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  1. Well it been almost a year since I’ve done anything to this but I did get it repainted and I ordered a hood off of eBay that didn’t fit so with lots of re working the the hood I got it as good as it’s going to get
  2. Super Finish! I like the tuck and roll on the ceiling a Classic touch you don’t see. A job well done
  3. Brian. Very nice and I like that your using my Brothers casting. I have some old narrow Pete hoods he made me in the early 80s I’ll post some day. Bill made his first Narrow Nose Pete around 1970 and still has the truck today. He use that pattern to make the Master for the hood your using now. Very cool using the 1100 Hi-rise cab for this build not to many were made I think the last was in 1976. I’ll be watching closely and thanks for mentioning Bill’s name on this he will appreciate it Bill’s been through a lot the last couple years he lost a step daughter and he battled kidney cancer and won and several back surgeries. He’s doing very well now and still build awesome trucks.
  4. Ben. That’s looking great! I need to get back on mine.
  5. That paint job with the white top could almost pass as a Little Window Pete
  6. Really like those colors I have a day cab single axle that is very close to that color keep up the good work
  7. The frame is ready for paint as soon as the weather gets warmer. I guess I’ll start on the interior
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