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  1. Current progress on my rotator, 3406A converted to a 3406C
  2. current status of my heavy hauler, back on the bench after a year on the half built shelf
  3. Dan: look forward to finishing this thing up, still have a long way to go but getting there! kevin: thanks brother gonna be a while yet but looking forward to finishing this thing, think I'll build one of my can dos next (no chassis airlines) lol
  4. the jeep which is in between the lowboy and the tractor redistributes the pin weight while the stinger or dog in the back takes weight off of the lowboy itself
  5. Thanks guys, added a water filter and hoses and a working dipstick!
  6. Made some progress after a long Stint of zero motivation, still a ton of plumbing to do and can't forget about the grease on the lowboy ramps
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