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  1. Looks like you nailed it! Great job!
  2. I usually give the parts a good look over after primer to make sure there are no more imperfections in the body work I may have missed. After I'm satisfied with that, then I put on the color coats, trying to stick pretty close to what it says on the can label.
  3. Did you use a base color under the chrome paint? It looks really good from here!
  4. Welcome! My name is Keith, also. I live in Tennessee, too. Leoma, Tennessee. And, my favorite automobile is a MOPAR. Looking forward to seeing your builds hereabouts!
  5. I had a '74 Olds Omega (Nova cousin) back in '74-'75, and I ran F70-14 on the front and G60-14 on the back. Didn't have the cash flow to purchase any wheels, so I ran the factory wheels: Disclaimer: This is NOT the car I owned in 1974.
  6. Bucky

    1964 Dodge 330

    Great Dodge! I'm diggin' the mismatched front fender!
  7. I think I spy a red Dodge Demon in that pile.
  8. According to Scalemates.com, the Prestige Bonneville came in 1987. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/amt-ertl-6503-1965-pontiac-bonneville--1135107 I thought it was much earlier than that, too.
  9. I built the Prestige Series Bonneville and Grand Prix. The Bonneville had a warped body, but I was still able to use it. The GP was fine right out of the box.
  10. This is exactly what I do. Being a former welder, I happened upon this trick many moons ago. It works for me!
  11. This is a fantastic set-up! The whole yellow theme throughput is perfect! The custom work looks flawless, too!
  12. I started out buying kits to build. In the time period when there were a lot of kits being issued, I found myself buying faster than I could build. Over the years, I have amassed a great number of kits. Included in that number are some kits that are very hard to come by. I have sold off several in the last two years, partly to help finance a move into a new house. I may sell some more, when I get them unpacked from that move. About the only thing I actually collect are the Johan 1968 Imperial Crown promos. I bought a 1:1 Imperial Crown convertible in '98, and soon after found a promo of the hardtop at a model show. I've been grabbing those when the price is right ever since.
  13. Great conversion! It looks like a natural! I'd like to see some detail on that nifty hood hinge mechanism, too. I like that idea.
  14. I've seen quite a few of the Saturn Vue being pulled around behind very expensive motorhomes. They make a nifty runabout when yer on vacation.
  15. Nice grab on the Saturn! It should serve you well. I actually worked on the construction of the Saturn plant in Spring Hill, TN. Got to see a lot of practice runs on all phases of the manufacture of the coupes and sedans. They recycled a lot of scrap before they got it like they wanted it.
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