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  1. Great job! What tracks did you use on the excavator?
  2. I've only built the AMT Aerodyne, following this one. Those injector pins look to be a real pain!
  3. I have seen a resin H cab by "The Backyard Shed" but no current info on them.
  4. This is coming together great! I'll have to look into punches and Meng bolts.
  5. Found this nice 1970 Autocar. Might be a future project if I can find the correct radiator.
  6. As I started looking at grapples, I discovered I needed to add some more hydro lines. That's now done, extra length until I get the grapple built. While out trying to photograph bald eagles this morning, I ran across a beautiful 50 year old Autocar 10 wheel logger with a loader. Wouldn't you know, the grapple was just what I was looking for! Looks like a much better style than I've seen on the 'net. The cab got color this morning, have to wait a few days for it to set up before masking for the second color on the fenders. Now you can see the purpose of the slightly darker yellow on the doors, there was a cab logo decal there that has been removed. I used the salt technique for a little rust on the cab lower sill and door corners.
  7. For a long time, I've felt that the modern autos lack the individuality that they had back in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Each year there were changes, some bigger than others but in my younger days, I knew each year for each make and model as they all had differences. Now, most autos look the same and don't change much at all from year to year. I know the economics of it, that's not the point. Trucks never changed year to year like the cars did but they did differ enough so you could tell them apart. It seems that the modern trucks lack the personality of the older ones and liike the cars most look alike. Could be I'm in denial as I get older and want to stay stuck in the earlier times.... I offer this as a point of conversation and discussion.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. I had better hurry up and finish this before I think of more things to do to it! Just last night, after looking at the updated crane photo, I realized I'm not really done. The grapple will need hydraulic lines and I've figured out in my mind how to run them, it's just a matter of doing it. Just when you think you're almost done.......And, I'm almost out of color for the crane and log trailer, good thing I recorded the mix proportions so I can mix more. It might not be exact, but that will just fit this build even better! Tonight the cab will get some love as well and I should have half the two-tone color on this weekend.
  9. Crane is almost done, need to scratch build the grapple and do some weathering. Having several components can be interesting, if I get bored with one part, I've got several more to choose from.
  10. Very well done! That casting looks very crisp!
  11. Also looks like you could remove some material from the bottom of the spring hangers where they contact the frame. Can't tell from the photo angle if the bottom bolts of the hangers are below the frame but looks like it. Looks to be plenty of meat on those castings.....
  12. You could always put a small block between the rear axle and springs to lower the rear of the frame. Might look a bit odd though.
  13. Wheels and rims look gray to me. Maybe battleship gray as there was plenty of that color paint left after WW2.
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