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  1. Hi all. While waiting for my next project to arrive I tried my hand at painting this 1/24 figure of 'il Commendatore' Enzo Ferrari I had stashed. The resin figure I used was a Modeler's product conveniently named only "Team Owner". I'm guessing this was to avoid copyrights, but it's pretty obvious this figure was supposed to be Ferrari. I think it's a little on the small size in relation to my 1/24 builds, but only slightly. Anyways, had a fun first time trying to paint figures any tips and comments are appreciated! I used Ak interactive and tamiya acrylics. The 250 GTO is a Fujimi kit i completed last year. Thanks for looking in!






  2. Looks awesome! Absolutely love the E30. The warped bonnet is troubling though, especially since this kit was recently released. Thanks for the heads up, ill be sure to check bonnet warping before buying this kit

  3. Thanks for all the kinds words. I’m really happy with the last minute color decision , green turned out great on this car. 

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