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  1. Bucky added a post in a topic History of Monogram's GM Pickups   

    This has been a fscinating topic! I never realized there were that many General Motors truck kits available. I myself have the recent issue of the Chevy stepside, an original Blazer, and an original Jimmy. I just acquired an original GMC Sport Pickup from Ebay that hasn't arrived, yet. Would a rear differential from one Monogram's GM van kits be accurate for the rear ends in question, here?
  2. Bucky added a post in a topic 1969 Cuda Notchback   

    We don't see many notchback Cudas in model building or 1:1. It's nice to see one that looks this good, and I'm talking about the model and the 1:1! (Have I made any sense?) I'll go sit down, now!
    BTW: Great job on the wicked li'l blue Cuda!!
  3. Bucky added a post in a topic Puddingwrestler's Cadvette   

    Very sharp!!! Could this be the predecessor to the XLR?
  4. Bucky added a post in a topic old johan amx javelin   

    This is a nice looking Javelin. One of my favorite body styles! You picked a great color and the white stripe is the perfect accent!!
  5. Bucky added a post in a topic 62 Nova convertible   

    This is a very nice project! Ya gonna run a six banger in it? For the interior, I'd go with a similar color to the body, as a lot of cars that came out of the factory back then had interiors that closely matched the outside. Other than that, you might go with an off-white color!
  6. Bucky added a topic in General   

    Greetings to All
    Looking forward to sharing my lifelong love of this hobby and all things automotive with everyone here.
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  7. Bucky added a post in a topic In Nashville for the week any good places to stop?   

    Welcome to Nashville!! Try Aardvark's on Gallatin Rd. It's kinda north east of downtown Nashville. It's about the only one in the area that hasn't shut down.