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  1. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Not Paying Photo Bucket Post Pictures   

    Oh, they will. They didn't get around to nailing mine until yesterday. The only plan they allow 3rd party hosting on is this ridiculous new $400/year one they've come up with. Don't think that your perception of yourself as a loyal customer will count for anything in the face of the monumental greed, stupidity, and desperation that causes a company to come up with a "business model" as boneheaded as this one. 
  2. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Not Paying Photo Bucket Post Pictures   

    I just sent P-bucket a short email expressing my concerns over their new pricing policy. Short, because most of the words I used were four letters. Fortunately most of my pics are saved on an external hard drive and, thanks to Dave and the MCM team, I can repost most of my pics right to the site. Plus as an added bonus I never have to go to their slow, lousy, ad-choked site ever again!
  3. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Maserati Bora, Revell, 1/24   

    Thanks for tackling this one Matt! I bought mine a few years ago. Once in a while I take out the box, fiddle with the parts, and put it back. That clamshell is warped on mine too and I'm anxious to see how yours turns out. Can't wait!
  4. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Citroen 2CV Club / TAMIYA / 1:24   

    Just wonderful. The weathering is subtle and perfect, the attention to detail is spot-on (dig those plaid seats!) and the build quality is first-rate. While I like the Revell kit a lot, I do believe that the Tamiya kit sits much nicer. This is an excellent, excellent model.
  5. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Matte Aluminum BMF   

    It looks pretty good, but has the usual poor adhesive that non-chrome BMF products are known for. I've used it for things like heat shielding.
  6. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Revell Mercedes SLS AMG   

    And a few pics with its ancestor...



    Talk about "model bloat"... that SLS is a monster compared with the original! Thanks for looking, and as always questions and comments are welcome!
  7. jaymcminn added a topic in Under Glass   

    Revell Mercedes SLS AMG
    I've had this one sitting in my stash with the Hobby Design photoetched detail set for several years now... building my Tamiya 300SL kit finally got me fired up to build its descendant. I was turned off from this kit by some body warpage that led to really poor panel fit... as I started test-fitting, though, I realized that as the various subassemblies came together they pulled the warpage right out of the body. Fit of the opening doors is surprisingly good, although it does take some persuasion to get them to close properly. The engineering of this kit is generally excellent, but I will never understand Revell of Germany's weird wheel design of this period (disc brake assemblies trapped between two sets of spokes). The HD detail set adds a lot to this model... all the mesh, the emblems and logos and brake discs as well as a ton of other parts. Paint is Tamiya Mica Blue over Model Master Leather. It's a pretty close match for factory Designo Mystic Blue over Light Brown. 



    The recesses of the wheels were painted in metallic grey and the entire wheels were clear coated in satin to replicate a turned finish. I left the brake discs in natural metal rather than replicating the optional carbon ceramic brakes.


    The brown interior looks great with the blue. Silver accents are Tamiya Chrome Silver acrylic and Molotow Chrome.


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  8. jaymcminn added a post in a topic 1963 Porsche 356 B Carrera   

    A very nice sympathetic restoration. Everything you did with this one serves to highlight the quality of your original build. Great work Bill!
  9. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Yet another 300 sl   

    Very, very nice. Those Tamiya AS paints work great under a clear coat. Great color combination and a really sanitary build!
  10. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Tamiya Mercedes 300sl gullwing in Ivory/red   

    Beautiful. This was originally going to be the color of mine ( but with the green plaid interior) and it looks excellent in the ivory. Great work!
  11. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Revell (Monogram) RX-7 Review   

    Sweet! I have a set of wide and wider Fujimi Techno Racing wheels just waiting for those flares. The plaid seat decals are above and beyond and will look awesome on my SSP issue kit which I'm planning on building stock. Thanks for the review!
  12. jaymcminn added a post in a topic California Vette Re-vamped   

    Man. That is insanely cool. You've taken the things Tom Daniels got right with the California Vette and improved on them while fixing many of the issues with the design (still not in love with the roof louvers, though). Stunning!
  13. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Tamiya Mercedes 300SL "Gullwing"   

    Thanks guys! Seriously, if anyone is on the fence about getting this kit just do it. You won't be disappointed. Plus, the more of these Tamiya sells, the closer we'll be to getting more great classic sports cars (Jag E-Type? Aston DB5?) BTW, I'll be posting up pics of this car's grandson tomorrow!
  14. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Mercedes 300sl   

    Beautiful work. Great job with that engine detail. Plaid seats on a Gullwing are the best seats. Can't wait to see how it turns out!
  15. jaymcminn added a post in a topic Revell Mercedes SLS AMG   

    Thanks Guy! I got to drive the roadster version a few months ago. It's an awesome experience. Here are some more bits and pieces...
    The kit intake plenum with Hobby Design P/E pieces attached. I still need to add some bolt detail...

    Dashboard and interior door panels. The door panels are all one piece... spray body color, mask, spray brown, mask, spray black. Tedious, but they turned out nice. Interior silver accents are Tamiya Chrome Silver, which is pretty close to the matte/satin aluminum finish of the 1:1. 

    The wheels had the recesses painted in Metallic Grey, and the whole wheel was coated in clear satin to tone the chrome down. The effect is like a machined-face wheel.

    Thanks for the comments everybody! More pics soon!