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  1. Nice job JT. I never knew they made something like this. I saw one Friday on my drive home!!!!!!
  2. The reference is for CFC wheels and you are right in that all I need now are the duel wheels them self's. I couldn't find a source for the wheels after someone gave me the tires. I tried Double Take and they are out of stock.
  3. I've been looking and can't seam to find what I'm looking for. I'm trying to get all the parts rounded up for the conversion of the heavy duty 3 axle trailer to a double drop that was covered in Car Modeler Mag back in the day. Maybe someone can made replacement suggestion! I need some help.
  4. I have some Italeri tires that I would like to us on a double drop trailer and can't seam to find anyone that has these. I have check with a few venders and no one seems to have any left. I measured the I.D. at about .950. Can anyone help?
  5. Welcome back. I too have been gone for 25 to 30 years. I guess we all go back to our roots someday!!!
  6. Two weeks ago, when cleaning out my garage, I came across an old flat trailer and Caterpillar bulldozer that I built back in 1971 or 2. I have searched the forum and the only thing that I have found is from 2010. Has anyone came up with a new way to remove decade old glue?
  7. All El Camino came with air shocks so the ride height in the back was easy to change. Valve was behind the license plate.
  8. So. I was thinking that after more then 30 years out of the hobby, I would like to try and get my feet wet again. Boy how things have chanced. It all started when I went looking for a 1/24,5 scale model of a 1994 Chevy Cavalier. I bought my wife one of the convertible RS model that had a blown engine. Changed engines 2 years ago and can't keep her out of it. She likes so well, I want to do a model for her. Any idea when to start?
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