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  1. I appreciate the responses and ideas. I think I'm going to try shooting the body color on some clear or white decal film and then cutting the stripe instead of painting it directly on the cab. It's going to be tough to keep all the stripes parallel regardless of method.
  2. in the attached photo, the white line points to the darker body color stripe that I have to paint. The stripes below are a seperate decal as are the stripes above the line I have to paint. The problem is that the painted stripe needs to be perfectly located and it would appear easier to apply the decals first, leaving a gap where the painted stripe will go, mask it off and shoot it. This presumes the decals don't come off with the mask. It's a very risky task even without the prospect of the applied decals peeling off.
  3. Sorry it's been so long, things were just hectic. Here's a pic of what I'm doing, Pigpen's Mack from Convoy. I have the decals from Model Truckin but they don't have the body color stripe in the middle. I'm trying to figure out how to do the paint stripe and end up with the top and bottom decals in proper alignment.
  4. Thanks for all your thoughts. I have suspected that the decal to model bond is not strong enough and the decals will likely pull off with the masking material.
  5. I have a difficult paint job coming up, the decals provided are missing a body color stripe between a pair of decal stripes. It looks like it will be best to place the decals first and then mask and shoot the body stripe. I always put a coat of clear gloss over the decals. Has anyone done this and does it work? The decals are expensive so I'd rather not have them pull off with the masking tape. Is there a good tape to use for this? I usually use Tamiya masking tape.
  6. Well done, that came out great
  7. Thanks, Gary had sent me pics of a different dump trailer but it's not available right now.
  8. He sent me some pics but the trailer isn't being produced right now.
  9. Well done, interesting concept.
  10. Good job, it looks great.
  11. Just wondering if anyone has a photo of Gary's dump trailer?
  12. Looks interesting, I'll be following along.
  13. Actually I was thinking I saw your name on a 1:1 scale truck at a show sometime in the last several years...... I know you post models here.
  14. You're welcome. Do I recall seeing your name on a big rig around here somewhere?
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