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  1. The A-Car dump fronts are 75/22.5. All I see at Moluminum are 22's. Not sure if the difference is enough to worry about but I really like the look of the kit wheels.
  2. Looking for a good condition pair of front 6 spoke wheels for the AMT Autocar dumptruck kit. Thanks
  3. Diecast Dozer on AMT Lowboy

    The track width looks ok, maybe just a little overhang. Blade is way wider. Might make extensions for the trailer. I guess I'm thinking of some "hidden" supports under the trailer. I wasn't concerned with the tires a much as the frame but I see your point.
  4. Diecast Dozer on AMT Lowboy

    More of speculation, just wondering if anyone has put a diecast 1/25 dozer on the AMT lowboy trailer? I have an old almost-glue-bomb lowboy trailer that I will be rebuilding. I just obtained a First Gear IH TD 25 dozer that I thought would make a good load. Well, I guess I didn't think it through, the dozer is cast metal and weighs quite a bit. I suspect the trailer won't be able to take the weight. I have the AMT dozer kit but probably won't get to it anytime soon.
  5. Why??

    What happens when they go down hill??
  6. AMT Autocar Tire Size

    Does anyone know what the tire size is that is provided in the Autocar A64B kit? Looking for real tire size, not actual model measurement. IE, 12x24, 11x22, etc. Thanks
  7. ModelTruckin'.com

    I did hear from him a week or so ago, said he has been busy with work and doesn't have much time for e-mails. My last order was about 4 weeks to delivery, FWIW.
  8. Rubber Duck Mack

    Thanks but I have plans to make them from scratch. I have rod stock in hand and step material coming from Auslowe. Tank straps and fill will be scratch also. I'm not planning on doing a detailed engine, but do have one and a ten speed tranny in the parts bin.
  9. Holmes 750 wrecker plans or instructions

    I'll be following this thread. I asked Auslowe if they would consider making one, even if was only the superstructure/booms/winches. I think the body/deck is easy enough to fab and there are lots of different looks to the body. I have the 1/25 First Gear Holmes body that I'm either going to use as a pattern or modify for my next project.
  10. Rubber Duck Mack

    I did mention the steps in the original post, and will cover the tank build when I get to them. I don't have the emblem cast in but there are a pair of silver decals that read RL700L. I haven't inspected all the little bits yet so there may be something else. The silver decals appear too large for the hood anyway.
  11. Rubber Duck Mack

    Well, it'll be a first for me, first all-resin build. I've done some conversions and a few 3D prints, but never all resin. Should be interesting. I will be making my own tanks, and have parts on their way for that. I did get the front axle mounted a couple of days ago, will have to post a pic. The front axle needs to move forward a hair to make the front tires sit right in the wheel wells. Working on the cab next, getting the back of the cab as well as the back of the interior cut out for the pass thru for the sleeper.
  12. Let's see your Big Rig Wreckers!

    This really makes me wish someone would make parts for a Holmes 750.......so many ideas.....
  13. MACK DM600, 5-th wheel dumper

    My guess is that you could have one hoist on the truck and not need dump trailers. Probably cheaper and there aren't any hydraulic lines to hook to the trailer, less chance of leaks?
  14. Rubber Duck Mack

    I've started the AITM Rubber Duck Mack. I'll be posting some of my thoughts along the way, as well as some photos. First issue is the fuel tanks. The early AITM Kits came with short tanks, and their website and instructions still show this. The kit now includes long tanks as that seems to be the version seen most often in the movie. The first unit truck had the longer tanks. I will probably end up doing my own tanks as the kit tanks have 3 straps while the movie truck only has 2. The steps are also different and I have parts coming from Auslowe that should enable me to replicate the movie look a little better. I started work on the chassis, the resin frame was almost perfectly straight out of the box. It appears to have some metal reinforcement. I've been cleaning parts and going thru things for a while now as well as doing some research. One thing I found was that someone on a different forum thought the space between the duals waas too wide. After taking a look I decided that the gap did look too wide so I narrowed it. It might still be a tad too wide, but looks ok to my eye. The rear suspension went together ok, some adjustment needed to get the unit to sit square on the chassis. I will be doing a mock-up of the cab next to be sure the front axle placement is where it should be. That's about it for now, not much progress but I don't have much time this time of year. With a rainy week ahead, I might actually get something accomplished. I do my chassis work on a sheet of glass as seen in the photos below as it is the easiest way I've found to have a totally flat surface to work on.
  15. Perlux Fog/Driving Lights