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  1. Sort of goes along with performing plastic surgery....in scale.
  2. Ducking always seems to work when they shoot through the windows, too.
  3. I'd like to know about it, too. I didn't know these were made in 1/24 scale.
  4. The blue looks great on a Duster! Well done on the paint.
  5. Isn't there a scene in Blues Brothers where the back glass is shot out, only to reappear later? I also like chase scenes where a wheel cover flies off, and around the next corner, it's back on the wheel.
  6. I've never thought of using press and seal type stuff. It one might want to make sure a painted surface has cured well before burnishing down the film. I normally use Tamiya tape for defined edges, with blue painters tape and wax paper for covering large areas.
  7. I ordered a part from Lexington, Ky. It went to Nashville, Tn, then to Montgomery, Al. From there it went to Memphis, Tn. Then, it went back to Nashville, and finally to the house. Looking at a good old road atlas, one can see that Lawrenceburg, Tn is only about 80 miles south of Nashville. I didn't think I was ever going get that part!
  8. Bucky

    1964 Chevelle

    Extremely nice paint! Great looking cruiser!
  9. I've had some interesting quirks on USPS delivery. Packages will bypass my area, only to spend a couple days somewhere and then come back to my area.
  10. Oooops! Sorry about that! LoL
  11. That would suit me. I owned a '66 Coronet 500 convertible back in the late 80's to early 90's.
  12. I did manage to open both my kits! LoL
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