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  1. Fantastic Charger! Well thought out. Of all the great mods you performed, I have to say my favorite is the engine compartment hatch. Very impressive!!
  2. Step back and take a breath. You're doing a fantastic job with the Autoquiz.
  3. You are forgiven, sir. Now...on to the next one!! LoL
  4. Very sharp Skyliner! I really like the color combination. A tutorial for all those new hinges might help those of us who are skeered to tackle the kits in our stashes! LoL
  5. Mrs. Bucky and myself just finished off a meal consisting of oven-baked thick cut bacon, cut-leaf spinach, and black eyed peas from the pressure cooker. Served up with coffee and SunDrop. Sorry....no pics. (It didn't last long enough to take pics!)
  6. If it takes that long to do the Cutlass, it should be just about perfect!
  7. WOW! I wudda paid that much without even blinking!!
  8. Bucky

    1984 Mustang GT

    Very nice work! I like the t-tops. I had a black Fox-body Mustang....1981....4 cylinder....5 speed....with pop-up sunroof. Still a fun little ride.
  9. Very cool collection! I have one Hubley kit that I haven't built, yet. It's a 1960 FORD station wagon.
  10. '77 was the last year for the second generation Monte Carlo. '78 is the first year for the third generation.
  11. Hmmmm....... In no particular order: 1.AMT/Lindberg '34 Ford Pickup 2. Monogram '69 Dodge SuperBee 3. JoHan '68 Chrysler 300 4. AMT '67 Mercury Cougar 5. Revell '70 Datsun 240Z 6. AMT '40 Ford Coupe or Sedan 7.MPC '72-'79 Dodge Pickup 8. AMT '49 Mercury 9. Moebius '69 Ford F-100 Pickup 10. AMT '90 Chevrolet 454SS Pickup This list is subject to change, as I manage to get more built!
  12. Fabulous finish! There's just something about a big, red ragtop! Very well done!
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