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  1. Amazing quality of work going on with this one! I'm glad I got to see the step by step process!
  2. Autoquiz 409

    Well, I got this one right. Just when ya think yer familiar with the cars of the world, out comes something like this one to rattle yer cage!!!! HAHAHAHAHA
  3. 1964 Oldsmobile Starfire

    Very nice replica, Paul! Where did you get the roof section for this build?
  4. Barris '70 Impala custom

    Beautifully done!! The transition from hood to dash looks flawless! A great big THUMBS UP, my friend!!
  5. '58 Impala

    It's gorgeous!! Great colors with just the right fifties flavor!!
  6. Autoquiz 408 - Finished

    I kept looking at the body line along the side, thinking Mercury, but the rest of it didn't register with me. Maybe next time! LOL
  7. Autoquiz 408 - Finished

    It does have a familiar look to it.
  8. Hershel McGriff

    Great looking Olds!! I recently built a McGriff racer that he ran at LeMans. Quite different from this one.
  9. Wheel ID Help

    I zoomed your pic of the #5 wheels. The center cap looks like the Imperial eagle emblem. I checked my '64 Imperial kit, and they look identical to what's in the box.
  10. Wheel ID Help

    #5 looks very much like these: 1964 Imperial The center section of these wheel covers were painted in body color.
  11. A or B ?

    Such as this '34 Plymouth...... Complete with 413 Long Ram engine, and drum brakes! Owner said it was a blast to drive, but as hard as a falling meteorite to stop!!
  12. Need a 1967 car

    Hasegawa makes this one and a car with number 1 on it.
  13. Need a 1967 car

    You could build Richard Petty's 1967 NASCAR champion Plymouth, although it is actually a '66 Belvedere. https://autoweek.com/article/monster-energy-nascar-cup/dream-season-richard-petty-set-nascar-records-1967-will-never-be
  14. Need a 1967 car

    First front drive Caddy....1967 ElDorado.
  15. Need a 1967 car

    1967 was a year of "Firsts". 1967 Camaro, Firebird, Cougar. 1967 GTX. 1967 Coronet R/T. First year for big block Barracuda. First year for big block Mustang. New body styles for Ford and Chevy pickups. Several opportunities here for 1967.
  16. That color JUMPS!!!! Emblems and chrome are expertly applied, too!!
  17. Autoquiz 407 - Finished

    I got lucky on this one.....again! LOL
  18. 70 Cougar Eliminator Convertible

    Stunning Cougar! Perfect paint in my favorite car color!!
  19. 68 GTO Convertible

    Beautifully done, sir! Looks very well detailed, and well executed! Instrument panel looks so real! I built one of these in '68. I used the bubble top, of course, being only 13 years old at the time. Painted it with the closest paint TESTORS had to this color you used! Needless to say, This build is light years better than the one I did!
  20. Autoquiz 407 - Finished

    Yeaaaahhhh......still doesn't penetrate this skull! LOL
  21. Autoquiz 406 - Finished

    I like it!!! HAHAHA
  22. Autoquiz 406 - Finished

    And if it dies, one could replace the front wheel with a tongue and have a stylish trailer!!
  23. Autoquiz 406 - Finished

    I think I have this one.
  24. Autoquiz 405 - Finshed

    Another one kickin' my butt!! LOL
  25. Autoquiz 404 - Finished

    I got curious about the pic being turned because of the lettering on the tires. It looked like the letters were on the tires backwards. But........I still didn't figure it out!! HAHAHA