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  1. Fujimi Mazda RX3

    Looks great! Nice work on the chrome trim
  2. "The Stig Collection" -Ferrari California Spyder

    Very nice build Dann. Did this kit include hood hinges?
  3. "The Stig Collection" -Beatles RR

    Incredible hand painting Dann!
  4. 64 GS Corvette (Priming/Sanding)

    This looks great so far. Recently saw this featured on Jay Leno’s garage - awesome looking car!
  5. Ron Fellows Mosport white C6R

    Wow the wheels and all the detailing look stunning!
  6. Jaguar D-Type XKD 606 (8.12.18 Update)

    Here's my progress so far.. apologies for the many pictures.. Almost finished with the engine bay so I decided to take some outdoor pictures with a display base I made for this.. Also finished up some hinges for the boot. I used aluminum from a can, needles and small rubber caps from a sewing kit. I'll be attaching rivets from Hobby Design fix the hinges. To secure the boot when closed, I used tiny magnets from Zero Designs attached to the body and boot lid. These magnets are small but very strong! This is the front subframe with brake lines and ignition coil attached with some other engine bay pieces before I attached them. I made a heat shield out of aluminum can and cigarette box foil. I also used PE header flanges from Detail Master. All the PE cable ties are from KA Models. Underside of the front subframe.. Thanks for looking!
  7. Another Kei Car: Mazdaspeed Autozam AZ-1

    Great build! That picture with the Raptor is great
  8. Fujimi RX3 in progress.....

    Very nice work! Trim looks terrific
  9. 1955 Monaco F1 Grand Prix

    Looking awesome so far!
  10. Ferrari 512BB rememberance build

    Nice thing to do for your buddy. Looks like a pretty good kit. Resist that urge to detail!!! Lol
  11. 1968 Shelby Green Hornet-----Update! 8/4/18

    Interior looks great Bill!
  12. Junk.

    Awesome weathering and great builds!
  13. Isdera Imperator.....98% scratch built!

    Looking great so far Dann. Those taillights look like they come straight off a SL!
  14. Jaguar D-Type XKD 606 (8.12.18 Update)

    Thank you. My first venture into resin kits has been quite challenging but all good learning. I think I'll stay with a nice injection molded kit for my next build tho!