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  1. Dan yes it is nice he’s helped me for years and I trust his knowledge and methods he’s been a Master Builder before I was born over 50 years ago.
  2. Yes Big Brother you’ve Taught me so many Modeling tricks over the years I could fill this Thread up with them. Thanks for sharing your Knowledge with me over the Decades.
  3. Nice Vintage build thanks for sharing. The Brush painting looks nice. My favorite pic is the last one.
  4. Ken. What a Beautiful rendition of this Truck. Best one I’ve seen so far you did a great job on it.
  5. Thanks Casey for the complement. I tried a transparent blue over metallic on the Brown one I built came out nice but the White stripes I tried to mask off was a disaster. I ended up soaking it in Brake Fluid and I re-painted it a Testors goldish brown which I still have the truck today. This was back in 1987 I was still learning. I always thought the box art was a metallic blue.
  6. Thanks for the complement I’m glad you like it I had some leftover decals so I thought I would put them to good use. I hope I have this finished soon.
  7. Great idea different colors clean build
  8. I think these are one of the best Jerry has done. Thanks for the complement I’m going to keep chipping away at it.
  9. Ken that is the best looking and most convincing Blue Mule I’ve seen. Very well done.
  10. That RD with a dump bed would look good especially the Autocar bed very east coast look
  11. Here’s one of Dave’s (AITM) he used his flat back cab. The flat Back was made from late 1965-73. They add 3” to the back of the cab in 73. I’m not sure what your asking are you building a Mack DM600 short steel hood? If so I would buy one from Gary Wallace. He sells the hood only and use the new AMT/ MPC Mack DM600 or DM800. Yes you can take a MPC Mack DM800 and Married it up with a AMT Mack R model cab. You will have to Re-Fab the top of the hood and make the back of the fenders If you want I can take some pics of the one I got from Dave. Hope this helps
  12. Thanks for the complement. Yes I did it about 35 years ago you will have to thin the back of the hood some we’re it Marries up to the back of the cab and it should work. I have no round headlights for this so I’m robbing some from a DM600 kit if you look the tree is the same as the DM800
  13. Finally a update. Re-Painted the Engine and weathered the Manifold and Turbo. I also painted the interior panels.
  14. Your sprinting to the finish line with a nice looking truck great scratch work too.
  15. Thanks Al. I’m thinking this will be a easy one for you
  16. Looks good Warren. I think I like your color better than the real one.
  17. I hope you find it. Here’s a pic of my first one I built back in 1987 as I mentioned it in the beginning of the thread.
  18. Thanks for the reminder but after I built this frame last week I remembered that. I had to take the cab mount back out you can probably see where I glued it. Going to line the cab and hood up then slip that cab mount back in.
  19. Some more work done last night. Shorted the frame and I set the Axle Forward a little bit for a better stance. I’ll Balloon the cracks where I joined the frame together with Super Glue and Baking Soda.
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