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  1. Jet Rod Community Build

    Volksfliegen? Fliegenwagen? Whatever you call it, it's very cool, as are your previous jet rods!
  2. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Oof. Not good. I would be very surprised if Revell-Monogram went completely away, but any money for new tools and releases is going to be tough to come by for a while. In addition, distribution of many products is going to be adversely affected, especially since a lot of local hobby shops use Hobbico as a one-stop source for all of the brands listed. This might hurt them too... if I can't get Tamiya paint at my LHS, I'll have to order it online as opposed to giving them my money. Less income for them, more aggravation for me. There could be a real ripple effect here, especially with the R/C stuff, where hobby shops make most of their money. 2018 is not off to a good start.
  3. I'd be leery about this brush for hobby work. As Aurf said, it's really more of a fine art brush. The .15 tip is too narrow for the viscosity that the paint we use needs to be at to cover properly... it's more suitable for inks than any hobby paints. The .4mm tip should work for hobby paint, though. Why this particular brush? It's nice, but the Iwata Revolution is an extremely nice brush for half the price with the added benefit of easy availability of replacement parts. I know that the tendency is to want to go with a high-end brush, but an airbrush designed specifically for our hobby is probably a better choice.
  4. 2018 announcements

  5. Are Heller kits good?

    Agree that the Heller kits are generally pretty weird... one of their favorite tricks is to mold the windows and interior side panels as one piece so you have to paint clear interior parts! They often represent subjects you can't otherwise acquire, though. That Revell 2CV, however, is no reboxed Heller kit. It's a really nice representation of a very late-production car tooled a few years ago by Revell Germany and is seriously nice. The decal sheet includes the "Charleston" markings and is very comprehensive overall. Wish I had more info on the Heller kit, but it looks like it might be a step above their old 70s tools. I'd still hold out for the Tamiya or Revell kits, though. Good luck!
  6. Question about dust control

    I just picked up a Tamiya anti-static dusting brush. It seems to work pretty well for finished models, but I haven't gotten to see if it reduces the tendency for dust to stick to plastic during the painting process yet. Maybe it'll help keep the dreaded cat hairs out of my paint!
  7. 2017... I Built More Than I Bought!

    Thanks everybody! I had fun with all of these and I wanted to get some pics up after Photobucket's little stunt this year. That is the kit top. It also includes a 1/2 tonneau cover, folded top cover, and side curtains for the up-top. Thanks Matt! Everybody loves the Esprit, which was easily the biggest pain of all of these to get looking right. It took a lot of work to get the box-stock nose-high 4x4 stance down where it belongs. I really love the Abarth too... it has a lot of character and pretty much just fell together. We definitely have similar choices in subject matter... a lot of the cars you've already built I have in my stash!
  8. Revell Germany in 2018

    I'm cool with the 1/16 scale 356, but why would the cabriolet be a glue kit while the coupe is an "easy click"?
  9. My 2017 Builds

    Wow. Beautiful models all, but that 911 is just perfect. Are those the USCP Outlaw wheels on that?
  10. 2017 was a pretty productive year... I had been in a bit of a slump but decided this year to start thinning out the stash a little and to get some great projects out of my head and into my display case. Fujimi Enthusiast 356 Speedster... my first use of Molotow Chrome Tamiya Mercedes 300SL Gullwing... Scale Motorsport plaid upholstery decals, HRM Rudge wheels Tamiya Karmann Ghia... scratchbuilt luggage rack, Fuchs wheels from a Fujimi 911 kit, Weber carb setup Tamiya Fiat 695 Esse Esse- custom Weber setup, wrapped headers, scratchbuilt engine cover braces Monogram Lotus Esprit 300- box stock Tamiya Ferrari F50- Hobby Design PE kit Revell Mercedes SLS AMG... Hobby Design PE kit And the latest... Tamiya 1/12 scale Datsun Fairlady 240ZG... build thread in Big Boyz Not too shabby!
  11. Favorite Movie 2017, which one for you?

    Thor: Ragnarok. Enormously fun from the first scene to the last post-credits scene. Taika Waititi took the sense of humor he showed in "What We Do in the Shadows" and made it work on a much grander scale. Dunkirk was excellent as well... Christopher Nolan took a step back from big, bloated sci-fi to deliver a lean, mean war movie that kept the viewer on edge. It shows that this was a real passion project for him.
  12. Canopy glue

    Magic, this stuff. Given that it mostly gets used for small detail parts and windows, I'd guess that 40% of any given model (based on the number of parts) I build is held together with MKK. I use it for mockups, windows, gluing parts to toothpicks for painting... you name it. It gets used for small lenses like instruments and turn signals too.
  13. Nice single-action brush. Works really well with pearls, metallics and candies. Make sure to agitate your bottle as you spray to keep the solids from settling to the bottom. It works best for exactly what you're planning on using it for. Good luck!
  14. 1/12 Tamiya Datsun Fairlady 240ZG

    THanks Henry! The battery had the connectors molded in... I drilled holes into the top of the battery at a 45 degree angle to the connector to attach the leads. The carpeting was done three ways... the black carpet in the passenger compartment was flocked, the cargo compartment cover is an adhesive-backed felt fabric cut to size, and the mats were embroidery cord twisted together and coated with white glue.
  15. New Photo Setup

    That's a great idea, Bob. The only thing I am less than thrilled with on my current setup is the lack of reflections in the photos... i'm going to give this a shot!