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  1. I believe you could work your scratchbuilding and modification magic and make that one fit the bill.
  2. Are the ones in the AMT '65 Pontiac kits wrong? I built some years ago, but don't remember their transmissions.
  3. I'm not able to dig through my kits at the moment, but would the Trumpeter '60 Bonneville have one?
  4. I like what you did on the seatback, too. Looks better.
  5. A welcome project! Good to see you're going in a slightly different direction, too. That'll give me plenty options to pick from when I get to work on mine.
  6. Cap'n crunch is still here. That's one I don't like anymore.
  7. There are a few I ate as a kid that don't appeal to me, now.
  8. My favorite....especially when Kroger puts them on sale!!
  9. Welllll.......Cocoa Crispies...Frosted Mini Wheats...Raisin Bran...Puffed Wheat...Chocolate Frosted Flakes...Lucky Charms...
  10. Especially if you both use the same color!
  11. Ready for another Fantastic Voyage!! Carry on, bro!
  12. Exquisite...stunning...incredible...life-like... I can only hope the rebuild on my '68 4-4-2 promo turns out half as nice. (I may "borrow" a few of your techniques, if you don't mind!)
  13. A member here, Tuffone20, has made some nice dual snorkle MOPAR air cleaners.
  14. I like this rig! Very realistic. The load looks great on the trailer, too.
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