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  1. I think it's a nice looking little car.
  2. That is one fabulous Ford! Top notch work on this one!
  3. I always took issue with mislabeled kits, such as the Plymouth Duster kit that clearly has a Dodge Dart Sport inside the box. Also, some of the "Photo of actual model" box art shows parts that are not included in the box, which could be a different set of wheels, or tires, etc. I have no problem with the Retro box art, and I'd be okay with the photo box art, if it actually depicted what is in the box.
  4. I had one of those dimmer switches short out one dark night and left me stranded. I stomped the switch to dim the lights, and they went out, completely! That was on an old Chevelle Malibu.
  5. I remember when they all had a version of "Dove Gray". Essentially gray primer with a shiny clear coat. LoL I had a '79 Mercury Grand Marquis in that color.
  6. Very well done! I could see a hot rod like this easing its way into our local cruise in parking lot! I'm surprised nobody has mentioned what appears to be a checkerboard firewall. Looks like a nice touch to me!
  7. Over 200k? Hmmm.....he must not have had enough left over cash for a non-sticky throttle, and some good brakes! I've had brake failure on three different vehicles in my day. A 1965 Ford Falcon, a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am, and a 1968 Imperial Crown. Each time, my first instinct was to shove the shifter into neutral, and head for something other than another vehicle. But, of course, I didn't have over $200K wrapped up in all three vehicles, much less just one.
  8. Bucky


    Top notch work on this one! Perfect color for this one, too!
  9. Sounds like a little testing might be called for, using different primers. It might cost a few pennies for the basecoat, but in the long run, it might keep trouble down to a minimum.
  10. I formed the above "tarp" by making a diluted white glue solution, and soaking a heavy-duty paper towel in it. I covered the Chevy body in plastic wrap, then formed the wet towel to my liking, and allowed it to dry in place. After removing the plastic wrap, the "tarp" fit fairly well.
  11. Fantastic MOPAR! Black is a perfect color for one of these beasts. I'm really liking the exhaust. Simple, and direct way to dispense with those HEMI fumes. Very well done!
  12. I don't know about the Pontiacs, but my '68 Imperial Crown top frame is sort of a semi-gloss black.
  13. I use Super Clean for most strip jobs, too. However, I once soaked an old Johan '62 Dodge in brake fluid for two weeks, and the old paint finally turned loose, and the old styrene didn't suffer any ill effects. If you have an insignificant part from the Corvair that you might not be using, you could try it in the brake fluid and see what happens.
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