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  1. Looks interesting, I have a few hawks I could lend you, they'll make short work of those pesky squirrels!
  2. Thanks everyone, I jumped the gun with the photos, I forgot to put on the Husky hood ornament. It's on now.
  3. Calling this one done, this is as the truck appeared at the June 2021 ATCA show in Bethlehem, CT. I was told that it had logos added for it's debut at Cortland a few weeks later. Chassis is the AMT Autocar A64B kit, Cab/hood, battery boxes and air tanks from AITM. Rear fenders from scratch. Tinted windows from my eye doctor (those throw away dark glasses they give you when they dilate your eyes). Paint is my own mix of acrylics. The real truck: My take:
  4. While the Robbos one looks good, it is a right hand drive truck. AITM is left drive.
  5. This will likely be the last update. Rear fenders are done, just need to be painted and installed. I have the mounting brackets fabbed and attached but will add more support underneath as those 2 little tabs aren't stout enough to hold things in place. Brake light housings are on.
  6. LOL! I drove a school bus back around 1980, not going to disagree with your comments!
  7. I continue to be in awe of your scratch building skills and patience........
  8. Great job, I agree that the dump trailer looks better as a 2 axle. I did one that way a couple of years ago.
  9. So if I'm following this, the KW cab from the dump truck goes on the Mack chassis, the cab of which replaces the KW cab on the mixer kit.
  10. Progress on the rear fender fab, sheet styrene with small angle stock for the outer lip. Currently waiting for the primer to dry, then finish filling and sanding. Brake light housings in progress, used a small hole punch for the holes for the brake lights.
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