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  1. Got more work done on the pump enclosure and the trailer. Most of what is left to do on the pump is detailing it and attaching it to the end of the engine.
  2. Hey, Bob. Think about trying this. use long strips of thin stock, say 0.020" and glue them longitudinally across those forms. When they are all in place sand them down and fill in the gaps with putty or CA and sanding dust. That keeps the curvature and makes it really strong. Here's an example of what I mean. Those are all individual strips across the top of the body above the windshield. Then they were sanded smooth. Here's what I did inside. I mixed up some two part resin and poured it inside the top and sloshed it around until it started to set. This made the inside just as smooth as the outside. You should be able to adapt this method to what you are doing. Just glue the strips to the two end bulkheads you have and use the in between ones just to hold the line of the strips. Glue around them and then remove them when all is done. Then you can fill in the gaps. Let me know if this helps.
  3. The brass sheet was annealed first. Then I used a piece of brass tubing to roll the brass sheet against. So now the top is pretty soft but there's no reason why it can't be. I'm going to put some Archer rivet decals on the end piece and over the top a bit. On the trailer the tail lights need to be finished as well. paint the inside silver first, then fill in with two part epoxy. Then paint with clear red. Then put an OD decal over the whole thing to mark the oval light lens and the blackout light slit below.
  4. Been working on the engine, pump and pump enclosure for the Class 1000 fire pump that the WC-63 will tow. The trailer is nearly done. The pump enclosure is all brass stock. The engine is the T214 that Dodge provided in just about all of its vehicles in the WC series as well as for the fire pump. With there being only one engine type to service it made things a bit easier. The pump itself is a Hale centrifugal 500 gpm unit. The fuel tank is roughed out Ren Shape. The filler will be through a cap on the top of the enclosure cover. It is gravity flow to the fuel pump and then up into the carb. Engine exhaust will be up and through the hole in the end of the enclosure. In the second photo the pump is where it will be located. The shaft from the engine runs through the face of the enclosure and is direct drive to the pump. Here's the location of the pump enclosure in the trailer. Since the last posting there has been a lot of gathering of materials to use on the WC-63. Recently the rear springs were made up along with a portion of the parts that make up the trunnion. Six radius rods will need to be made as well as a connecting rod that holds the springs together on each side of the frame. Ever wish you had a six volt battery in your parts box but could never find it? I made one up from strip stock and small pieces of plastic rod, glued it to a strip of plastic and plunged it into a glob of blue clay. I sprayed the battery with mold release before doing so. That kept the clay from sticking to the battery master. Carefully pulling the master free so as not to distort the clay I poured the cavity full of 2 part resin and let it cure. That's the casting in the lower center of the photo with the master on a stick beside it. 😎
  5. I'm with ya on that. Good looking screen. Mine is brass but looks quite similar. I like using odd stuff and I'm always on the lookout for items that can be used to benefit scratch building. Craft shops and even sewing and fabric shops are great places to get materials. Have you seen the new package of tiny brass tubing by Trumpeter? Next time I'm at the LHS I'm picking some up. Four different sizes with pieces about 6" long and they telescope.
  6. The wire screen is from KS Special Shapes. I've had it a while and I'm not sure if it is still available. Jeff: The screen I used is not woven. It is flat like punched screening would be. Is that what you used on the snowblower?
  7. Archer rivet decals are really great. They stand out just enough after painting to look real. I've used them before on a truck that had a riveted body. I think the best ones to use are the O scale rivets. They make HO scale also but they are so small it doesn't make sense to try and use them. Great work! Outstanding attention to detail!
  8. It carries a 500 gpm Hale pump powered by a Chrysler 6 cylinder engine. It also carried hose and tools for fire fighting. Some of these old trailer pumps are still around. They were put together by a host of different companies including Maxim, Howe, American LaFrance and others. They were towed by either the WC-52 or the WC-63. Here is one that I already have done for someone else. This one will stay with my collection.
  9. Hey, Paul! Sometimes I only work half fast!😆 But like Bob said I did cast some of the parts in the WC-52 build that will be the same for the WC-63. So there was a plan so to speak! The plan is also to build the trailer pump for the 63 to pull. Here it is attached to the 52 just for kicks.
  10. WOW! that's all that can be said! Scratch building skills at its best! Thanks for posting. Looking forward to the finished product.
  11. The WC-52 is now done. The next build is an upgrade in weight and size and is the WC-63. At 1.5 tons and 6x6 it is 4 feet longer than the 52. Here's where we are with the very beginning of the project. it is the same front sheet metal as the WC-52 and same engine. Different shape to the frame which was made of 0.040" sheet for the web and 0.020" strip stock for the flanges. Springs are made of 1/64 x 3/32 brass soldered together at the ends.
  12. Where did the poseable front axle and tires come from? Great looking model. And a nice color combination.
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