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  1. Brockway Construction Water Wagon

    Thanks, I didn't take any photos of the pump as I was working fast, had it together in a few hours. Basically, I bought a bunch of pump and pump related parts from AITM. Removed the impeller assembly from the cast frame and added something that looks like a gearbox to the back. As the pump is hydraulic-run, I ran hydro lines to it from the pto pump up front and hydro oil tank on the left frame rail. I made a mounting shelf for it and then started adding piping. The inlet goes to the center and valves control whether the tank is the supply or the fill port. On the outlet side, water goes either to the top for filling the tank or to the distribution system. There is a close up in the build thread....
  2. Brockway Construction Water Wagon

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. For whatever reason, I can't get the yellow to show right. It really is yellow, does not have a green tint to it.
  3. Brockway Construction Water Wagon

    Thanks, there is a lot of salt dust on the roads here, between ice storms......
  4. Calling this one done. Chassis from Paystar 5000, Cab from AITM, tanker from Lindberg Dodge kit. Pump, piping and other stuff scratch built. Base paint was glossed but over-sprayed with a blend of base color/white thinned out to simulate sun chalking/fading. Clear flat sprayed on top surfaces, same idea. Light coat of dust/dirt applied to top surfaces. Airbrush spit out a few mud spots in the process. Decals made on my printer.
  5. Stretched Big Rig question

    If you are hauling pigs or chickens, it gets you farther away from the smell!
  6. Edit Feature - Now Time Limited?

    Glad I searched this out, just tried to update my build thread title and thought I was nuts. Win 10 has been forcing updates all week, thought Mickey Soft was behind it.
  7. Progress on the cab, glass is in and details are being added. I put fender flares on as the tires were sticking out a little past the stock fenders. Cab lights, horn, wipers and mirrors are left. Stack should finish this one. Chassis is done, ended up adding a tank for the hydraulic oil. Then I can start the light weathering I have planned.
  8. 1926 Mack AC Dump Truck

    Just to get some of you drooling, there is this little gem:
  9. 70's Swinging meat trailer

    Love it! A good friend used to drive coast to coast twice a week hauling swinging meat! (team driver, not by himself!)
  10. 1950's White 3000

    Thanks again, yes, I think the Dodge Lindberg kit is probably the best. It does have square fuel tanks, so if you like the round tanks, you'll have to adapt. You'll want to raise the front suspension, the Dodge has way too much rake. The interior isn't bad, just shave the sides a bit and it'll fit right in.
  11. KFS Holmes Wrecker Body

    This sounds like good news!
  12. Thanks, the yellow looks a tad greenish in the pics, it's supposed to be a pale yellow. I'll have to fix that in the next set of pics.
  13. I've been working on the tank, to be honest the cab is ready for windows and I really hate doing windows for resin kits. The last 2 were ok, windshields were flat. This one has a curve at each outer edge, two separate panels. So, the tank has got the attention and is almost done, as is the chassis. The nozzles still need diffusers and I'll probably think of a few more things.
  14. International Tractor and Imex Car Carrier

    Looks good, I remember those car haulers.
  15. Michigan L190 Build

    I like the idea of a Mack B81 or Autocar for a hauler. The KFS lowboy would look good, too!