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  1. Well....I got this in: Gonna give it a try. It's supposed to be dual action.
  2. Okay....I claimed the Volkswagen. Here is what I have:
  3. Here's the Wikipedia article I read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monkeemobile
  4. According to Wikipedia, Barris bought one of the original two cars that Jeffries built, and restored it.
  5. Bucky

    1949 Mercury

    That's very cool! Did he do the weathering on the Mercury, too?
  6. Cool!! I'll claim the VW kit. I'll post a kit from the ol' stash when I get home from the doctor. PM sent.
  7. I'm interested in the VW kit. Ya got any details on it?
  8. Wow! Hook that thing to a dyno, and let's see how many horses it has!
  9. I saw this while searching for something else a few days ago. Pretty nice looking.
  10. I added the flex attachment to mine a few years ago. Makes it sorta like holding a fat pencil. I found I have a little more control than trying to hold the bulky part of the Dremel.
  11. One thing to consider when applying a rotary tool with a grinding bit to plastic....use a very light touch and go slow. You can always take off more...kinda hard to put it back, sometimes! Even setting my Dremel at the lowest RPM, I have to be careful about what I'm grinding on.
  12. Bucky

    '77 T Bird

    I really think you've outdone yourself, this time! If I wasn't such a MOPAR fan, I would have bought a '79 T-bird. As far as Thunderbirds go, this is my 3rd favorite body style, behind the '64-'66, and the '61-'63.
  13. Thanks, Tom! Kinda crude, right now, but maybe I have enuff time to Git-R-Dun!! LOL
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