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  1. Thanks for the info! I still need to decide on the wheels/tires.
  2. Nothing recent, have been busy at work, truck shows on weekends and have been spending what little spare time I have on trying to get the D8 finished up.
  3. I was a little concerned the frame might be too short, but as it gets built, I think it will be fine. I picked up a KW Aerodyne frame but it's way too long at 13". I'm leaning toward the DD 6-71. I have one from Gary Wallace and it's mostly together. I left the front crossmember off the frame for now, need to see where the engine will land. I think the straight 6 will fit better than the V6. Yes, it sticks out the back but it seems to fit well under the cab and interior. I'm leaning toward the turquoise as the green is too close to the Waste Management colors.
  4. LOL! The Leach will be white. Most of them were white, kept the heat gain down and therefore the smell. The cab will likely be turquoise. I could do white and it would match most of the trucks from this area but I want something a little different. Green is possible, but I can't seem to find the green I like. The Park Green on the roll-off container doesn't seem right for the cab.
  5. Yes, the packer body comes with the front bulkhead that pushes the garbage out, hyd pistons, and 2 piece rear packer blade. Back lifts up to empty. I'll have more pics as it goes along.
  6. Looking good. I'm starting a similar build with a COE on a Freightshaker frame.
  7. Interesting project, I've thought about doing something similar to other bus models. I'd love to get a 1/25 scale Eagle Model 05 coach......
  8. Starting the next build. The cab is from AITM, the Leach packer body is from Doug Wagner at Keystone. I think I'll use the Freightliner COE DD chassis, won't know for sure until I get it put together. Engine will be a Detroit 6, not sure which one yet, maybe a 6V92 or a 6-71. I'll build up both and see which one fits better. Wheels and tires are still up in the air, probably 22". I've skinned the visible flat panels on the packer body as it's easier than many coats of primer and days of sanding.
  9. Thanks Thanks Thanks, I have a couple of trailers but need to get a detachable gooseneck. Thanks, the winches came with a cotton twisted cord. I hit it with some Mission Models rust and followed it with a wash of steel Thanks
  10. Got tired of waiting for the mudflaps to come in from out of country so I made my own. Found a logo, printed on decal paper...done!
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