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  1. Love the Zonda. It started off Pagani's reputation for bonkers design and exquisite execution. Although Pagani does build the cars, the engines are Mercedes AMG V12s. I'd love for Aoshima to release a Zonda as a companion to the Huayra!
  2. I can't buy into the hype around collector kits. The purpose of a model is to be BUILT. If you want a rare subject and the only way to get it is to build an older kit, have at it. If you want to use modern or aftermarket parts to create a more realistic version of the model you want on your shelf, knock yourself out. Kit instructions aren't scripture.
  3. I've always used florist's foam, which works well except it generates dust after it's holed by enough toothpicks and skewers. A similar thread recently inspired me to pick up a cheap cat scratcher during one of my many, many trips to PetSmart. Cost about $6 and is basically the same idea as this only larger. I cut it down to 3 pieces and it's perfect!
  4. Really beautiful Matt. The work you put into correcting the body is subtle but really paid off!
  5. Alex Kustov taking on a crude transkit of one of the most beautiful cars ever built? Yeah, I'm following this one! I'm not sure about the Rosso Corsa, however... I'd love to see this car in Prugna!
  6. Beautiful styling and immaculately executed. I love it!
  7. I'm starting to get reference materials together for my 1/12 Airfix/MPC build. This would be a huge help... maybe if I slipped someone at Bentley a twenty?
  8. My biggest inspiration was some of the unrestored cars in the Revs Institute museum locally as well as online pics of an unrestored 8C Touring in the Simeone Collection. I respect the work that goes into a total restoration but there's real beauty in the wear and patina of an original car and that's what I was hoping to replicate here. Thanks!
  9. Thanks Bruce, I thought I might be going a bit heavy on weathering the individual assemblies but it came out exactly how I had it in my head when it started coming together. I built WWII planes for a while in the 90s before moving to cars and the weathering was my favorite part of military modelling... My next big-scale build will be similarly weathered with the added challenge of a fabric body. Those who know their pre-war cars probably know what this will be!
  10. Thanks Matt. I can't wait to see how yours turns out... you do some amazing work!
  11. The corrugated cardboard idea is genius... a cheap cat scratcher would work great for this. I've been using florist foam for mounting toothpicks and craft sticks but it produces dust. Going to give this a shot!
  12. This was my big coronavirus furlough project- Italeri's new release 1/12 Alfa 8C kit. The kit is extremely well-detailed right out of the box., but I added floorboards made from thin aluminum sheet, some underhood details such as braided ignition wires, and lots of styrene rivets and bolts from Tichy Train Group. I also added safety wire using more Tichy bolts and silver-painted thread. The rear-view mirror was scratchbuilt. My concept for this build was to depict a weathered car a few years into its career, so I pulled out every trick in the book to represent a well-maintained but battle-scarred classic racer. Paint is Tamiya maroon over red oxide primer. To keep the shine down and give the finish a faded translucent look I applied mist coats without the final wet coats. Weathering was done with Testors acrylic and enamel washes and drybrushing with Tamiya flat aluminum and metallic grey. Final weathering was done with Tamiya's excellent Weathering Master powders. I used a crackle medium to represent the cracked leather on the seat. There is a WIP thread under the Road Racing WIP forum. This kit went together extremely well... my only fitment issues were due to some of the modifications that I did and were easily fixed. A lot of this kit goes together with screws and bolts. I did decide to skip the screws that attach the body to the chassis after a near-disaster with the first screw. On to the pics, and any questions or comments are welcome!
  13. Under glass... When I had everything pretty much done I was going through my reference photos and saw a rear-view mirror on one of the Scuderia Ferrari cars I really liked. I scratchbuilt one out of a 1/24 license plate frame from the parts box as well as a mirror bracket from (I think) a 1/12 '67 Corvette, some styrene and Tichy Train bolts. The original. And the final result... And a couple of pics of this monster finished! Just noticed that I never cleaned the plastic out of the interior from the holes I drilled in the cowl for the mirror... it's done now. More pics in Under Glass soon!
  14. Great color combination, Alex. That interior is incredible!
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