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  1. White 3000 Updated Nov 30, 2018

    This is my first experience doing this, I feel the pain!
  2. WIP - Gmc crackerbox mixer

    Looks like an interesting project, glad you chose the Crackerbox.
  3. White 3000 Updated Nov 30, 2018

    Interior is now installed, next are the vent windows and windshield. Lights and mirrors after that.
  4. White 3000 Updated Nov 30, 2018

    Chassis making progress, still need exhaust and mudflaps. Cab is slow, waiting on parts.
  5. Truck/Trailer Airlines

    I think I found it in the Truck Talk section. Thanks
  6. Truck/Trailer Airlines

    Thanks but that's not the thread I was referring to. It started by someone asking where to get the plastic tubing that came with a trailer kit. It was much more recent, maybe within the last 6 months. There was a craft-store reference to very small tubing...
  7. I recall seeing a thread a few (or more) months back where someone was looking for source for additional air lines (the rubber tubing) that came in a trailer kit. I have looked through almost all of the threads and topics and can't seem to find it. There was a suggestion of a craft supply that sounded good as a source. I'm hoping that someone remembers that thread and can point me to it. Tried searching, came up empty. Thanks.
  8. White 3000 Updated Nov 30, 2018

    Not sure about the hubcaps. I'm looking around for something suitable but not finding what I want. May leave them off for now and add them later if I find what I want. Still have a long way to go before it's done.
  9. Kenworth SAR Double Road Train

    Nice looking rig, I recognize lots of Auslowe parts!
  10. Finished at last! (almost)

    Truck looks great but the diorama really makes it look real.
  11. Great paint job, that Aztek pearl can be tough. I thought it was the copper pearl at first.
  12. White 3000 Updated Nov 30, 2018

    Heh, heh, heh! Thanks
  13. White 3000 Updated Nov 30, 2018

    Update: Chassis is well under way, just some details needed. Interior is about done, cab is painted. Still a long way from finished.....
  14. Kenworth W-900 Wrecker

    Could not help or would not help?
  15. White 3000 Updated Nov 30, 2018

    According to my photos of the 1:1, that's the way they look. Mine is sitting a little lower than Lee's, haven't taken any pics since I got the cab location squared away last night.