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  1. Nice job!! The engine looks nice! What did you use for the blower belt???
  2. What size watch stem gasket did you use? Thank you again for sharing!!!
  3. What did you use for the plug wire boots?? thanks mark
  4. For the guys who machine your own aluminum engine parts what glue do you use to assemble the engine???
  5. Thank you Cap!! I may buy a few extra kits of the HEMI Dart!!!
  6. Do any of the Duster kits come with a HEMI engine????
  7. What is a better chassis that will fit 69 Barracuda Kit???
  8. Who sells the best looking slotted mag wheels for model cars?
  9. 2zwudz

    1960 Falcon

    That is beautiful!!! Love the stance!!!!
  10. The Revell 70 road runner Kit (above) is the only kit that I have seen them in. If you can post a picture maybe we can see what you have?
  11. Is it premixed or does it need reducer to spray from a air brush???
  12. What’s your opinion on Model Car World automotive finish paints and do you like to spray it from the can or airbrush?
  13. Dino thanks but I think I am going to get the one above! I just need to catch the wife in a good mood 😉
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