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  1. 1955 Ford Fairlane Victoria WIP

    MR. OBSESSIVE, YOU JUST BLOW ME AWAY WITH YOUR DETAILING. Your one of the most inventive builders I see. Great talent, I should be half as good.
  2. '32 phaeton

    Thats what the 32 tub, should look like. Do you have this build on your web site? I'd like to see if you widened it, extended the body, unsectioned it, they always looked alitte to narrow to me. Great wrk. as always.
  3. 1948 Ford Drop top

    Looks good. Did you look for the cut markings for chopping the top. Didn't you find it either, and built stock hight. Maybe some 3,4 or1 bar hub caps with the ww's. But it's your's I'm not making a bad comment, just my 2 cts.
  4. Smik 56

    Paul, really appreciate all the time you took to describe the parts & pieces you use to build your 56 Chev. This is a great help to me, since i'm in and out of modeling and am not up on the aftermarket parts. Thanks for taking the time to update. Your a really superb builder.
  5. Smik 56

    That's some superb detailing on your 56. Would really like to have more info. on parts you used. I need all the info i can gather on parts availiblity, who makes what etc. I'm in and out of modeling so much it seems, i can't keep up with what neat stuffs available, like the engine accesories[?]. Again great looking build.
  6. 1932 Ford Chopped Sedan

    I'd like to know who's resin body it is. The build looks great.
  7. Smik 56

    Paul, likin all the super detailing goin on. I be lookin at the 56 for awhile. Here's a question off sub. do you do resin casting?
  8. Oldskoo Kustoms

    I'm trying to figure out who makes the 63 vette, can't tell buy the box. And where do you get the astro supremes yov'e got in the mock up pic. If you don't mind telling an old out of touch guy.
  9. Something A Little Different

    I like this alot, to small for me though I have a hard time seeing 1/25 scale. I'm thinking of a 39 Chev. 4 dr., I had one in the 70's, will always regreat selling it. I've only seen the 4drs. in resin, not sure how good they are. Will be watching to see what you come up with. Your work looks real good.
  10. 1931 Ford Madel A Pick Up

    Smart-Resins, Thanks for the info, about parts. I've seen these but like the hot rod look. Didn't have a clue about anyone making parts.
  11. Revell '63 Impala

    Dude, do the lowrider.
  12. 49 Lead Sled

    I like the flathead, first one I think.
  13. 61 Biscayne

    Couldn't see anyting but the old red xxxxxxxxxxx's. But if Mr. Arter says it looks good it must.
  14. 32 Ford 3 Window

    Andy, stick with the big bug eye headlights, Your 32 is lookin real fine. Now, whats happening with Merc nbr. 2? Thanks for the input on putty[2 guys], Igonna gine one of the others a try, and the gaps were filled with plastic, probabably not enough. Get the 3 window done and head back to that Merc nbr. 2.
  15. 1931 Ford Madel A Pick Up

    What co made the 31 1/16 pickup? I've seen some of these 1/16 scale Model A's but didn't know any co. that made any hot rod parts for them. I'm talking dropped axles, V8's, rear axles, etc. Any source would be helpful.