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  1. Nice build! Wheels looks great on this car
  2. Love the engine detail! Looks outstanding
  3. Completed Profil24’s Jag D Type long nose last year. Resin quality was pretty good. Decals and PE were also decent.
  4. Awesome build, looks great in the sunlight
  5. Looking forward to the build. This kit is really enjoyable, had a lot fun with mine
  6. Looks terrific! Very nice build
  7. Beautiful! Really like the background in the last three images
  8. Beautiful build. The Spyder looks awesome as well!
  9. Looks great! is the Arii kit curbside?
  10. FabbricaP

    68 Corvette

    Nice build inside and out!
  11. Nice build, what a great looking pair!
  12. Very nice build, I like the colors. Don't often see yellow n gray
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