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  1. I was wanting to make hinges for older cars look a little more realistic. I took the molded kit hinge and measured between the pivot points and cut duplicate parts from styrene stock. Then I used styrene rod to make the "rivets" by melting each side a little with a hot knife. I was going to add a spring for added detail but sadly the car was damaged by young dogs playing around.
  2. Good looking car. I have a couple of these waiting. i also bought a few of the upgrade parts and the photo etch set. Hope mine looks as good as yours.
  3. If the brasso doesn't work out, I may have a spare windshield. Let me know how if it worked.
  4. Hey, It looks like you plucked it right out of the late 50's/ early 60's. Pretty cool.
  5. txfatboy


    Appreciate the compliments. This was my first 1/16 scale build. Gotta eventually do something about those rear tires though.
  6. Thanks for the compliments. It was my first Indy build. I enjoyed the challenge to at least get the chassis close to correct. I had a heck of a time finding good reference pictures of the actual car.
  7. Another past build, chosen because of the great story that backdrops the eventual race win. A past winner without a ride, a car sitting in a museum with the WRONG engine, and a destiny for greatness... Anyone that has attempted this AMT kit probably knows about the less than correct rear suspension layout. I did a lot of scratch building on this one. The key being grafting the top of the Olds Aerotech transmission to this kit which allowed the correction to the rear suspension. Luckily, now there is a conversion kit available from INDYCALS that makes this a LOT easier. If it's allowed I am including a link to my FB album that has the complete build if anyone is interested. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2355285804511.138347.1321189330&type=1&l=b2a9428b4b
  8. txfatboy


    As I dig out the hobby room and reacquaint myself with its contents, I thought I would post up some of my past builds. This was a Tony Nancy kit I built a few years ago. The theme was a dragster that a few buddies could have built in a garage back in the day. It has some minor detail changes mainly being the headers from aluminum tubing. The biggest disappointment are the rear tires. I tried to do something about the seam but the rubber is super thin and it just tore. I may consider a resin replacement if they are available.
  9. Have you tried Brass-o polish? it works pretty good on clear plastic.
  10. Hello. I recently joined the forum after stepping away from the bench for 2 years. I had a couple of works in progress, this being the latest. My goal was to build a fully dedicated drag car, old school Hillborn style injection stacks on a 427 BBC and Cragars. I will post up some pics showing progress to date and then I have to re-evaluate where I'm at. As always, comments, opinions, suggestions, etc are more than welcome. Woody
  11. Hello all. I have been away from the hobby for almost 2 years. I was a semi-regular at BMC and then Escale and now I am here. I build mostly 1/24-1/25 scale with a few 1/18 and 1/12 kits thrown in for some variety. If anyone else migrated here from those forums they may remember the few builds I posted. Anyway, circumstances have now allowed me to consider sitting back down at the table again and maybe complete some of the kits I was working on when I stepped away. Glad to be here, looking forward to chatting and checking out y'alls stuff. Woody
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