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  1. I have a friend who is an antique car buff. He has had some REALLY nice convertibles down through the years. He also collects Coca Cola memorabilia, and yes, if it has a Coke sticker involved, he'll grab it! I believe he would trade a MOPAR six-pack intake for an empty old Coke bottle!!
  2. I always shoot both colors, then clear before polishing or sanding. I've never tried doing them separately.
  3. Sorry!! I'll go rip off the plastic......or, maybe not! LOL I've had this kit a long time.
  4. The MPC '68 Impala I have has a molded in console. The AMT '69 Impala I have has a console that is molded with the seats. I have a MPC '69 Impala, but it still has the shrink wrap on it.
  5. I'd say more than a paltry few of us would love to grab some MOPAR mirrors, when they become available!
  6. WOW!!! I've never had brake fluid do that to any of my bad paint, and I left one in it for over two weeks! Whoever lifted yer pic was just WRONG! LOL
  7. It kinda looks like it was dipped in a vat of paint!! Maybe that plastic dip you put a screwdriver handle in! Ya might need to start with a mini jack hammer to begin the paint removal process!! LOL
  8. WOW!!! Looks like it rolled right off a Texas cattle ranch!! Great job on the mud!!
  9. "All the Above!" Top Shelf build here!
  10. Welcome to a very busy forum! If you start a thread, featuring your pickup build, you'll get all kinds of tips and suggestions, and most likely your questions will be answered. Jump in, and have fun!!
  11. Great rescue of a very nice looking Merc! I have a 1960 rebuilder convertible kit in the stash that I hope to get to, maybe next year!
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