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  1. Yeah heard about it early this morning he passed away last night
  2. Thanks for the complements Guys. Using Wheels and tires from another source helps the looks of these old models
  3. Well it’s been years since I touch this. Last night I decided to pick it up and give it another go. I removed the windshield again and this time I chopped it. I had a old Signature 1/32 Cadillac in the parts box so I took the wheels off of it and added them which I think really improved it. I also added the exhaust tips from the Caddy. Hope to have this done soon.
  4. Funny you post this my Brother and I just had a conversation about it today I told him I wasn’t happy with the way it turned out he said I used the wrong putty. I think I’m going to redo this with plastic and Balloons like I did the bottom portion. Thanks for point that out and the advise Hope to have more updates soon
  5. Finished the other side and did some more sanding on this tonight.
  6. Thanks for the complement. I really like these little kits always did. I plan on building more of these out of my stash. Glad I could bring back some memories.
  7. Thanks it’s been fun so far not to excited about working with that putty then we’ll see how fun it gets.
  8. Spent about 30 minutes getting the body prepared for paint removing glue spots and mold lines.
  9. This is a very old Palmer model kit from the 60s that I got in a collection off of eBay. I will be turning this into a 60s Street Hot Rod. I’ll be using parts from the Lindberg Show Rods kit. I removed the Engine and the Spare tire wells. I’m not big fan on putty but I thought I would try out this Tamiya putty it’s not bad easy to work with. That will be all for tonight.
  10. This is what I’ll be starting on soon. Bought this at a Model Show in St. Louis about 20 years ago also bought the tires and wheels there too but separately
  11. Sorry for your loss. I also had Covid Pneumonia in both lungs thank God my wife is a Respiratory therapist she’s been one for 32 years she took care of me last November when I had it. Your Mustang looks great hope some day you will pick it back up. Your in my prayers.
  12. I would like to withdraw from the 2022 BRBO please.
  13. Thanks guys hope to get started on it soon. I don’t know if I’ll be putting a winch on it but it’s a thought
  14. Very nice. I built a Ertl International 4070A Bekins back in 1992 for the truck I used HO decals and for the trailer I had a print shop make the trailer decals they came out very nice they were made from Vinyl.
  15. Glad you like it. I will be glad to see my Brothers truck back on the shelf.
  16. Nice start I’ve always liked this kit it always builds good for me without issues.
  17. Here’s my entry for the BRBO 2022. I’ll be re- building a AMT White Western Star. I’ll be using the Cab and Hood from my brother Bill’s that he built back in 1973. It will be pretty much Box Stock with some Heavy Duty Spoke wheels, Headache Rack and maybe a winch. I painted the cab around 1999 and done little to it since. I hope to my brothers old truck some justice with these new parts as a donor.
  18. Nice progress and paint job Dan. I’ll be following along
  19. Rog. I’m sorry but I’ve changed my mind I think I’m going to build a 1/25 AMT White Western Star instead wonder if you can change that for me thanks and delete my previous build thread.
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