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  1. Thanks for the complement Dan should be finished before long.
  2. Nice job on the Plumbing and over all. Looks like a New Caterpillar Yellow color
  3. Jerry that’s a nice color and I always get great results with Rustoleum. Cab looks good
  4. I bought this truck back in 1986 at my local Hobby Shop. The Box in the background is for a reference. I painted it as a Dohrn Transfer Truck and a couple years ago I dug it out of storage and painted the cab a Camouflage Tan. This weekend I decided to start rebuilding this truck from my teenage years. This is what I have so far. I rebuilt the frame and put the engine back together and painted both.
  5. Put this back on the Bench this morning hope to finish this up soon.
  6. Yeah heard about it early this morning he passed away last night
  7. Thanks for the complements Guys. Using Wheels and tires from another source helps the looks of these old models
  8. Well it’s been years since I touch this. Last night I decided to pick it up and give it another go. I removed the windshield again and this time I chopped it. I had a old Signature 1/32 Cadillac in the parts box so I took the wheels off of it and added them which I think really improved it. I also added the exhaust tips from the Caddy. Hope to have this done soon.
  9. Funny you post this my Brother and I just had a conversation about it today I told him I wasn’t happy with the way it turned out he said I used the wrong putty. I think I’m going to redo this with plastic and Balloons like I did the bottom portion. Thanks for point that out and the advise Hope to have more updates soon
  10. Finished the other side and did some more sanding on this tonight.
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