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  1. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Jaaaag XK120- Gentleman's Racer! Paint and Engine Update 7/26   

    As promised, here are some pics of the Jag finished except for last-minute decals...


    Here's a good shot of the interior. Notice the scratchbuilt aero rear-view mirror between the windscreens.

    If my decals ever come (hurry up, VRM!) I'm going with black roundels and white numbers. Or yellow roundels and black numbers. Still trying to decide... Under Glass shots are probably going to have to take place outdoors, as it is impossible for me to get the lighting right with my indoor setup to get the colors correct and fixing it in Photoshop leads to all sorts of weird artifacts.
  2. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Yet another paint question re: clear coats   

    Meguiar's Ultimate Compound and Polish are your friends here. No residue, no silicon, and they bring out an amazing shine. Since learning to work with these products my finishes have improved and I don't even need to use the old Micro-Mark polishing cloths anymore!
  3. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Jaaaag XK120- Gentleman's Racer! Paint and Engine Update 7/26   

    Can't wait to see them. The Jag is done and looking pretty nice... just waiting for roundel decals from VRM to complete it before going to Under Glass. Might have to take some "pre-roundel" pics tomorrow and post them up here. Looking forward to your build!
  4. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Amazon Prime sign Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May for exclusive new show   

    So the lads coming back in a format that allows them to do pretty much whatever they want to do plus BBC Top Gear coming back with one of England's greatest petrolheads (Chris Evans) at the helm? Great time to be a car guy!
  5. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Tamiya Citroen 2CV: Maroon and Black   

    That is nice. A really sanitary build in a perfect color combination.
  6. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Jaaaag XK120- Gentleman's Racer! Paint and Engine Update 7/26   

    Here we go... the engine received some basic detailing that really makes it look like more than the simplified assembly it is.



    THe body was painted in the Tamiya Racing White with Racing Green stripe...



    I'm pretty much in final assembly now, as it's been a fairly cruddy weekend here. Waiting on some VRM roundel decals... trying to decide between black or yellow roundels at this point.
  7. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Jaaaag XK120- Gentleman's Racer! Paint and Engine Update 7/26   

    So I lied about primer and paint being next... on to the interior! The 1:1 I based my interior from is an early alloy-bodied car, but it's my favorite color combo/specification. Here it is...

    First, I had to remove the kit bench seat from the floorboards with my trusty X-Acto saw. The rear part of the cockpit floor is styrene.

    Seats are Monogram Cobra units, heavily customized. I smoothed out the tuck-n-roll and added scratchbuilt seat cushions with wire piping...

    I replicated the leather using Testors Wood acrylic with a wash of the same color with white added in and topped off with Micro Satin clear. The flash really overemphasizes the effect... it's much more subtle in person.

    Here you can see the carpeted seat backs done in dark brown flocking.

    The floorpan after flocking and welting is added...

    The welting at the front right looks a little wonky because the CA broke loose. It's since been fixed.
    For the dash, I drilled out the holes for the instruments and mounted the decals behind clear acetate. I didn't trust the badly-yellowed decals. Again, the flash really overemphasizes the grain of the "leather".

    Finally, the interior side panels, with a preview of the primary body color...

    Next up, the motor!
  8. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Sedanca   

    How good would that look with a small teardrop-shaped foot step like the Mercedes SS had instead of the full-length running board? It would definitely fit the rakish look you're going for...
  9. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Jaaaag XK120- Gentleman's Racer! Paint and Engine Update 7/26   

    Yup. I was shocked as anybody to see Harry build this one, but he did a fantastic job on it, as usual.
  10. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Jaaaag XK120- Gentleman's Racer! Paint and Engine Update 7/26   

    You very rarely see these built up. That hood fit puts a lot of builders off (I've had this kit for years... never felt like dealing with that issue until now!) And I do agree that the stock windshield looks a little tall.

    I've decided on a color combo...the primary color will be Tamiya Racing White (a light ivory color) with a British Racing Green stripe. Wheels will be wires from the Tamiya Jaguar Mark II also painted in the Racing Green. Interior will be biscuit hide over brown carpet. I've already made a start on modifying a set of spare Monogram Cobra bucket seats to represent early Jaguar racing buckets. I'm not going to go nuts with chassis or engine detail here... the engine is pretty nice, if simplified, and should respond well to paint detail and some basic wiring and plumbing.
  11. jaymcminn added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Jaaaag XK120- Gentleman's Racer! Paint and Engine Update 7/26
    For my newest build, I've decided to take on the Revell Germany Jaguar XK120. For those not familiar with this kit, it was originally issued by Monogram in 1979 as one of their metal-body kits, in the same series as the '56 Thunderbird, MG TC, and '53 Corvette. While the others were re-released almost immediately with plastic bodies after the metal kits tanked, the Jag languished in obscurity until Revell Germany reissued it with the plastic body in the late '90s.
    Anybody who has built the T'bird or 'Vette will be familiar with the way this kit goes together... lots of nicely-molded surface detail, but a relatively low parts count and oversimplification in many areas. One of the nice features of the Jag kit is the set of Brooklands windscreens that allow for building a racing version, as well as the ability to leave off the fender skirts. The plan is to build a mid-fifties gentleman's racer... something that you'd drive to and from the track as well as on it.
    The body on this kit, while really well-proportioned, suffered from terrible seams and sink marks.

    After sanding down the seams and filling the sink marks, I rescribed the panel lines and added welting between the rear fenders and body. I also filled the holes for the bumpers both front and rear. The hood took a lot of sanding and filling with styrene stock to get it to fit properly as well. I added a pin at the front of the hood to hold it in position better... otherwise it has a tendency to slide forward. Here's the body just before primer...

    The hood fit isn't perfect, but it actually matches pretty well with the size of the panel lines in the body. Plus the hood fit on the real cars was actually pretty atrocious too.
    Next up is paint and primer!
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  12. jaymcminn added a post in a topic If money were no object, what car would you buy?   

    Hmmm, something with looks, practicality, and that would be fun to drive... I would go for one of the new continuation/rebuilt Jensen Interceptors. Make mine gunmetal grey with tobacco hides, please.
  13. jaymcminn added a post in a topic 1966 Lotus Elan S3 (Emma Peel's Car)   

    Very cool little car.I'm sure you could find some sort of resin figure to convert into Emma Peel.
  14. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Jo-Han Mercedes 500K Roadster- Slumpbuster!   

    The key to getting a good one of these is to get one of the ones with the "gold cup" on the box art. These are early releases before the molds started to wear. I went back and forth on the wide whites... I know they're not strictly accurate for a period-correct model, but I think they add a lot of presence to this car. The brown 500K Special in the Mercedes museum has the chrome spokes and wide whites...if it's good enough for them it's good enough for me!
  15. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Jo-Han Mercedes 500K Roadster- Slumpbuster!   

    You'll definitely do it justice, Matt. This is a great old kit that deserves to be revisited by modern builders who can really do it justice with modern tools and techniques. After your work on the old Aurora/Monogram Maserati 3500 I know we're in for a great build. Good luck!