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  1. jaymcminn added a post in a topic What is your Favorite Auto or Truck Program??   

    I can't stand most of them. They've fallen into a familiar formula- roughly 30% working on cars and 70% shop hijinks and fake drama. The most interesting thing about most of them is the facial hair. Jay Leno' s Garage is generally very good, Wheeler Dealers is fantastic, and Seinfeld' s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is fun. I can also zone out to Garage Squad if there's nothing better on. Brian Johnson's new show is pretty fun as well...he's a genuine car guy and his enthusiasm really shows. Top Gear was the best, but Chris Evans' brief tenure as lead presenter really hurt. Maybe it'll be better with Matt LeBlanc. Can't wait for The Grand Tour.
  2. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Model car builders are cheapskates, right?   

    About $185 for the 1/12 Tamiya Porsche 934. The Trumpeter 1/12 GT 40 was cheaper at about $150 but I had about another $100 in it for aftermarket tires and decals.
  3. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Duesenberg SSJ Roadster   

    The Cooper car resides locally at the Revs Institute, formerly the Collier Automotive Museum. It is breathtaking in person.



    Note the lack of any sort of ropes or barriers to keep you away from the cars. You can really get up close and personal with some of the most important performance cars of the last 115 years. Cant wait to see how this one turns out... great start so far!
  4. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Revell (Germany) Ferrari 250SWB! New for October   

    Of course. Now that I paid silly EBay money for the original Italeri issue...
  5. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Bugeye Sprite   

    Fantastic build of a great little car. Well done!
  6. jaymcminn added a post in a topic BMW i8   

    Breathtaking. I need one of these in my life...both the 1/24 and the 1/1.
  7. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Most accurate kit(s) ever (1/24-25)?   

     Came here to post this. Body shape, details, stance...it's all pretty much perfect.
  8. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Pocher 1933 Bugatti Type 50T   

    There was definitely more than one roofline on these T50 coupes...the Heller 1/24 kit is based off of the same style as this one. Can't wait to see how this turns out!
  9. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Jaguar Xk120 Club Racer   

    Beautiful job on this build, Jim. Fantastic detail work. Thanks for reviving this thread, Skip...I saw the WIP thread but never did find the under glass pics.
  10. jaymcminn added a post in a topic 4 door Corvette   

    I remember building one of these as a kid. I wouldn't mind having one in the stash for a rainy day project... 
  11. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Delahaye 135, Heller, 1/24   

    Fantastic work on what I'm sure wasn't an easy build. I've been working on the Bugatti T50 on and off for a while so I know how much work it takes to get the best out of these Heller kits. Excellent!
  12. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Sedanca   

    Fantastic idea. I think that this will really reinforce that long, low appearance that the chop and lowering are creating. Can't wait to see where this goes next!
  13. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Ferraris!   

    Nice paint on that 250TR, It's a great kit, and I had a blast building mine. I would definitely hold off on finishing until I could score a new engine... a curbside 250TR just doesn't seem right, especially with engine work like yours! The color on the 512 is great. It's really reminiscent of a factory color called Blu California.
  14. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Revell AG VW Golf Gti Mk1   

    Very, very nice. I love a mk1 GTI and yours looks great in white... reminds me of the classic Wheeler Dealers episode!  I'm still not sure why Revell didn't include the Pirelli alloys as well as the steelies, though...
  15. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Revell Jaguar XK120- The Gentleman's Racer!   

    Thanks, Gary. The intricacies of the UK number plate system are a complete mystery to me. I started boning up on the subject, got a splitting headache about ten minutes in, and finally just went with something from my decal stash! I might still swap it out someday- I know it should be 3 numbers and 3 letters, but sometimes the letters come first... aaagh, here comes the headache again...