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  1. Very well done, I agree the Heil looks better than the Garwood.
  2. Sun finally made an appearance, took the cab out to see what it looks like in the sun. It does pop.....
  3. It's a mix of Testors Aztek line, acrylics. Yellow, flour. yellow, red and gold pearl metallic. Took about 4 tries and the gold flake pearl does dull the intensity of the orange. Not an exact match but as close as I'm going to get.
  4. I finally got the color on the cab. Took 4 tries but this is as close as I can come from memory and my photos. Like the real one, it doesn't photograph well, the metallic pearl looks dull in the pics. It'll be a few days before I can see it in the sun, not much sun here of late, but it should really pop.
  5. I really like your wipers, care to make me a dozen sets? LOL!
  6. If you want to go retro, AITM has a hood conversion for the A-car that looks close to the photos. I used one with my A-Car mixer many moons ago.
  7. Do the parts have a clear protective film on them?
  8. Not sure if this is the best place for this, but it is truck specific, so here goes. (This is planning for a future build) Can someone measure the spacing of the rear axles on this kit? Looking for axle center to axle center on either side (they should be the same!) Thanks!
  9. Well done and yes, the model RR coal is real coal!
  10. No problem, I vapor-locked when I first saw it. That paint just doesn't reproduce in photos. Like the Grand Canyon, you can only truly appreciate it if you see it in person!
  11. I've got plenty of detail shots that I took. When I saw it, it didn't have the logos.
  12. Starting my next build, a Brockway 761 that I saw at the Bethlehem, CT truck show a few months back. I have the 761 cab from AITM, Autocar A64B for the chassis and misc parts from AITM. Looking at tire options, A-car rear wheels look good and I could use the kit tires unless I have something else kicking around. I need to source the tool boxes, but have time as I think the chassis will need to be shortened. I may have a donor for the front wheels. The paint will be challenging, photos don't capture the pearl, flake and depth of the real deal. Here's the real one: https://pbase.com/baywing/image/171720520
  13. Calling this one done,might add a couple more details in time. AMT KW kit, moved the vent windows and filled the door ditch window. Battery boxes from AITM, rear wheels and tires from Moluminum. Filled the door latch holes and added photo etched door latches and hood badges. Decals from Model Truckin'. Front bumper from the snap kit, filled the fog lights. Quarter fenders from the snap kit.
  14. Looking good. Have you thought about adding a tag axle? You have the room, that open space seems begging to be filled!
  15. Update, slow progress, cab is in color, decals on. Chassis is well along. I tried something different with the decals to try to get the right look. Still a little off, not sure if I like it better or not as much as the first attempt....
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