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  1. I have used Testors one coat lacquer before and it's turned out the best I'm for sure going with that next. build and learn....I'm new
  2. Okay so this time in the purple pond the paint seemed to come off a lot better I don't know why it was just a different color and I didn't even leave it in pond as long but still had some paint on it so I sprayed brake clean on it and didn't really do much now going back to purple pond to try to get the rest off. I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to use this body might have to trash another one! I will take a pic of first body which is red then second body which is black.
  3. Haven't warmed paint up...the paint and primer comes all at once but it's like I have to chop it off
  4. The acrylic enamel it's a bigger can than the perfect match
  5. Also I tried painting trim...didn't work. Used paint marker...didn't work. So I'm gonna try BMF for first time but seems like trim on body is so thin. Hope I can do it. Also the paint builds up around emblems that are on body. What should I do about that?
  6. Solution was brand new at the time I put body in. Purple Power. My issue is seems like that paint is going on so thick and also looks terrible.
  7. this is twice now I've tried to paint my mustang body with Dupli Color paint from advanced auto I've have bought 2 kits also because paint will not come off in purple pond. I use this paint with Dupli Color primer also. Im going to try again. I also don't think I'm doing wet sanding in correct order. Could I get some advice on which rattle can paint you all have good luck with? In which order do you all like to prime paint wet sand and polish your bodies?
  8. winter is coming, cold nights starting in the mountains where I live. I paint my car bodies outside. What are yalls opinion on how cold can it be till you shouldn't paint outside?
  9. im thinking about getting a kit to do air brush painting. I was wondering what brands and types of air brush paint does everyone like use?
  10. Thanks everyone that all sounds good. I'm curious to see how the marker does, and thanks for all the encouragement to try BMF, I will be trying it soon!
  11. hey guys, so I'm not having luck with painting on window trim and such. I'm not ready to try BMF so I'm painting my trim using model master silver chrome trim. It's not that paint, I just can't get a clean edge. Is it my painting skills not good enough? Need more practice? I taped it off and that didn't work in some areas. If you mess up the painted trim is your car screwed? I'm throwning mine in purple pond now because of mistake on trim....anyone give me tips tricks pointer on painting trim or other ideas please...thanks
  12. UPDATE well not really....haven't had any bench time but I decided to do some body work on the hood. It didn't fit well. I wasn't happy with 2 decals I put down the side of car so they came off and well it's going back in the paint booth. Gonna try and get everything matching haha. Body hood bumpers everything done again. Wish me luck.
  13. Yeah something happened to the hood it's lighter color like it faded oh well like I'd said I'm gonna clear it and let it go then on with the next build.
  14. Thanks Draggon exacally what I was looking for
  15. I was wondering what you all thought was the best website to get distributors and wires together? Also what are the best sites to get other detail parts?
  16. Got my 3rd build on the bench. I'm a mopar man but this kit was a gift so I figured it get it going. Not to many pieces with this kit. It's my first time putting on decals and I'm nervous to put the rest on, I think I'm gonna leave them off and clear coat it in the next few days. I have had a problem out of the hood. I have primered and painted the body and hood at same time but in seperate pieces and the hood is totally different color! I don't know why. I'm very busy in the spring and summer so it's gonna be fun this winter to get lots of bench time!
  17. I purchased 3 cans of dupli color paint (primer, color, clear)
  18. Thank you all...already got next build in primer 👍🏼
  19. Thanks guys, yeah it's my second build ever, I build my first one last year...I think I'm hooked on this hobby.
  20. Finished the '67 Charger. There are many mistakes in the paint job. I didn't wet sand it or clear it...this is my 2nd build ever so it was go practice. Gonna do some things different next. Fun build.
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