell for two small slivers of brass sheet that had holes drilled in them to accept the steel rod. After the hood was put in place and the slivers dropped in each hole I put a small amount of superglue in the hole to secure them. Final fitting took place after this was done because now I had a secure way to align the hood each time. The louvers on the hood sides are pieces of quarter round plastic rod. Latches are pieces of brass rod with an inside catch.
  14. Here are a couple of update photos. Got started on the supports for the front brush bars and finished up the front mounted winch.
  15. Now that is scratch building at its finest! Great work and congratulations on a well presented work horse.
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