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  1. FabbricaP

    AMT Go Kart

    Fun little build JC looks great
  2. That’s just beautiful Chris, amazing job. Is this a MFH kit?
  3. Very cool build. Great idea and execution! I’d love to see a front 3/4 shot with the bonnet down!
  4. Wow the conversion looks awesome. Love the engine detailing
  5. Beautifully built! Looks fantastic
  6. Always wanted to see a build up of this kit, will be following along . Kit looks really nice and you’re right about those wire wheels - they aren’t bad at all!
  7. Looks gorgeous! Paint came out great
  8. Thanks for all the comments! Yup they came with the kit. White metal rims and pe spokes
  9. Just finished this up over the weekend. Great little resin curbside kit. I added seat belts, some wiring behind the dash, rivets along the bodywork and detailed the tail lights a bit.. Other than that, this one was straight OOB. The car is modeled on Jim Hall's Maserati Tipo 61. I think the tail lights on Hall's car were those little square nobs on the rear, but I chose to use the oval shaped ones. Really enjoyed building this one. Thanks for looking in!
  10. Finished this up over the weekend. Many thanks to Gary for the great decals.
  11. Looks amazing, very nice work
  12. FabbricaP

    Ferrari F430

    Very nice, beautiful paint
  13. Looks great, really like the BRG body color. Is this the Tamiya kit?
  14. Very nice build, Dinos look great in yellow
  15. FabbricaP

    Beemax BMW M3

    Looks great. Gotta Love the E30
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