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  1. There was a similar beast made in HO scale, IIRC it was made by Walthers and called Oscar.
  2. Interesting loco. Looks to me that someone many years ago scratch built it from a few different parts. The body looks like a switcher that had the hood radically shortened and the truck looks like it was from under a passenger car.
  3. Thanks, I'm really having trouble with getting the pics to look like the real thing. That red is just sparkly in the sun. Another of the Aztek pearl metallics. Glad I have a decent stock, they have been dropped by Testors.
  4. Can't make it happen with windows 10 and Firefox. Anyone else able to do it with that combo?
  5. The DK triaxle dump is just about done, need to paint the side boards for the dump body. The red is hard to get right in photos, it's a dark red metallic pearl. I have some changes to make on the dolly as the dump is a tad lower than the dolly. Still need to get started on the dump trailer, once everything is done, I'll move it to Under Glass.
  6. Isn't most of the KFS stuff 1/24? I wonder if Auslowe has it? OP is down under, might be easier to get it in country.
  7. I'm not sure words can accurately describe how awesome this build is.
  8. Take a look at the MPC gravel trailer, seems pretty close. You'll have to cut it down from a triaxle but they actually have instructions to make a 2 axle dolly form the parts included in the kit. Pic of the dolly in this thread:
  9. Those are some beefy tires! It could be the fit would be better after the rims are painted. I tend to use paints with very small pigments so they don't build like the old Testors rattle cans.
  10. Looks good so far. Looking at the photo, I'm surprized the reefer unit doesn't hit the back of the sleeper. Must be really close.
  11. Thanks, I don't need to make up that much room. I'm thinking of double sided adhesive....
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