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  1. I've done the mirrors from 0.030 brass rod for several builds (Rubber Duck Mack and Autocar mixer). Easier to work with than the soft metal and it scales out better.
  2. Looking great, would you like to do the windshield on my 361? I think I'm going to try to do it in one piece...... I've got a couple of sheets of clear so many mistakes can be made.
  3. Thanks, it actually looks better in person. Aztek Blue Pearl acrylic over a white base coat with 2 coats of clear gloss over. The pearl is tough, you can only shoot for a few minutes before the flake starts to settle out. When you get the hang of it, it works very well. I have some things in mind for future builds based on other pearls in their line.
  4. Cab is in paint, working on the interior then on to my favorite part, the windshield. That is the only thing I dread in these builds. Cab details and the finish line is in sight.
  5. Seems like it happens when I try to include a link to my web gallery on PBase.com. When I upload the photo directly, it seems to work.
  6. Quick update, cab is in primer and frame mods almost complete. Will start putting color on the cab when the primer fully sets up.
  7. Very well done, can you drop me a load of screened loam for the weekend?
  8. Looks great. Building trucks can be addicting with the biggest problem being the room they take up when finished!
  9. Looking great. Be sure to use flat black on the hood, anti-glare.
  10. Inspiration for this build came from a Brockway T245 wrecker I saw at Macungie last year. Thanks to Redneckrigger for the Holmes wrecker body (off a First Gear NAPA B-Mack) and Dave at AITM for the 361 cab, tanks and batt boxes. The wrecker body was intended for a different build but being metal, It would have been to hard to modify. I have a Pete Wrecker that I built in the 80's; I was never wild about the build, color didn't look right and the wrecker body seems bland. The First Gear Holmes fits the frame like it was built for it, and the cab will take some tweaking to get it to sit right, but most of these conversion require some work. Frame was originally painted with Testors rattle can flat black and was in good shape, so it just got a quick overcoat. Cab is being cleaned up, then the fitting begins. Original "glue bomb" Cab getting a first fit
  11. Seen at the Bay State ATCA show 9/15/19. First 2 axles are steer.
  12. Not sure if I'll do a WIP. Not much to show.
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