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  1. That looks great! I'll hafta consider using some of that. BTW, nice ceiling fan!
  2. Splendid build! Old school custom, all the way!
  3. I use the jelly roll pens, too. It's a fairly easy way to get the white letters.
  4. Looks like you're fairly close on this one. As Mr Guthmiller suggested, maybe a few more light coats of clear, let it cure out a few days, and then go at it with a polishing system. I wouldn't toss it in the stripper until I tried to polish it out, first.
  5. Yesterday, on the way home from a doctor's visit, I saw a 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger being trailered south by a brand new Ram 1500 Quad Cab pickup. The Dart was a very shiny black with a red tail stripe and vinyl top. Couldn't see the interior. That whole rig was travelling faster than I was!! Naturally, I never have my camera when I need it!
  6. It looks great, especially with the red stripe on it.
  7. I ordered #208 and #209 from them. They arrived quickly, and in stiff cardboard sleeves, so I got them in perfect condition!
  8. Coming together very nicely! I like the taillights!
  9. Actually, the way I'm reading Rust-Oleum's response, the second paragraph is absolutely about clearcoating over decals. However, I don't see Rust-Oleum's answer to the other questions in your letter to them.
  10. I'd be interested in a couple of those grilles, too, Mr. Steve. I have two interior sets on order.
  11. 1960 had fins, too. Plymouth, Dodge, Chrysler, DeSoto, Cadillac, Chevy, Ford, and others. Chevy and Ford fins sort of laid down flat, though.
  12. First time I've seen one of these being built. I keep searching for one of these kits, but they always seem to go beyond the old bank account! Carry on... I'll be checking it out!
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