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  1. Nice I’ll be watching my Dad drove one back in the late 1950s on east to west coast runs.
  2. Great job on the doors and air lines to the wedged breaks
  3. Brian your too kind thanks for the complement and stopping by. I was on the fence about this color scheme but International always came up with some good mixed and matched colors
  4. Thanks Jeff I’ll get the some pics when I’m ready to build it
  5. Jim. Thanks for the complement I didn’t think it would with the green frame Jeff. Thanks for the complement. It’s been a fun build and I wonder if I could add the Dump trailer as part of this build?
  6. Thanks JT if I can fine what I done with the wheels I’ll post it with wheels but I’ve missed placed them
  7. I finished up some 1/32 trucks the first of the year when life was normal
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