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  1. Barrel of the light is just about done. The biggest step to come is the yoke that supports it and sits on the base. Still thinking of ideas on how to make the parts.
  2. Good job with the seam, can't even see a hint of it. I agree with your statement, I don't like the look of that short dump trailer with 3 axles.
  3. Nice job, will never miss that on the construction site!
  4. I finally figured out how to do the flange in the middle of the light housing barrel. I dug out my old compass and loaded a scribe in place of the lead. I cut the outer diameter first then the inner one. Took 3 tries to get the fit right. I used the same technique to make the front lens retaining ring as well as cutting out the lens disk. The lens shown has too many segments etched into it so a second one is in the works. This seems to work well with thinner sheet stock, this is 0.010 thickness.
  5. Worked on the base for the light. I picked up some dolly rings from Auslowe, turns out they work fine for this. The riser is a section of the coil load from the Fruehauf flatbed (Convoy Brockway build). Electrical block to be added to the riser and then back to the light before working on the support arms.
  6. They were big when I was growing up and for whatever reason, I still like them. This is the Revell kit, just a quick build while waiting for truck parts.
  7. Looks great so far. Mission Models makes acrylic flat and gloss. I actually find their gloss to be more luster.
  8. If you haven't heard, the MPC Rubber Duck Mack isn't even close. It's been said the only accurate part in the kit is the hood ornament. I built up the AITM Rubber Duck Mack kit a couple of years ago. I still have to build the Snowman KW, have the decals and all the parts, just need the time to get to it. Then there's Pig Pens Mack from Convoy, the trailers, Spider Mike's Diamond T.....the list goes on.
  9. Started work on the searchlight. Reflector from the bottom of an aerosol can. Pivot ring from Auslowe, barrel is a section of sheet stock formed around a can. Piece is cut to size and formed by using plastic wire ties to strap it to a mold, in this case, the same size aerosol can as the reflector. Important step, make sure the aerosol can is empty and drill several holes in each end! Submerge the can with the plastic sheet attached into almost boiling water for 5-10 minutes then run under cold water to set. I've used this technique before to form round truck fenders. The reflector was "polished" using Molotow. Whatever coating it had was well applied and wouldn't come off. I considered BMF but the compound curves would have been near impossible.
  10. Started work on the tractor, engine is built, using the Cummins from the A64B based kit. From what I see in the rollover pics, looks like there was a Cummins in the movie truck. Cleaning up the cab, still have a bit of flash to remove before it goes to primer. Chassis is under way, I shortened the A64B chassis to closer match the proportions of the movie truck. The only dead on side shot of the tractor is the crash scene shot from overhead at a distance. To say reference material for this build is scarce is an understatement! Wheels are soaking in cleaner, then get cleaned up and primed. Long way to go and a short time to get there...........oops, wrong truck movie.......
  11. Calling the trailer done. It was a bit more challenging than I anticipated but I think it's very close to the one in the movie. Now, on to the Brockway!
  12. Wheels came in from Jamie, I decided to use the larger kit tires as the movie trailer appears to have larger skins. Also added are the tie downs. A few stills I've seen show just enough tie downs for the load with one extra right at the rear. The photo shows two different shades of white, one shade seems to be around these tie downs leading me to believe they were just added for the movie. Second pic is a mock up of the load. Next is mounting the load and strapping it down, then the headache rack up from and the trailer will be done.
  13. Looks fine to me. I built one with the torsion bar suspension 40 years ago, don't recall having much trouble.
  14. You have a great talent for weathering, looks very realistic!
  15. In the previous post I forgot to thank those who made suggestions, I do appreciate all feedback. After a few hours work, the trailer structure has been re-enforced. I removed 1/8" of each rib to make room for a section of 1/8" square brass tube which is now glued in place. Some touch up painting and I'll be set. The brass is tucked in between the frame rails so it won't be seen except from underneath.
  16. I thought about that....after the fact. Not sure I want to drill holes as I think the white glue will fail and I'll have a mess. Total weighs in at 1 2/3 lbs, the short stack is 1/3 lb and the tall ones are 2/3 lb each. I started working on re-enforcing the trailer last night, it's taking extra care as the trailer is all but done. Not much heavier than the Cat dozer so I'm not overly concerned. The rear tall stack is over the wheels, the front stack is just behind the pin.
  17. Not yet, but it's not light. I've looked at the trailer wrt re-enforcement but not sure I can add strength where it's most needed. Trailer is done except for wheels and tires which limits what can be done. If the tires are hollow I'll certainly have to fill them.
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