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  1. I think there are regional problems with specific carriers. In my area, USPS, FedEx and Amazon are all running about normal while UPS seems to let packages sit in the trailers for an extra 24 hrs just prior to delivery.
  2. I've ordered from them before so I know the usual routine. This has gone far beyond the norm so I'm trying to get a feel for any other experiences and trying not to bother Renee unnecessarily. I'm trying to determine the point where the order might be lost vs on a slow boat from half way around the world.
  3. No doubt international shipments are messed up. I see on AITM's website that he has suspended overseas shipments for the duration. I may ask them for a ship date, hate to bother them as I'm sure many others are asking similar questions. One Aus model site is suggesting that folks ask for (and pay extra) Fed Ex as it seems to be moving packages better.
  4. Just wondering if anyone in the USA has received an order from them in the last few months? I placed an order in early April and end of May they said it had shipped. I know their postal system had issues prior to the pandemic so I'm sure it's worse. I'm not saying anything negative about Auslowe, they are great people, I'm just wondering at what point I consider the package lost in transit. If you did get an order, I'd appreciate the order date and delivery date (approximates are fine +/- week). Thanks
  5. First cab over logger I've seen. Looks good!
  6. Starting my next project inspired by the attached photo. I heard this little gem coming about a half mile before I saw it, yep, had a Deeetroit. Cab and dump body by AITM, I decided to use the Freightliner COE SD/DD kit for it's short frame. Turns out that the short SD frame is too short and the DD frame is too long. Being it was easier to shorten the long frame, that's the plan. I was thinking it would be an easy build but it's already proven to be challenging. This one will have a 6-71N from Gary Wallace under the hood, and I have wheels and tires coming from AITM that should come close to the ones in the photo.
  7. Thanks everyone. Don't know what happened with the mirrors, followed the instructions and pic on the box but....don't want to try to pull them off and risk pulling the paint. I have a couple of ideas to get them straighter.....
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