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  1. Yep, those old WW2 era searchlights pull a lot of juice, will make that ol' 4-71 scream!
  2. More work on the generator housing. Radiator has a slight front tilt (to help keep the rain out). Waiting on parts to continue....
  3. Thanks, I am looking for something ready to use. I can't do the photoetched stuff, eyes aren't what they used to be let alone the fingers.
  4. Does anyone have a source for scale big truck door hinges? I need to find some working piano hinges in scale. Thanks!
  5. I got mine from Micro Mark last year for the Mack logger.
  6. Making progress on the generator, Detroit 4-71 from Gary Wallace via Jamie. Genset from scratch along with the frame. I have the radiator, air cleaner and exhaust. Radiator gets mounted next.
  7. Not sure about this beast but I had to move one similar at NJDOT years ago, was a 1960's vintage International with the blower on the front and second engine on the flatbed. IIRC, it was air pressure that raised the blower assembly for travel as she had to build air pressure after I started her before I could lift the blower. The one I moved didn't need the aux engine running in order to lift the blower, ran off the main engine. The blower itself ran off of hydraulics, the hydro pump was on the aux engine.
  8. Amazing work. You need the chains, you haven't lived 'till you've made a set! I did once, never again!
  9. One step ahead of you, already had some parts ideas before I started!
  10. Basic cab is complete, not sure what happened to the right fender, seems like it twisted a bit after paint. Didn't notice until the bumper went on. Working on the bed and the engine/generator then on to the light. Waiting on parts from Oz.
  11. The trailer is well along, the ICC bar needs another coat of color then gets installed. Tie down straps arrived from England yesterday and parts have been ordered for the anchors. Wheels and tires on order from Jamie, mudflaps are done just need to get the tires on before mounting them. Waiting to hear from the mill regarding the materials for the load.
  12. Not me, seems fair. Beats $300-350 for the original if you can find one. The improvements sound great.
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