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  1. Great idea for the tanks ends! I can see using different cans with different curves for an almost endless variety of looks.
  2. Another lesson learned the hard way. I got the frame together and the radiator in. I then checked the fit of the nose (with the grill) and found out the frame is 1/16" wider. I want the nose to fit flush with the sides so carefully removed the radiator, shaved it down and re-installed. The nose now will sit flush with the sides. If I build another one, I'll check the fit first! (If I remember. It's been about 40 years since the first one so not likely I'll be around in another 40!)
  3. Other PE work, the floor of the cab. I ground off the molded on diamond plate prior to mounting the PE. I also got the battery box done. The CTM instructions seem to indicate that the radiator screen should go on the inside but I put it on the outside as it will probably be seen thru the grill.
  4. Some progress with the PE. I removed the molded on fan shroud before mounting the PE one
  5. You can get the original decals from Jerry @ Modeltruckin'. I think I have a couple sets I bought a couple of years ago, I should probably hunt them down sooner than later!
  6. Thanks, I've been working various parts this afternoon, CTM instructions are a little shaky......some of these PE parts are SMALL!!!!!
  7. The aftermarket tracks seem pretty good, 3D printed and they look much better than those in the kit. I'm sure once you get going you'll do your normal excellent work.
  8. Starting a new build while waiting on parts for the Brock 360. I built the original about 40 years ago and still have it (minus the exhaust stack). I need a break from trucks so this should scratch that itch. I got the new kit and decided to add some PE so I got the CTM details. I'm using replacement tracks and will add a ROPS from Jamie. My biggest concern is the grill, guess I need to take my time and keep my fingers crossed.
  9. I think I'm finished with the headache rack, at least until those darn squirrels start up again......
  10. I hear you on that! I have yet to find a way to get the nooks and crannies smooth. It seems to require filler primer and lots of sanding. While I often curse resin, it's actually easier to work with.
  11. Interesting build. Not sure but I think Doug Wagner at Keystone/AITM makes one but maybe not this same manufacturer.
  12. You might be interested in my Mack B815 Logger build: You might find a few things that will help you with yours. You are off to a great start. I wish I could 3D print parts, would make things much easier but I either find them from others or make them from scratch. I did my grapple from scratch, but I do like the way it came out.
  13. Jamie rarely shows stuff in stock. Just e-mail (or PM him on Facebook) and place your order. These days he's making stuff as it's ordered. Last order I did took about 6 weeks. The Scenes Unlimited ones are very nice, individual lug nuts, but only available in 22.5. IIRC, Jamie has 20's and 22's.
  14. Nice progress on this. I'm trying to remember if I got the replacement tracks for mine. I think I did, just need to find them.
  15. Bumper is done, painted and the Perlux fog lights are installed. I'm very happy with the look, they are recessed just right. (Hard to see in pics).
  16. Progress shot, chassis is black and the wheels/tires are on. Engine/trans/driveline next.
  17. I'll be following to see how you do the PE. I've got one and have yet to figure out the grille. Jamie makes a good roll-over cage.....
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