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  1. Thanks guys hope to get started on it soon. I don’t know if I’ll be putting a winch on it but it’s a thought
  2. Very nice. I built a Ertl International 4070A Bekins back in 1992 for the truck I used HO decals and for the trailer I had a print shop make the trailer decals they came out very nice they were made from Vinyl.
  3. Glad you like it. I will be glad to see my Brothers truck back on the shelf.
  4. Nice start I’ve always liked this kit it always builds good for me without issues.
  5. Here’s my entry for the BRBO 2022. I’ll be re- building a AMT White Western Star. I’ll be using the Cab and Hood from my brother Bill’s that he built back in 1973. It will be pretty much Box Stock with some Heavy Duty Spoke wheels, Headache Rack and maybe a winch. I painted the cab around 1999 and done little to it since. I hope to my brothers old truck some justice with these new parts as a donor.
  6. Nice progress and paint job Dan. I’ll be following along
  7. Rog. I’m sorry but I’ve changed my mind I think I’m going to build a 1/25 AMT White Western Star instead wonder if you can change that for me thanks and delete my previous build thread.
  8. I’ll be rebuilding my Brother Bill’s White Western Star from 1973 that he built. The only thing I have left is the original cab and hood everything else will be from the reissue kit.
  9. I think that’s how we all did it back in the day “ Brush Painting”. I’m thinking about a DM800 for the BRBO last time I built one was back in 1987. I still have some parts from it but that’s all
  10. Thanks Roger for hosting I’m sure you will do fine Jeff is a great guy and I’m sure he will help you when needed as for us also.
  11. Jerry I was looking forward to the Chrome Spokes and the fifth wheel lol.
  12. Welcome Judah. I live 75 miles just south of you but work in St. Louis doing intermodal work glad to have you a great bunch of fellows here.
  13. Everyone has some nice stuff lined up now we need a host?
  14. Very nice the outside pics are convincing. These Ertl Internationals always build up nice
  15. Great looking build Jeff your hard on this work paid off. Thanks for hosting the 2021 BRBO this year going to miss you this next year.
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