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  1. I think I read that the layout is somewhere around 124 feet long! I'd like to see the room where it is displayed!
  2. Bill told me through a PM that he is very busy at the present time.
  3. Very sharp build! Nice and tidy! Good work on the t-tops. I almost bought a cousin of the Daytona....a 1985 Chrysler Laser Turbo. A real beauty, but I ended up with a 1969 Dodge Dart GT, instead.
  4. I like what I'm looking at!!
  5. My 2 year old Great-grandson calls my hideaway the "Hobby Yume". Borderline genius little boy, but he can't quite say his "R" sound, yet! LOL Every time he comes over he says, "Pawpaw....Hobby Yume!"
  6. I have mine in a 15' by 12' bedroom. I have so much stuff in there that there's not much room to maneuver. Quite a bit of stuff that doesn't pertain to building models.
  7. Top notch work! Very handsome Charger!
  8. Very nice 240Z! The color has a glow to it. Was it a pleasant build experience? I recently built a Revell version, and it went together well.
  9. You might try more solution first, without slicing. If you slice it, and it suffers any shrinkage, it might leave an unsightly gap in the decal.
  10. Gorgeous Caddy! I really like the colors chosen for this build.
  11. May not be multiples of the same kit, so much, as it would be different re-issues of the same kit, with different wheels, decals, custom parts, etc.... My ratio there would probably be about 10%.
  12. And a ceiling fan to keep all that styrene cool! LoL My hobby room has one of those, too.
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