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  1. Is there a better chassis to go with this 63 Vette kit? This thing is horrible!!!
  2. What year Torino is this?? I thought Richard Petty only drove the Ford Talladaga???
  3. Does anyone make a resin 64/65 Corvette coupe/hardtop kit??? thanks
  4. Tim that is just good work! Thanks for sharing!
  5. If I have the correct guy on Facebook he hasn’t posted anything on his page since November of 2019???
  6. Does anyone know if Steve Zimmerman is still making/selling wheels?
  7. Does anyone know where I can get a set of blue Shelby KR 500 decals stripes and graphic for a 67/68. I know there are white ones out there but I can’t find any blue???
  8. Your kicking butt Francis!! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!!!!
  9. Most of the time I do. This time I didn’t! ????. Its still good to ask questions and build relationships.
  10. Thank you!! I’ve never seen him help anyone since I’ve been here!
  11. Good color choice!! What color did you use for the interior?Thanks for sharing!!!
  12. What method do you like best for decanting spray cans?
  13. What clear coat do you like to use Snake??? I’m clearing over Rustoleum?
  14. Can Pledge Future clear coat be painted over for stripes and graphics?
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