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  1. Looks good. I’ve been working on one with Don Mills For about a year now off and on I’ll try to get some pics of it
  2. Thanks JT yeah that Orange and black one is nice post some pics of your collection so far.
  3. Gator. Thanks for the complement and stopping by it’s been to hot to paint the rear wheels hope to get back on it soon
  4. Some great stuff guys I like that Dodge ramp Truck
  5. Randy thanks I’ll keep you guys updated
  6. Here’s some 1/64 DCP Peterbilt 379s I’m working on rebuilding. I’ve been collecting them for a few years now I mostly buy the parts only like the Cab, Hood, and put them on different frames and change them from when they came from the factory. I like to “calm them down a little” without all the big visors, dozer bumpers and fenders.
  7. Chris. Do you need the original when Winross wheels and tires if you do I can think I can help you
  8. Cut the tab and do it your way can’t always use the tabs and the mounts the model companies make or show you where to put them I’ve done it lots of times. Your truck is looking good and I don’t see negativity in what you say in your reply these old kits and be a nuisance sometimes
  9. Jeff. Thanks I’ve seen a few A64B dump trucks mostly are DC64.
  10. Jeff. Thanks for the complement it’s been a fun build. I’ll have a update on a couple days. When I bought the real truck I asked what color green was that the owner said it ford jade green I matched it with Dupicolor rattle can Enrico. Welcome to the forum and thanks for stopping by and the complement
  11. Dan. Thanks that’s a good idea I just might have to do that
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