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  1. Moebius 1966 F-100 now in stock

    I got my kit yesterday. I noticed it's heavier than most other kits. I haven't opened it, yet.
  2. t.m.resin

    Here is his e-mail address: timemachineresinAcomcast.net His name is Jeff Watlington. Shoot him a message and see what happens. He lives in Nashville, TN.
  3. I have told Mrs. Bucky to get her son...my stepson....to help her set up a method of selling a few at a time so she will have a little spending money on a regular basis. eBay comes to mind, as an option. If I get to the point that I can't build anymore, I'll prolly start to dole them out, myself.
  4. Absolutely! I think they had a sub-model called the Transbird!! LOL
  5. It reminds of the time I went to the Plymouth dealer with my cousin in 1973. He had a new Duster 340, and the salesman was bragging about how much better it was than the Pontiac Fire Am!!
  6. Revell 2019

    A lot of tractor kits, recently. I just grabbed the Heller Ferguson double kit, and will get the Porsche tractor, and this new one. I grew up using farm tractors, so these should be fun builds, for a change of pace!
  7. What Is It?

    It looks like several different styling cues on this one!
  8. What did you see on the road today?

    Tooling around today, I spotted a '67 Camaro SS convertible...with the top down.
  9. Does the Prestige kit have the taillights molded in? I had a Model King black and white box issue, and the lights were molded in. A pretty big pain for me to detail. I hope the new one won't have them molded in.
  10. You might find something similar here: https://www.micromark.com/?ns_md=cpc&ns_sc=AdWords&ns_cn=WK_Brand&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI44qsvsWo4gIVgchkCh0WTALdEAAYASAAEgLU2_D_BwE
  11. A stunning Dodge truck! Great color, too! Makes me wanna paint something green! Well done!
  12. That sounds like a good way to attack this question. however, i may hafta add the years '70 thru '74 to my process of elimination, even tho horsepressure was on the decline. There were still some very cool cars in those years.
  13. AMT Ford Interceptor Police Car

    Excellent paint, and very crisp detail! Thumbs up, all the way!
  14. What did you see on the road today?

    I saw a 1st gen Bronco, a '54 BelAir, a couple C4 Vettes, and a '57 Chevy pickup.