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  1. Looks good Warren. I think I like your color better than the real one.
  2. I hope you find it. Here’s a pic of my first one I built back in 1987 as I mentioned it in the beginning of the thread.
  3. Thanks for the reminder but after I built this frame last week I remembered that. I had to take the cab mount back out you can probably see where I glued it. Going to line the cab and hood up then slip that cab mount back in.
  4. Some more work done last night. Shorted the frame and I set the Axle Forward a little bit for a better stance. I’ll Balloon the cracks where I joined the frame together with Super Glue and Baking Soda.
  5. Thanks for the complement Dan. I’m wondering how this is going to come out too with this 4300 frame but I think it will be ok.
  6. The 4200 has a shorter hood than the 4300 and there different years of the model kits and the Real Truck.
  7. This truck as been on my bucket list since 1987 that’s when I got my first Transtar 4200 and still have it. I tried to paint it the Box Art Scheme but it was a total failure. So in the Brake Fluid it went and I repainted it a goldish color Testors just came out with and left it. This one is a Mopar Blue but I can’t remember what it was. The stripes are from Jerry (Model Truckin Decals) and they are one of his best I’ve used yet. Maybe I can pull this off after 34 years. I started with a unpainted cab and hood that I got some years ago at a Model show with some extra parts including the interior and seats. I had to use a 4300 Transtar donor kit for the frame and the rest of the parts. The Power plant will be a 8V71 Detroit. I’ll be shorting the frame some also. Glad to have you follow along.
  8. Sad thing is his resin he used on my 1/48 scale trucks was junk and warped in temperature controlled room. Don Mills warned me about his resin castings. Although there nice there really useless after about a year the problems start.
  9. Nice updates Ken. Looks like a clean build and very convincing so far
  10. KJ. Your knocking this one out fast. Very nice Scratch. Will this one be called “The Egg II” lol
  11. KJ. Nice start. I’m sorry but I never could like these trucks we called the “Football Helmets” I remember in the early 90s Werner Enterprise ran some of these and a place call Holmbolt Express bought one and put it in their fleet it was so odd see it. I think you got this I’ll be following along.
  12. Your welcome. I hope I’ll be wrapping mine BRBO21 up soon
  13. Nice find and they are getting harder to get. Great job on the mud flap brackets. I have a few of these very fun to build
  14. Another great looking Truck. I think the Cruiseliner is my favorite
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