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  1. Really nice clean build! I love that color
  2. Nice build I really like the livery. Nice background diorama as well!
  3. Very nice build of a beautiful car. Makes me want to try this kit again! Thanks for posting
  4. This is the most insane build I've seen on this forum.. can't wait to see the finished model. Be sure to post alot of pics of the completed build for us!
  5. beautiful, looks like a 1:1
  6. Great build. I love lambos
  7. Looking good! I love the color
  8. Progress has been slow but finally managed to get all the paint coats down. The 911 is Tamiya Black (TS-14) and the Cobra is Tamiya Dark Blue (TS-55)
  9. Great job, I like the livery!
  10. Beautiful subject and a great build! What parts did you use the Molotow chrome markers fir? I'm thinking about trying them out in my never-ending search for chrome paint :)
  11. Nice build! I finished this kit last year also and in typical Tamiya quality its really goes together perfectly.
  12. Have this one on my list as well. Looking forward to seeing your progress!
  13. Wow i love this color. Looking forward to seeing this completed!
  14. Very cool, nice clean build
  15. FabbricaP

    BMW 635 csi

    Very nice, white engine bay and undercarriage really make all that detail stand out. Great build!
  16. Nice looking Lambo, looks like you got the track lined up pretty well.
  17. Stunning. Even the details have details. Great work.
  18. Wow beautiful! I enjoyed watching this build
  19. Hi everyone. I just started these two. I'm trying to replicate two movie cars from one of my favorite movies, "Bad Boys". I'm going to use Historic Racing Miniatures' Halibrand wheels and GT350 small block engine to add some detail to the Cobra and 18" Speedline Cup wheels from Scale Production for the 911 Turbo. Can't wait to see these finished side by side!
  20. Great work. Love all that great interior detailing!
  21. Recently finished this Aoshima Lamborghini Aventador. I added Hobby Design Aventador Roadster wheels, the Aoshima PE kit and the DMC transkit from C1 Models. The color is Green Apple from Montana Gold spray paints with Tamiya Pearl Clear and Tamiya Gloss Clear. Hope you enjoy the pictures!
  22. Beautiful. All the details are fantastic.
  23. I love the 90s bimmers. Definately will be keeping track of this build!
  24. Absolutely beautiful! Looks like a 1:1
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