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  1. Looks like one of the PE detail sets for the COE has badges. Kinda expensive but my experience with CTM PE has been nothing but good. ST Supply looks like them stock them, Jamie might have them also.
  2. Looks good, I agree that the badge for the front is garbage, I had to do a lot of work on the 2 GMC's I've built so far. Maybe one of CTM detail kits would work?
  3. I noticed that, I'd contact Doug Wagner directly as I don't think he has listed all the parts on the website.
  4. I think Jamie has them as well.
  5. KFS makes one in 1/24 but it's too wide for 1/25....ask me how I know.... Former AITM now Keystone has a 1/25 scale one that fits better. They also should have a transfer case for it.
  6. Back to work on this, now have a painted rolling chassis. Still have the cab and body details to go....
  7. Nice work, I like the blue one! Good job on the paint.
  8. Thanks Tom, coming from someone with your skills it means alot! Thanks, maybe some light wear, enough to rub the paint off the blade and tracks!
  9. Looks great! Is that the stock Pete wrecker chassis?
  10. Thanks Guess I don't know them... Thanks Thanks Thanks, I seem to like beefy stuff! Thanks, though when I was growing up, no real dozer operator would run one with a cab....they thought having protection gave the operator a false sense of security.
  11. Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks, yes an update would be welcome.
  12. ROPS from Jamie, Grille is Czech Trucks (CTS), might have been from STS. Tracks were off the internet, I won't mention the vendor as they aren't pleasant to deal with. Their website says ships in 7 days. 10 weeks later, nothing. They don't respond to e-mails. Maybe 6 months later you'll get your order.
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