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  1. I usually give the parts a good look over after primer to make sure there are no more imperfections in the body work I may have missed. After I'm satisfied with that, then I put on the color coats, trying to stick pretty close to what it says on the can label.
  2. Did you use a base color under the chrome paint? It looks really good from here!
  3. Welcome! My name is Keith, also. I live in Tennessee, too. Leoma, Tennessee. And, my favorite automobile is a MOPAR. Looking forward to seeing your builds hereabouts!
  4. I had a '74 Olds Omega (Nova cousin) back in '74-'75, and I ran F70-14 on the front and G60-14 on the back. Didn't have the cash flow to purchase any wheels, so I ran the factory wheels: Disclaimer: This is NOT the car I owned in 1974.
  5. Bucky

    1964 Dodge 330

    Great Dodge! I'm diggin' the mismatched front fender!
  6. I think I spy a red Dodge Demon in that pile.
  7. According to Scalemates.com, the Prestige Bonneville came in 1987. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/amt-ertl-6503-1965-pontiac-bonneville--1135107 I thought it was much earlier than that, too.
  8. I built the Prestige Series Bonneville and Grand Prix. The Bonneville had a warped body, but I was still able to use it. The GP was fine right out of the box.
  9. This is exactly what I do. Being a former welder, I happened upon this trick many moons ago. It works for me!
  10. This is a fantastic set-up! The whole yellow theme throughput is perfect! The custom work looks flawless, too!
  11. I started out buying kits to build. In the time period when there were a lot of kits being issued, I found myself buying faster than I could build. Over the years, I have amassed a great number of kits. Included in that number are some kits that are very hard to come by. I have sold off several in the last two years, partly to help finance a move into a new house. I may sell some more, when I get them unpacked from that move. About the only thing I actually collect are the Johan 1968 Imperial Crown promos. I bought a 1:1 Imperial Crown convertible in '98, and soon after found a promo of the hardtop at a model show. I've been grabbing those when the price is right ever since.
  12. Great conversion! It looks like a natural! I'd like to see some detail on that nifty hood hinge mechanism, too. I like that idea.
  13. I've seen quite a few of the Saturn Vue being pulled around behind very expensive motorhomes. They make a nifty runabout when yer on vacation.
  14. Nice grab on the Saturn! It should serve you well. I actually worked on the construction of the Saturn plant in Spring Hill, TN. Got to see a lot of practice runs on all phases of the manufacture of the coupes and sedans. They recycled a lot of scrap before they got it like they wanted it.
  15. I like this! Incorporating the door handles into the trim is pretty cool!
  16. Well...the pressure washer might help with that botched TESTORS paint job! And pizza always deserves a place in the hobby room! Hahaha
  17. A '66 Stutz built-up sold on eBay today for $36.00. It looked like a fairly well built model, too.
  18. Superb build! Colors are fantastic! Most of the guys I knew back in the day wudda had the cooler in the back seat, tho! LoL
  19. You boys are just pups! I used to buy 1/25 scale Johan kits at G. C. Murphy for .89 a pop right after they were issued! LoL MPC and AMT were expensive...$1.49 each!
  20. I like the way you incorporated the checkerboard into the side panels. NO, WAIT!! That's a reflection in that brilliant red! Seriously, this is a fantastic build!
  21. I was always intrigued by these Renwal kits. I have one of each, except the Jordan and the Pierce Arrow. I actually have two Mercer kits. One has the body parts molded in white, the other has the body parts molded in red.
  22. Some of those Renwal kits were based on actual vehicles that had been customized. I believe it was Exner who had a hand in the designs. Currently, I have several Renwal kits, but the Jordan Playboy is a hard one to find at my kind of price.
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