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  1. Thanks for the complement yeah spell check got me. Posts some updates soon
  2. Bob. Thanks for the complement yes I enjoy doing different things with these JMT Mack’s. I’ll have another that I’ll be building after this one but it will be a single axle.
  3. Today I re-visited this old build and decided to add a Don Mills Winch to it. I’m going try to get this thing off the bench
  4. Thanks Gentlemen. I hope to get this off the bench soon just need to add the wheels and tires.
  5. Thanks for the complement it shouldn’t take long just a few more decals and add the wheels
  6. Here’s a old 1/43 AMT Fruehauf Exterior Post Van I’ll be working on. The decals were Custom made by me many years ago.
  7. Rob me too the Dannon was my first glue together kit it was a disaster. There a very nice kit and I like the room they take up.
  8. Looking good Jeff. You just never know what Dave has hidden in his resin dungeon. I’ll be following
  9. Here’s a 1/43 AMT Peterbilt 359 that I’m making into a Medium Heavy Hauler. I plan on adding some after market parts to it including a Medium Duty wench. I have several of these in the stash and they always been one of my favorites of the whole AMT line of models.
  10. Rex. I tried to build my very first one the Dannon Yogurt TNT combo when I was about six years old it was a disaster tried to hand paint it testors dark red I think my brother Bill took it over. Here’s a pic of the box top of my first attempt of these little jewels. I really would like to see AMT re-lease these but Heller Models I think have the molds and they altered the cab on the Pete 359 by adding stack brackets.
  11. It was fun while it lasted till my hands and eyes started giving me trouble
  12. Thanks Brian. I understand about the small scale this is like working in 1/25 compared to the 1/87 scale I worked in for years.
  13. Jim. Thanks for the complement the tow truck is nice I have s few of those also. It would be nice to see these again especially with all the new 1/43 trucks there coming out with
  14. Dan. I used Don Mills 1/48 wheels with the kit front snap ring. I also like these I still have several I plan on making a few truck and pup with these. Thanks for the complement.
  15. Ronnie and Jeff thanks for the complement. They are pretty detailed
  16. Here’s some 1/43 Peterbilt 359s I’ve been working on.
  17. Vince. Very nice. But I sure don’t miss that fiddly scale
  18. Nice I’ll be watching my Dad drove one back in the late 1950s on east to west coast runs.
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