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  1. TAT Mack B-61

    Nice looking build!
  2. AMT/ERTL Paystar 5000 Question

    PM replied to, thanks!
  3. Great Dane Extendable Flatbed

    Thanks Tom, would you please buy an Autocar Dump?
  4. AMT/ERTL Paystar 5000 Question

    Trying to remember back 30+ years ago, the frame extensions would make sense. Just trying to eliminate some of the guess-work as these things are getting expensive. Thanks for the replies.
  5. I'm looking for the titled kit for an upcoming project. I see that this truck comes in 4 varieties, tractor, logger, dump and mixer. (Sadly, I had the dump version many years ago and it got beat up so bad I tossed it). As I only need the chassis/drivetrain, I'm wondering if all the versions are the same or do some have shorter frames? (I need a longer frame if such exists). Given the going prices, I may have to use a different donor kit.......
  6. 1919 Mack AC Wrecker

    It doesn't say anything on the sign that would answer that, but IIRC, Mack just made the cab/chassis and the body was added later. As far as I know, that's still the case.... A garage in NJ took delivery in Sept 1920 so it might have been in a shop having the body made for a while. I stopped back often, had wanted to talk with the owner but never saw him.
  7. Need Help!

    I'm wondering if the current Diamond Reo kit might help with the fenders.........
  8. 1919 Mack AC Wrecker

    No, the rear most axle was just for the weight, like a tag axle but not able to raise it. The front tandem was driven, chain drive of course. Hoist weight center appears to be in the middle of the two tandem axles. I was equally amazed by the size of the hook to the right!
  9. 1919 Mack AC Wrecker

    On display at Macungie, this is the first tandem AC I've seen.
  10. Need Help!

    Looks like an early 1960's. I looked at AITM but nothing close. I saw this yesterday, looks close. It's a 1964 B61 according to the tag. Well, after some research, I'm starting to think the guy may have put B61 on the tag as the show was in Mack country as I'm not finding any references to a Brockway B61.
  11. Last B Model Mack

    Spoke with Matt Pfahl this morning at Macungie. Sounds like the current plan is to restore as it appeared as it rolled off the assembly line, ie, no body. Not going to happen anytime soon though.
  12. Was going to add that his site shows them in stock and if not, Dave's a great guy and you can always contact him. He's very helpful. You might not have it in a couple of days (as with stock items) but you will get it. This is also Truck Show season in the NE and Dave is supposed to be at Macungie tomorrow and Sat. I suspect he's been busy packing for the show.
  13. Last B Model Mack

    A couple of shots of the rear axle assembly
  14. Last B Model Mack

    I have been told it was a mixer. I found a video from last fall that shows it on the road, running. I have heard that it is going to be restored, not sure if it will remain as a chassis as it was right out of the factory or if they'll put a body on it. Currently in CT. I am hoping it will be at Macungie at the end of the week (after all, it IS Mack country) and will be off the trailer. Was hard to get photos with it sitting up high.
  15. Last B Model Mack

    Seen at a local truck show, this is the last Mack B model to roll off the assembly line. I was told the current owner spent a lot of time, money and effort to track it down and buy it. Not sure what the plans are for it, restore or leave as is. All three rear axles are driven.