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  1. Nice finish Ken I like the color combo’s
  2. Thanks for the complement going to make some stacks for it and do some work on the headache rack then I’m calling it done
  3. Very nice scratch work I may have to borrow your recipe some day
  4. Before calling it quits for the day I added some license plate decals to the bumper and Company decals to the tanks and a stripe to the Luberfiner
  5. I’ve often thought about filling them with resin but I’ve built so many I really don’t pay attention to them. To be honest I wouldn’t waste my time on fixing them and focus my energy on what’s going to be seen than unseen. That’s just my opinion. Your updates look nice and I like how you’re fixing the dash. I’ve thought about framing up a couple of mine several times in the pass but never did.
  6. Thanks me too. I got the wheels from the AMT Volvo N10. Hope to finish this one tomorrow or tonight
  7. While having my 1/32 scale out I ran across this build from 2019. So I decide to build on it and maybe finish this one too. Last night I added the Cab lights, Horns, Tarp, Luberfiner and mounted the Cab/Sleeper to the frame. Today I made some bracelets for the toolbox and filed the bumper down thinner and de-chromed it.
  8. Thanks for the complement. I have the Kenworth T-600 but haven’t really looked at it closely. The details are nice on this one they changed the wheels to more of a tubeless type than a tube type as were on there early kits. I like how you are fixing the dash in your T-600 I have a Peterbilt 359 dash I need to fix like that. I’ll have more updates later.
  9. Thanks. This is how I got kinda got started building Model trucks. I used to sit and watch my older brother Bill build those 1/25 scale kits in the early 1970s I tried a AMT 1/43 Peterbilt one time when I was around 6 years old it was a disaster. Then on the Christmas of 1979 my brother Bill bought me my first Snap Tite model truck which was the GMC General and Mom and Dad bought me the Chevy Bison. Bill helped me with the decals on both but I finally got to build a truck on my own. I have a pic of them sitting together somewhere of them both on our Kitchen table I will post it some day. These have a lot of potential if you think about it but I just still like building them for fun.
  10. Before calling it a night on this one I added the decals and done a quick mock up.
  11. Dan. Thanks for the complement and I’m glad I revisited it too. Hope to have this done soon.
  12. Steve. It will be with white sides and sliver roof. I like the Aerodyne too. Wish Monogram would have done better job on the Freightliner Cabover than they did. The Cabover Peterbilt was a good one too.
  13. Thanks for the complement. I plan on putting the Monogram Fruehauf Reefer Van behind it leased to National Carrier’s Jerry was kind enough to add them on the sheet when he printed them with out me asking. Hope to have more updates soon for you guys.
  14. Well it's been awhile since I had this out on the bench. Thought I would try to finish this one up. Since my last post I ordered some decals from Jerry ( Modeltruckindecals.com) and painted the Air cleaner/Stack bracelets and added the Wheels and Tanks.
  15. These are very easy and basic don’t over think it. I’ve built several of these myself thinking outside the box using automotive paints and different scale decals and making my own Decals as well. Here’s a few of mine that I’ve built in the past. The ideas for these “Quick” builds are endless.
  16. Thanks for the complement Dan should be finished before long.
  17. Nice job on the Plumbing and over all. Looks like a New Caterpillar Yellow color
  18. Installed the Engine and put a Gloss Coat on the cab.
  19. Jerry that’s a nice color and I always get great results with Rustoleum. Cab looks good
  20. I bought this truck back in 1986 at my local Hobby Shop. The Box in the background is for a reference. I painted it as a Dohrn Transfer Truck and a couple years ago I dug it out of storage and painted the cab a Camouflage Tan. This weekend I decided to start rebuilding this truck from my teenage years. This is what I have so far. I rebuilt the frame and put the engine back together and painted both.
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