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  1. Perfect "daily driver"!
  2. It might help to start at one end of the script and work towards the other end with the burnishing, instead of stretching the foil across the entire script first. Stretching it might create too much tension in the foil, and cause it to crack when you try to burnish it into the recesses of the script.
  3. Stunning build. Glassy smooth blue paint! Well done!
  4. Hmmmmm....seem to be having trouble opening the links on this android.
  5. Bucky

    67 coronet rt

    Very nice build, Michelle! I like the colors you chose. FYI....in 1966, there was no R/T. The top model Coronet would have been the 500. Also, no kit of the '66 Coronet has been issued. There might be a resin version available, but I'm not aware of one.
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