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  1. Thanks guys for your kind words and compliments Larry I’m with you there I also love those R Models and B Models
  2. Thanks David that day in his basement he gave me this cool box to put my parts in he was a great guy
  3. I built this back around 1988 the years have took its toll on it. I’ve lost several pieces it stayed in my mom and dad‘s house for many years before I retrieved it my Mom and Dad both smoked very heavy and it has bad nicotine damage to the paint and decals so I’ve decided to rebuild it. A friend of mine called the “Junkman” who came to shows in St. Louis for many years helped get the parts I needed to build it back in 1988. He long has passed away but it was always a treat to visit his house and go down to the basement and stand in all and look at those old model kits and “Junk” so this build I’m dedicating it to him. Thanks for the memories Charlie.
  4. Super clean build and I like the back drop also
  5. Now that’s the van I remember growing up super paint job
  6. Nice clean build and I love that Root-beer color
  7. Every time I see this I hear John Cash great build Chuck
  8. What a great idea and at the peak of picking season great timing. You did a fabulous job on this
  9. Andy Thanks for the complement my wife pick one up about a year ago there I’m going to have her pick up another one next week before there gone they’ve been on the shelf for a long time Oliver. Thanks for the complement glad you like it
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